US Cellular Ringing in 4G LTE with Tablet in March, Smartphone in April


Lost in the CES shuffle was a tweet late last week from US Cellular in which they teased their coming 4G LTE network. More importantly, they have given a time frame on when to expect the first devices. Things should kick off with a 4G-enabled tablet in March and the lineup will be rounded out with the introduction of the regional carrier’s first LTE smartphone in April. We’re not sure what sort of showing US Cellular will have at this week’s events (if any), but we will be on the lookout for further information on possible launch devices.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Come on SGS II w/ an Exynos 4212 and 1280×720 SAMOLED…

    (crosses fingers tightly knowing there’s no chance in hell it will happen)

    I Guess I would be happy with a an S3 Snapdragon and a SAMOLED HD…

    (crosses fingers tightly, knowing it’s still a bit unlikely)

    Alright, if I must I will settle for an S3 Snapdragon with a 800×480 SAMOLED+…

    (only because this is likely what it will be)

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