I love the 90s: Android gets Windows 95


We’ve seen Windows 3.1 running on the Motorola Droid — and that was a pretty good taste of the early nineties for Android in itself — but now we can kick it straight up to the year 1995 and get the Windows OS that kickstarted the familiar look of all recent Microsoft operating systems. Thanks to mamaich over at XDA-Developers, Android users now have access to TWO emulators for getting Windows 95 up and running. One is fairly stable but runs on the slow side, while the other will give you better performance at the price of stability.


Mamaich is handing over the reigns for his project, though we are sure the industrious fellows over at XDA will pick up where he left off. As with many desktop operating systems ported or emulated on a handset, the actual usefulness may be called into question. At the very least it is another testament to the amazing development community surrounding Android.

[via XDA]

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  1. Ummmm… your pic seems to show Win95 running on an iPhone.

  2. really? the screenshot shows that it’s an IPHONE. look at the status bar.

  3. It could just be an Android skin.

  4. Why?

  5. Cool but pointless, Qemu used to run linux arm on these arm devices might be more valuable. Since it would give a real OS without the need to root the device.

  6. Being that the x is locked, does that mean i wont be able to experience sub things as th
    is on myphone? I just got the x today…

  7. @david – Do You REALLY want to?

  8. So does this have DOS as well? Is it possible I can play TIE Fighter on my phone? Hilarious…

  9. I would really like to see something like winelib so that it will be easier to port windows apps to android.

  10. How long until we get TabWorks?

  11. What an incredible waste of time.

  12. Yes it is a waste of time for someone who isnt a developer, but some people are actually smart enough to take things to the next level and i love that. Keep up the good work guys.

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