Linux and Windows 95/98/XP on the HTC EVO 3D? It’s more likely than you think


We’ve seen Windows 95 running the on the Motorola Droid, but how about putting the golden child of 90s computing onto something a bit more powerful? Something like the HTC EVO 3D. Thanks to an APK made available by mnomaanw of XDA Forums, we now can. But it doesn’t stop there. Also bootable with minimal hassle are Windows 98 and XP as well as Linux. The specific method does require a bit of technical know-how, but full instructions are available on at the originating thread. You can get all the files you need there, as well. Booting into an alternative operating system will lose you a bit of phone functionality (and makes less sense in an age where smartphones can accomplish most of the same tasks). So which classic OS is it for you?

[via TheAndroidSoul]

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  1. Wow ! Winders 98 or XP on a phone how crazy , probably better than Mango with Metro though .

  2. This is the epitome of geek-cause-i-can-ism.

    1. Cause I can, I’d like to put this on my Galaxy Nexus and other devices. Nobody cares about the Evo 3D…

      1. Actually, give me windows 7!

      2. DINGDINGDING we have a winner!!

        Congratulations to feztheforeigner for being the first Samsung fantool to chime in with a swipe against anything other than a wannabe iCrap manufacturer.

        (*Disclaimer: Yes I know the prefab excuses “No, I meant it’s not a Nexus” or “Well, I really did not say anything about HTC”. Yeah, Yeah. Google lovers generally don’t swipe at other phones. But SamCrap tools do.)

        BTW: Let us know when the SGSII gets ICS.

        1. Why am I a Samsung tool?

          1. The most common symptom displayed is Apple iPhone envy. Second is an inferiority complex. I can only assume those are two main catalysts. Third tends to be a denial of reality (that Samsung intentionally pisses all over US users).

            But really, only you can answer your question.

          2. I am no fan of Samsung, nor am I opposed to it. I am a fan of Google, however, and this is the most recent Nexus. I will flock to the Nexus despite any OEM thoughts. Sorry I love my freedom and choice, have fun with whatever you have.

  3. Are they emulating x86? Is that legal?

    1. Emulators are legal. It’s the ROMs that are illegal. An emulator acts as a user build copy to copy, or emulate the real thing, but it’s not the real thing. The ROMs, for games, are an actual copy of the game. That’s the illegal part.

      So I don’t think this should be illegal if it’s an emulator. If it were a port of Windows being converted, then yea. Wii have a problem.

      Please, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyone? Hmm…

      1. Emulating x86 requires a license from Intel, as far as I know, which only AMD and VIA have. Otherwise we’d probably be seeing ARM CPU manufacturers emulating the x86 ISA in hardware by now. Or is it just hardware emulation that is illegal?

  4. How about a full blown version of Mac 6.0.8?


    You can get a pre-built system files here:

    Also apple has released the system files for free :P not sure about the Computer ROM. But this is almost 30 years old!

  5. Server 2008 for me. :)

    Terminal Services and RDP for the win!

  6. Windows 95…. just in case I feel the need to play TIE Fighter again…

  7. pretty cool, probably not that useful, but fun to play with

  8. I’ve been running Ubuntu on my Evo 3D for months, without loss of phone functionality, parallel to Android.

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