Motorola DEFY MINI Approved By The FCC – Headed to AT&T?


The Motorola Defy Mini has just made its way through the FCC earlier today. The waterproof/dustproof device has been approved for GSM bands 850 and 1900, and WCDMA bands II and V. The little feller will also run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and feature a 3.2-inch screen, 600MHz processor, 512MB of RAM for multitasking, 3MP rear/.3MP front facing cameras as well as the now standard Bluetooth and WiFi. Kinda cute, isn’t it?

While the Defy Mini is already scheduled to launch in the UK (March 25th for $225), the bands also make it the perfect fit for AT&T here in the states. It’s still a toss up seeing how Motorola recently mentioned they would be focusing on the high-end market here in the US but maybe they’ll let this one slip by.



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  1. Moto give me a top of the line LTE phone on AT&T! Grr!

  2. Configuration has been behind

  3. I bought this phone as the first smartphone/android device for my wife, just because of the waterproof stuff and resistance of the phone.I must say that for the price I could not ask for more, the only drawback,its not gingerbread, but for her its not an issue.A good entry level phone,she has not complained to me for anything with the phone.So her experience with the phone has been great so far.The Defy is a nice small smartphone.

  4. This is a completely different phone from the defy. From what I can tell it’s got a weaker processor, weaker camera, and less memory, but has a front facing camera (my regular defy doesn’t) and stock 2.3 gingerbread.
    Which means except for the ffc my regular old defy rooted ROM’ed and overclocked blows this thing out of the water.

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