Motorola Droid Bionic Is Yet Another Device To Receive Ice Cream Sandwich Port


Yes, just about every device under the sun that has been graced with root most likely has someone attempting to port an Ice Cream Sandwich build to it. Whether beta, alpha or pre-alpha alpha. The Motorola Droid Bionic is no different. Even though Motorola officially announced the device would see an upgrade to Android 4.0 in the coming months, some users may not want to wait that long and who could blame you?

Thankfully, those tireless Android dev’ers have been hard at work getting Ice Cream Sandwich ported to the Bionic in the form of an early alpha release. Based off of CM9, pretty much everything is working smooth and swiftly — well, aside from 3G/4G data but who uses data on Verizon anyway? (Rimshot) Curious to try it out or keep up on the progress of the ROM, hit up DroidForums to see it for yourself.


[Via DroidDog]

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  1. Joker on XDA just released a CM9 port of ICS to the Bionic’s little brother Photon.

    1. Oh yeah? Almost forgot all about the Photon! I wonder how ICS is on it..?

    2. Thanks, I was just about to comment that I hope the Motorola Photon sister device will get it as well ;)

  2. Thts a Good News,  But I read that Motorola Droid Bionic will have Android 4.0, then what about that ..

  3. Why the fck is Verizon getting ICS? What bout my Motorola Atrix ? Verizon shouldnt be the only carrier gettjng ICS everyone else should get the update also

    1. att and tmobile got it to… nexus s

    2. its not even verizon pushing the update, calm your sack retard, go out and tell your devs to make an atrix port of cm9

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