Jan 17th, 2012

Is RIM looking to shake things up with the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer? If reports coming out of BGR hold any truth that is exactly how the maker of the BlackBerry OS would like to see things pan out. The Canadian smartphone maker is still looking for a potential buyer and the latest insider information puts Samsung at the front of the pack. Samsung already handles two operating systems with Google’s Android and their own in-house platform bada, so it is unclear where RIM would fit into the equation, but the potential acquisition has RIM’s stock on the rise. It’s hard to imagine Samsung taking the foot off the gas with Android as they have been mopping up with their Galaxy line of phones and tablets and is renewing interest in bada as it merges the OS with Intel’s Tizen. Would Samsung take on BlackBerry? Or would the OS be phased out and the real interest be placed in hardware designs and patents? It’s too early to tell. We’ll have to see where RIM lands first.

[via Reuters]

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