Samsung Ships 1 Million Galaxy Notes Globally – Promises US Release Coming Soon


With all the complaints I’ve seen in our comments sections about devices being too large, who knew there would be such a huge market for tabletphones/phoneblets like Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

The Korean phone maker announced today that they have shipped over 1 million units globally of the device since its October launch (not to be confused with actual sales) to countries in Europe and Asia but the device is still nowhere to be found here in the US where we tend to like our phones the same way we like our cars and women — BIG.

Samsung did confirm that a US launch is coming soon but didn’t give any specifics on a carrier or launch date. Although, current rumors and leaked FCC docs place the device on AT&T sometime next year. Anyone looking to make this beast their next purchase?


[Via SammyHub]

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  1. older people and people with bad eyesight and/or big fingers, enjoy having everything just a little bit larger

    1. I was thinking the same thing but because it’s 1280×720, it’s actually gonna keep everything small and just fit more on the screen.

      If it stayed at 800×480, that would make everything much bigger and I’d get one for my parents (who always squint when looking at their phone) =p

      1. First of all, it’s 1280×800 not 720 (assuming we are talking about the phone discussed in this article).  Second of all – are you kidding me? A tech writer doesn’t know what OS elements scale with size vs. what would be fixed pixel size?  Do you think the dialer or keyboard on the Note is the same number of pixels wide as an 800×480 phone?  Of course not, it fills the screen.  The fact that it is 1280×800 vs 800×480 is in NO way a disadvantage.  I haven’t played with this phone or ICS, but I can’t believe that any OS element on this phone is smaller in physical size than say a Galaxy S phone, and clearly many (like the keyboard) would be bigger.  And obviously any information that can be zoomed (like a web page) can be zoomed to high level while still showing a lot of text on the screen.

        I’d definitely consider getting this phone on AT&T but our stupid carriers are always late to the game these days.  I say we need more regulation and turn them into dumb pipes and get them out of the phone business – let me get whatever phone I want and offer me a plan commensurate with the fact that I bought the phone (T-mobile is the only one of the 4 that does to my knowledge).

        1. I erred in mentioning ICS as this phone comes with the previous version.  It is in line for an ICS update (with the extra Touchwiz stuff I don’t want) though.

    2. You must not have experience holding things of yours that are big. But i keed.

  2. If all the SGS3 variants indeed come with gimmicky 3D, then the Note will be mine come this spring. Oh yes, Garth, it will be mine…

    Really – 5.3 inches isn’t that big, especially if you wear NORMAL jeans with NORMAL-sized pockets, instead of skinny girlyjeans. And 5.3″ isn’t “ridiculous” especially if you use your phone way more as a tablet computer anyway, VS calling with it held up to your ear (w/o bluetooth or headset mic).

  3. This is the price in Singapore in SGD, GSM version.
    Samsung Galaxy Note (16gb only)  Blue $930, White $955.

    Personally, it’s just too big to hold comfortably with one hand and type. Unlike Galaxy Nexus of 4.65″ which is very comfortable to hold and type with one hand.

  4. Yes yes yes

  5. ehh ill pass my gnex is big enough

  6. I have the Galaxy Note and it is not too big to type on or hold. It is only slightly bigger than the Saturn I. Display is wonderful but battery life is a working day, but so was the iphone and many others.

    1. I’ve been getting closer to 5 days on a charge with my Note with the standard battery. You must use it 24-7!

  7. I already have a Note … 5.3 ‘aint too big at all and what it can do over almost every other handset available … fantastic … even hard core iphone frends think it’s a great handset 

    1. I’ve whipped mine out in public maybe a dozen times and the response I always get is it’s too large! I’m talking about my Note here people get your head out of the gutter.I actually keep my GS II, Note and Gnex in the same front pocket and I bet you can’t tell I even have anything in there. The size is perfect!

  8. I already have it. connected on att. I love it. It is the best in every way. It could only be better if it were on Verizon as I’ve had to buy an att mini cell tower just to get reception to talk in my house. It is blazing fast. Only thing faster, currently, is new transformer prime tablet.

    1. I said I would never leave Big Red, but the Note coming soon to ATT has me mulling it over. I don’t think I have ever wanted a phone more. I feel confident that I wouldn’t want another phone anytime soon after, if ever.

      1. Lol @ if ever

        1. Well I figure by the time I want another phone we’ll be in an era with phones something like the EyePhone on Futurama lol

    2. Have it on AT&T as well. $45 a month unlimited voice text and data, can’t beat that. Thank you Straight Talk!

    3. I think the Galaxy Nexus is about as fast.
      But it is a beautiful phone indeed, I got some hands on time with it today.

  9. I’m selling my Galaxy Nexus just to buy one. If it’s not released in the US within the next 3 weeks, I’m definitely importing the white Note. The Notes big beautiful screen is too tempting.

  10. i have been an apple fan for years but the note has converted me and I have opened my eyes to other products. fantastic all round phone and not too big!

  11. I’m waiting for this phone! I hope they release it on sprint

  12. Samsung Galaxy Note Unboxing, First Look and Pocket Test


    1. Lol @ the apple fanboy doing an android unboxing…….kinda painful to watch

  13. Wow. 2% of people hate this phone size. 98% are men.

  14. At least we now have an official announcement from Samsung that it’s coming to the US.  Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  15. Too large for a tablet too small for a phone lol jk

  16. Better come with ics when it hits us!

  17. WOW! More bad news for Apple and their iSheep~!

  18. I heard tat the US version is not getting the Exynos GPU.  It is getting some gimped snapdragon instead due to the LTE addition.  Anyone confirm this?

    1. Confirmed.

  19. Yes, I am very much looking to make this beast my next device. I was eagerly waiting for the Galaxy Prime to be released. Then by the time it was officially named the Galaxy Nexus I had already heard about and began eStalking the Galaxy Note lol I’m hoping news/rumors of a Verizon release surface early next year.

  20. Everyone that says its too big stop wearing ur girlfriends jeans

  21. Only manly men should be allowed to own this!

  22. “ya baby it sure is big”

  23. any comments on the pen writing aspect of this device? i’m curious to see whether people are actually using this feature in this day and age…

    1. It’s cool but it’s not much different then using a capacitive stylus on my other phones. I don’t really use that feature but I would if I needed to take notes.

  24. As soon as this thing hits I’m selling my EVO 3D and HP Touchpad

  25. Wish this was coming to Verizon

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