Android users have the most one-night stands, says Match.com


According to a recent Match.com survey of Canadian smartphone users, folks owning an Android device just can’t seem to keep it in their pants. Compared to iPhone and BlackBerry users, fans of Google’s mobile platform are the most likely to put out on a first date. 62 percent of the Android users polled said that it only took one date before doing the proverbial deed. Compare that to 57 percent of iPhone users and 48 percent of prudish BlackBerry users. Those with Android devices also ranked highest for one-night stands, with 55 percent of users saying they have performed that walk of shame. The survey also concluded that those with a preference towards Android have used online dating services to a greater degree than other smartphone owners. 72 percent of Android lovers have visited a dating website.

So is that a Galaxy Note in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Do Match.com’s statistics paint an accurate picture of the average Android user?

[via VentrueBeat]

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  1. Well, if we could flash new ROMs onto our lovers, maybe we wouldn’t have to keep getting new ones!

    Whereas, iPhone users seem to be happy sticking with the same thing year after year.

    1. yeah I guess it’s hard to stick with one when something better comes out the very next week…

  2. I had a witty response but Kaz NAILED it! lol

  3. LOL were the iPhone slut that in the commercial!

  4. Don’t get to confident guys…lol

  5. Next up, Match.com’s new survey on which OS users pick up hookers on a frequent basis.

    1. Gonna bet on the blackberry crowd on that one.  They were popular among the salarymen.

  6. What they didnt add……Iphone Users more likely to go down on a first date…

    1. Don’t you mean, bend over, year after year?  :-)

      1. he said “iPhone users”, so the bending is implied :)

  7. 90% of them are laying! Lol.

  8. I wasn’t even aware iphone users had genitals.

    1. They have innies, not outties. ;)

      1. its ok for innies to hve an iphone. its fun showing girls new tech

    2. Great comment

      1. And an even better user name

  9. Horny nerds

  10. Hopefully you last longer than your batteries.

  11. Is it a walk of shame or stride of pride?

  12. Why do iphoners and android users hate on each other so much. They are both great OS’s that are for different groups of people, if you only had one of them competition would be gone and then they would stop innovating, I live my galaxy nexus but I have no problem playing with an iPad or iPod touch, people just need to accept it that both are here to stay and choices are a good thing.

    1. I feel like it’s close minded vs open minded. Freedom vs totalitarianism.

      1. I totally get that but no one is forcing them to buy the phone. They buy it because they choose to do so. My best friend is on verizon and he upgraded to the iphone 4s because he wanted something easy and closed. He admited to being as smart as a child when it comes to phones and that the galaxy nexus or droid razr are probably better phones but he doesnt want to deal with it. Im no apple fan at all but when everyone starts to run out of witty comments to say and now its just uneducated dribble about iSuck this or that it makes me wish that intelligent conversation could take place in comment sections. Every website i read it is a bunch of idiots ranting about whats better and why. Its juat old and ruining my experience as a phandroid reader and avid android user.

        1. I agree with you. It’s personal preference. The iphone is more for people who don’t know too much about technology. Android seems to be for tinkerers. The childish behavior is annoying. Go over to Droid Life some time and the read comments. It’s like watching children fight over building blocks.

          1. The problem is there are also iPhone users who spout the same talking points as to why the iPhone is better. I recently got into a discussion with one who claimed the user experience was better on an iPhone than an Android phone and that the data speeds on the iPhone were no worse than on the Nexus. Turns out he didn’t understand the difference between 3g and 4g, and when I prompted him on which Android experiences he experienced issues with, he admitted he’d never used an Android Phone, only a windows phone once.

            I do agree, however, that you need to frame any discussion intelligently and around the goals of the person purchasing the phone. If one person is a tinkerer and wants to root and tether and connect into their person home network, etc. and the other just wants to take the phone out of the box, play Angry Birds, take Instagram photos and listen to music, then you aren’t doing to really debate the merits on the same playing field.

    2. Because of the onslaught of arrogant iPhone users who looked down on everyone else because Apple invented the smart phone.  It’s true, they said so all the time.

    3. That was my attitude too, until Apple started suing everyone and tried to force other phones and tablets out of the market because they’re rectangles with glass screens.

      Choice is great.  I have no problem with the iPhone as a device.  It’s great for some types of users, just as Android is great for other types of users.  My problem is Apple’s business strategy of litigating rather than innovating.

      On the other hand, hating someone because of the phone they own is lame, regardless…

  13. Lol remember this is all the desperate people on Match.com, and not normal people who can get a date without the help of someone else

  14. I also saw a post that Android users are most likely to “multi-task” when using the convenience.  Causation?  Correlation?

  15. Why can’t we all get along iPhone and android users. Lol. Facebook is the same on both.

  16. Anyone stop to think that in general Android tends to appeal to guys more than girls?
    While IOS is the opposite, and there is your reality of course more android users report having one night stands than IOS users, because to men it’s great, women tend to be ashamed of it.

    1. Sooo, what I’m taking from your comment is that all iPhone users are girls. Yeah, I can get behind that. O_O

  17. You guys crack me up

  18. I didn’t know that their hands counted as one night stands…

  19. I am proud of this fact… We should have T-Shirts made…

  20. That’s because people who use Android are losers that can’t get a girl

    1. i thought women are disgusted by trolls 

  21. In that case……


  22. So THAT’S what it is!!

  23. Ummmm not so long ago iPhone users boast how much sex they get over Android users… it seems to contradict their claims. Anyway this is correlation not causation.

  24. that’s why we have our app on android ( http://www.naughtycities.com).

    android users are more naughty…

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