Jan 30th, 2012

In a move directly opposite of the current trend in mobile service plans, T-Mobile UK is introducing The Fully Monty. Yes, that’s really the name for a plan that affords subscribers unlimited calling, texting, and data. Divided into four price brackets, The Full Monty comes at four different price brackets ranging from £36 to £61 per month. The biggest differentiating factor between the tiers is the up-front cost of the device purchased alongside the new contract, though the lowest pricing option only includes unlimited calling within the T-Mobile UK network.

It’s refreshing to see a carrier introducing new unlimited plans rather than taking them away in an era where data usage has exploded and become a highly profitable venture. While the average user is probably just fine without unlimited data, a plan that doesn’t come with the threat of overage charges is music to the customer’s ears.

[via T-Mobile UK]

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