Reversing the trend, T-Mobile UK introduces new unlimited plans


In a move directly opposite of the current trend in mobile service plans, T-Mobile UK is introducing The Fully Monty. Yes, that’s really the name for a plan that affords subscribers unlimited calling, texting, and data. Divided into four price brackets, The Full Monty comes at four different price brackets ranging from £36 to £61 per month. The biggest differentiating factor between the tiers is the up-front cost of the device purchased alongside the new contract, though the lowest pricing option only includes unlimited calling within the T-Mobile UK network.

It’s refreshing to see a carrier introducing new unlimited plans rather than taking them away in an era where data usage has exploded and become a highly profitable venture. While the average user is probably just fine without unlimited data, a plan that doesn’t come with the threat of overage charges is music to the customer’s ears.

[via T-Mobile UK]

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  1. US carriers pay attention. 

    1. T-Mobile already has a $30 and $50 plan that gives you unlimited everything, with the $30 plan limiting you to 100 anytime minutes (you still get mobile to mobile, nights and weekends. Only downside is you have to purchase the device for retail price, but the upside is you aren’t locked into a contract.

      1. its not unlimited everything for the 30$plan you get throttled at 5GB which is not bad at all however it is still not unlimited and you don’t get mobile to mobile or night and weekends you only get 100 mins that’s it. if you want more mins you have to add more money and mins are 10 cents each. 50$ plan is unlimited talk, text and web but i believe after a 100MB you get throttled to 2G that sucks.

        1. Ah, I thought it was mobile to mobile with night and weekends. That’s kind of lame that you don’t get that. It still doesn’t affect me considering last month I only used 12 minutes, but that’s good to know for other people.

      2. Read the fine print in detail.
        The $50 plan only gets you the first 100MB of data at up to full network speeds. After the first 100MB you get throttled. Sure it’s still unlimited, but does it really qualify as unlimited if the speed is so slow the webpage times out before it even loads?

        I guess it’s fine if all you do is use unlimited data to receive email. 
        Other than that you could use up 100MB in minutes.

        1. I have the $30 plan and I have not been throttled. In fact I used 2GB last month streaming tv shows from my computer at home while I worked out at the gym. I have up to 5GB before I get throttled; I think you’re looking at the wrong plan. 

  2. damn makes me want to move over there… kinda like how businesses are moving out of the USA things are just getting to expensive here and the quality is declining.

    1. How is USA expensive??

  3. Yeah, I’m on T-Mobile, and FREQUENTLY hit the 5gb non-throttled limit. It is still technically unlimited, but it’s just slow as hell if I hit the cap. I also have the issue that I don’t use all that many talk minutes per month, but I can’t lower what I have and exchange them for extra data. I feel like I’m paying for something and not using it since I don’t do a lot of talking on my phone. 

    Oh well. *sigh*


  4. How does the “Fully Monty” plan differ from the “Full Monty” plan?

    1. Pants

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