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For those looking to get social about development, the Android dev team has just launched their official Google+ page. The new resource is meant as hub for developers to meet and chat with members of the Android team, discuss aspects of coding for Android with other members of the community, and otherwise expand their knowledge of working with Google’s mobile platform. There will even be opportunities to join a Hangout with the various people working behind the scenes. As of now, there isn’t much to be found on the page, but its future sounds bright (especially if the community gets involved). It sounds like we could see some pretty cool collaborations develop through the open dialog of a Google+ page. If you’re on G+ and at all interested in Android development this is one page you will want to add to your circles right away. You won’t be alone. In the first hour since its launch, over 3,000 users already added the page to their circles.

[Google+ via Twitter]

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  1. i love g+ but its a ghost town..

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