Motorola Droid Bionic to Receive Android 4.0 Update


Now that Ice Cream Sandwich has been revealed to the world, those who recently purchased Android phones are wondering if their device will receive the coveted update. For owners of the Motorola Droid Bionic, the update could do wonders to erase any feelings of abandonment brought about by the Droid RAZR. Moto may have pushed the Bionic to the wayside with the announcement of the RAZR, but both phones should receive Android 4.0.

Responding to a user question on Facebook, a Motorola representative confirmed plans to get Ice Cream Sandwich to the Bionic. Motorola, along with other manufacturers, are waiting on Google to provide the final code before making any commitments to a specific timeframe for release. While we believe that the Bionic will no doubt receive ICS, we wouldn’t go holding our breath for it right now. It could be a few months.

[Facebook via DroidLife]

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  1. Still a crappy phone with crappy pentile graphics.

    1. crappy phone,surely your dumb for saying that..not what was expected yes…but it isnt crappy.

      1. OK, if I have to caveat, crappy compared to what was coming out a month later. I would take the iPhone 4S over the Bionic. Definitely take the Razr, Rezound, or Nexus over the Bionic. So, for a month, it was an OK phone.

        1. Definetly wouldnt take the Iphone over the bionic..

        2. You would take the iPhone 4S over the Bionic? Then you ARE dumb. Even my Sensation 4G is superior to the iPhone 4S- and the Bionic trumps my Sensation. It’s not as physically sleek and sexy, but with the LTE the announcement to upgrade to ICS, it’s no competition. Sense 3.0 is nice, but not at the expense of ICS.

        3. If you would take the 4S over the Bionic, you’re calling the wrong thing ‘dumb’.

      2. “your dumb”

        Oh, the irony…

    2. You can’t judge anything unless you try it out. The pixelation is almost unseen, you have to look at the screen from 2 inches away. I never do, because it hurts my eyes with any screen that close.

  2. I’m happy with the Bionic as is, with one exception: The only reason I’ll upgrade to ICS is because the camera is so stupidly slow.

    Seriously, my OG Droid was substantially faster.

    1. my bionic must be special.because i dont have any of your problems.

      1. That or you’re a shill.

        I got the Bionic as an upgrade to an ancient iPhone 3GS, so my expectations were pretty damn low and it still managed to disappoint.

        The moire pattern on the screen was unexpected and disappointing, but I could’ve lived with it.

        The disappearing apps and home screen shortcuts was uncommon, but I still could’ve got past the annoyance.

        The regular com.motorola.whatever “Force Close” crashes were irritating and a sign of something pretty wrong.

        But the unfeasibly slow camera focus in a “top of the line” phone was unacceptable; the 3G connectivity issues were a sign of poor testing and software; and the whining/buzzing via earphones at low volumes was simply a sign of poorly designed hardware and bad quality control, and an absolute deal-breaker.

        The Bionic has some great features and should’ve been able to blow me away as a 3GS caveman, but there are just too many glaring design flaws to overlook. So bad that I actually dumped it back on Verizon and outright cancelled the new contract pending them getting a better flagship phone.

  3. If you already have one good for you. But if you buy a phone now that has been designed and developed using one OS and expect it run well with a new one you are going to be disappointed. All of us Droid 1 users will attest to that one. Android 2.0 was snappy. 2.1 a little slower. 2.2 is a dog. If you want 4.0 on your phone wait and get a 4.0 phone.

    1. Root and run GB on the OG Droid. Overclocking and ROMs make that sucker feel like new.

      I am actually curious to see if the old girl will run ICS.
      Any developers still want to code for the D1?

      1. Every GB ROM I’ve put on my Droid 1 runs like garbage, no matter what memory hacks (compcache, supercharge script, etc.), kernels or clock speed I run it at. I’m about to switch back to 2.1 when it actually ran fast, didn’t reboot randomly and could multitask. I would love to see it run 4.0 like a slide show because I know the 256 MBs RAM isn’t nearly enough to run ICS well when it can’t even handle GB well from what it’s shown me.

        It’s been a great phone to ROM and tinker with that last 2 years (almost) I’ve had it, but it’s definitely time to upgrade. I can’t wail til November 10th.

        1. Running Project Elite or Peter Alfonso’s.
          Definitely looking forward to the GNex!

  4. I love my Bionic, but I also had a “WTF?” moment when Motorola announced the RAZR so close on the heels of the Bionic.

    Then I remember that the Bionic was supposed to be out back in April, alongside the HTC Thunderbolt…

    Either way, I’m happy to know that we’ll be getting the 4.0 upgrade.

  5. We’ll get it faster if they unlock the boot loader. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge Say No More!

  6. I am starting to see the 3G down bug on my Bionic and all I want is for them to unlock the bootloader and let us play with it. CM would get CM9 on it way quicker than Moto would get us ICS and all the bugs would be gone.

    1. why dont i have that problem?

      1. Lucky I guess. I’ve also had the black screen of death twice. It turns off and won’t turn out without a battery pull. I’m hoping they fix it soon.

        1. I only get the black screen if I turn my phone off. However, I get no service in the building I work in, so I just turn it to airplane mode. No more black screen!

  7. DROID X2? Dual core, pentile screen? It may be next may before moto and verizon can do it, but I would think it’s possible.

  8. Come on LG, announce that ICS is coming to the Optimus 2x…

  9. I predict that the RAZR will get ICS sometime in … ohhh… May 2012. Maybe even July.

  10. I blame Google… just release ICS to your corporate partners and lock them down with a set day when they can release the upgrade with stiff penalties if they release it before hand. Let them OEM like Sammy have their exclusivity of release but let other manufacturers get started after the announcement or at least the day after launch of the device.

    Cyan can get the source code with everyone else

  11. So will the software buttons be visible? Seems kind of redundant

    1. no it won’t have the software buttons. Will use hard buttons.

  12. Sorry luv my Bionic, slim as a I-Phone 4 larger screen gorilla glass with unlimited 4G, looking forward to ICS but months? Damn!! The “whining/buzzing via earphones at low volumes” is a PIA though. HDMI out is awsome, use it to stream videos from my NAS to the big screen.

  13. Has Motorola (or is it AT&T) made any statement about ICS on the Atrix yet?

    1. Or the Photon…?

  14. When Moto promised the Bionic is was a few months out. it took 9. So Bionic ICS in July!! Yay.

  15. Bionic problems are odd. I have only had one of the problems that everyone else has had. The black screen and my fix is just to not power the phone off just pop it in to airplane mode when I am in a place I would like to power it off. Everything else has been wonderful.

  16. Bionic owners. Reboot without battery pull. Hold both volume buttons and the power button until she boots.

  17. well… i have a bionic running liberty build 48 and i dont have any issues plus the build comes with a sammy style camera apk. so i dont have the slow camera auto focus issues either. why upgrade to anything when phone straight pornhumps any phone next to it? and the razr is just a SLIGHTLY overclocked, less durable bionis with a non-removable battery… everybody knows with android u NEED to remove the battery sometimes. BIONIC ALL DAY.

  18. I’ve had the 3G bug several times now. It seems to happen after having wi-fi on for an extended time. Like the wi-fi won’t let go? The stock camera app sucks for sure. Got Vignette from the app store, and the camera problems are fixed. Can’t wait to try ICS. Don’t want to root my phone and screw it up.

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