First Look: Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX [CES 2012]


The Motorola Droid RAZR just hit shelves at the end of last year, but to reach its uber-thin design the built in battery was relegated to a 1700mAh rated battery. Given the phone’s large Super AMOLED display, dual-core processor, and LTE connectivity battery life just hasn’t cut it for some power users. No problem, here comes the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. The MAXX retains all of the specs that made the original device shine but bumps it up to a 3300mAh battery, close to double the original. It still manages to earn the RAZR name with a thickness of only 8.9mm.

The extended battery life equates to 8 hours of non-stop movie viewing. Another way to see it has the phone making it from LA to Las Vegas and back using Google Maps Navigation in one charge. Say goodbye to your car charger.

While we wonder how the release of the RAZR MAXX will affect the currently available RAZR — things could get a bit confusing for customers wondering why last year’s model is still a viable option (we smell a price cut in its future) — Motorola is confident that offering a broader range of options will best meet consumer needs. Check out the video above for the rundown.

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  1. I like how this has no comments…. obviously everyone has gotten over the droidgasm….. no one wants to buy the “name” if we cared about stuff like that we would be iphone users….

  2. I would like to see this phone on T-Mobile.  Why don’t they do like Samsung and make the Razr their flagship phone and get a version of it across all carriers.  I would love to see each OEM do this.  I tend to rule Motorola out because they don’t have a flagship on T-Mobile.

    1. Who knows I don’t really care considering I’m already with Verizon and I could still wait for a new phone until October 2012

  3. How’d they fit all that junk inside the trunk?

  4. Still not the Droid i was looking for.. damn, if the rumored 4.5″ 720p display with 13mp shooter was the Maxx I would be lovin life and livin large.. but the Maxx is just a Razr with a extended battery? Pretty lame in my book as the current Maxx probably should of been the 2 months ago Razr :(

    1. higher mp=more noise. why would anyone want more noise in cell phone camera?

      1. where did you get that as a fact? i don’t see any way what you say is true. Higher mp means higher resolution. The lens is a huge determining factor but as a photoshopper, higher resolution = more image to work with

        1.  an expert you are not. a simple search will clearly show that higher resolution does NOT give higher picture quality as jamming more mp into a TINY sensor leads to more noise which reduces the quality of the photos. Sure you have the ability to crop more, but you are cropping a degraded image so what do you gain. Here, try a little reading on the subject: ttp://6mpixel.org/en/6-megapixel-the-best-compromise/

          1.  http://6mpixel.org/en/6-megapixel-the-best-compromise/

          2. I never said I was an expert BUT i certainly possess reading comprehension which U DO NOT! i NEVER said more mp yielded higher picture quality, I SAID more mp means higher res which is better for photoshopping.

            Whether you are or are not right about the higher mp  and pq i don’t care but lol @ your holier than thou attitude.. oh and i guess the world of digital cameras should stop going higher rez because shooter50 said so :(

          3. I think what hes saying is we should improve our 8 MP cameras before we even think about going to higher MP, because honestly the cameras we have now aren’t too great, and adding more megapixels doesn’t help.

          4. you’re a douchebag.

  5. no HD screen? no 13mp camera? 

  6. When will this thing be available? Before the end of the month?

  7. VERIZON IS GETTING TOO MANY MOTOROLA PHONES. At least bring some more too AT&T!

  8. I’ll wait a week for razr MAXX+ instead

  9. Availability: Next year…..

  10. Wow. Another phone trying to rape un-knowledgeable customers about the previous release. Motorola is a money hound and they don’t care how many people the screw to get that money.

  11. …don’t understand why they didn’t give it a bigger screen…the, way it stands it kinda looks like the guys who bought the first Razor, got screwed.

  12. Hi Motorola! You bring us the ever delayed bionic just to make it obsolete a month later with the razr. Improvements had to be made to battery and overheating so you fix it and re-release it with a slightly tweaked name. Your r&d team needs a swift slap in the face. You are screwing customers! No iPhone fan boy here but how about taking a look apple’s business model and get a clue.

  13. Damn wish I could “like” a comment! Well said Nexusrus!

  14. that razr maxx looks pretty badass. just got back from CES and motorola had some sweet looking phones coming out. can’t wait for the maxx to be released tho

    Free Droid RAZR

  15. shooter is correct

  16. Locked boot loader. Non removable battery. Running gingerbtead… It seems that bill gates ghost now runs Motorola mobility. When is Google going to step in and have an exorcism done at Motor?

    This is NOT the Droid I am looking for.

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