Entry-level LG Optimus L3 appears on Swedish retailer’s site


A new entry-level handset from LG appears to have slipped under the radar and right onto a Swedish retailer’s site. CDON.COM has the LG Optimus L3 (E400) listed, detailing it’s 3.2-inch display at 320×240, 3MP camera, and Android 2.3 operating system. The pint-sized device combines both size and cost efficiency. It is listed for the equivalent of about $190. This is the first we have seen of the device, but if it is anything like LG’s other entry-level models we can expect to see it make a global rollout over the coming months.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Looks like an N9, except smaller. They should use this design in their higher end phones.

    1. I dunno what you think the N9 looks like, but it’s not that.

  2. Sounds like an Optimus One, but with lower screen resolution and a higher price. I hope the resolution is a typo.

  3. entry level lg phone.. lol

    so freaking obvious.

    just saying lg or pantec = entry level.

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