How Satisfied Are You With Your ASUS Transformer Prime? [Poll, Forum Talk]


The ASUS Transformer Prime is shipping in some parts of the world now and users have gotten their hands plenty wet with it. Over at AndroidForums.com folks are curious how satisfied you are with it if you did happen to purchase one. 75% of the 20 people who voted in the poll over there seem to be satisfied, with most saying it met or exceeded their expectations. 35% of the 20 people are having issues. That’s a small sample size so why not go over there and help them increase that sample size? We’ll even run our own poll here on Phandroid because we, too, are curious. Select whatever applies to you below and be sure to further comment on it in the comments section!

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  1. Still on backorder…I placed the order on best buy 11/23…

    1. Mine is too…preordered on J&R on 11/28 for the 64GB Prime and I got nothing…this is sad.  The Nexus Launch was a mess (my new phone) and now this…I’m cursed, haha.

      1. ordered mine from Amazon on 11/22 and expected ship date is 1/25-2/9

  2. Haven’t gotten it yet, to busy getting ASUS to repair my Transformer 1.

  3. I find your lack of math skills disturbing. “75% of the 20 people who voted in the poll over there seem to be satisfied, with most saying it met or exceeded their expectations, while the other 35% are having issues.” That’s 110% right there.

    1. This was a multiple choice poll, meaning 75% of 20 were satisfied, while 35% had issues, but the 35% of people having issues may be some who were still part of the 75% satisfied. I could have worded it better but no, my math is fine. You just failed to take into account the type of poll.

      1. Tell em, Q!    Besides, never trust a guy with two first names!

        1. Damn Q, you have a wingman to back you up!

        2. True, unless we’re talking Nascar.

        3. I have 3 first names thank you very much!

      2. My apologies, as you said, I failed to take that into account. I just thought it was a typo. :-p

        1. I bet you like to point out stupid shit and say dumb shit like, ”
          I find your lack of math skills disturbing” and, ”
          That’s 110% right there”. Because I guess in your world you can never be mistaken so have to sound like a pompous douche nozzle

          1. Actually, I thought I was being a little silly while pointing out what I thought was a typo. Personally if I made a typo I would like to correct it. I have seen here when a typo was made and a commenter pointed it out that it was appreciated. I apologized that I was wrong, I didn’t meant to come off like that, but then you must be a person who takes yourself a little too seriously. Hey, we can’t all curse others out from afar on the net so its a good think we have people like you around. It is interesting how such a little comment, which was a paraphrased star wars line, drew such ire from you. I have a lot of respect for those that run this website and post these articles. I thought I was being humorous and pointing out a typo, what with 2 being so close to 3 on the keyboard.

            I was wrong, and instead of just letting it be at that when he replied, I apologized. I was a man and I thank him for his clarification because the way it was worded it looked wrong to me at first. Please forgive me for not being able to have the proper insight as to know more about a poll than was phrased at the time.
            Interesting that you waited for my post of saying I was wrong and and apology to accuse me of not thinking I could be wrong. Maybe you should learn to read a little better. Perhaps your time would be better spent increasing your vocabulary as opposed to wasting your energy on an issue that was over and done with hours and hours ago.That being said I bet if you respond to this that it will be no more than 20 words long with at least 7 of them crude or vulgar in some way or another.

      3. 75% + 35% = 110%

        How Are We Getting These Numbers o.O

    2. nothing worse than coming across as a total ass hole and then a simple explanation counters your ass wholeness., 
      Suck that foot suck it dry bitch

    3. Jesus you are a cock! 

  4. Does “It is not a giant robot” count as an issue?

  5. Mine should be arriving in a couple of Days. Best buy back order. On the positive side, they screwed up my shipping, so I called to complain and they gave me $75 back on my order…. Sold Xoom for $380-$499 TF Prime + 75 credit= $55 cost for Trasnformer Prime. I’ll take it

  6. 75% and the other 35% = 110%?
    Edit – too slow

    1. This was a multiple choice poll, meaning 75% of 20 were satisfied, while 35% had issues, but the 35% of people having issues may be some who were still part of the 75% satisfied. I could have worded it better. You’re looking at the breakdown of percentages as if it were a single choice poll, but it’s a multiple choice poll.

      1. bust out that knowledge, Q!!!!

  7. I played with a transformer prime at Gamestop and I found it to me noticeably slower than my Galaxy Tab 10.1

    1. I call complete BS on that.

      1. you can call it what you want., you have neither tablet and I don’t recall your sorry ass standing there next to me when I tested it out.

        1. I have both tablets and you are wrong.

    2. Yes, because demo systems are typically faster, right?

      1. It wasn’t a demo. and it was slower. end of discussion.

        1. Jon, your rant is insufficient. Prove it or shut up.  Disprove the following:



          Now Engadget states the following stats:

          BenchmarkASUS Eee Pad Transformer PrimeQuadrant3,023Linpack43.35 (single-thread) / 67.05 (multi-thread)Nenamark 160.07Nenamark 246.07Vellamo953SunSpider 0.9.11,861

          while the best score for the Galaxy Tab comes from legitreviews quadrant 2500  though the average as Engadget states is less more like 1546 for quadrant.


          No matter how you cut the mustard Jon.. you are wrong!… give us more than just your rant

  8. Still waiting for mine to ship… :’-(   1st world problems…

  9. Have the Asus 16GB Transformer and absolutely love it and it has almost no problems other than speaker quality. Decided to buy the Prime and give the other one to the wife. I’m hoping that it is as solid performance and bug free as the original Transformer and I will be happy.

    Ordered 32GB Gray on 12/4/11 from BB, shipped 12/23 and will be here tomorrow; some info for those waiting for backorders to be filled, hopefully it will be soon.

  10. I preordered mine on 12/1 from Best Buy and it shipped the 23rd. I should have it in my hands Friday so I’ll let you know more then.

    I do feel bad for others that preordered before me and still haven’t seen theirs ship yet.

  11. When is the 64GB Prime coming out? Did anyone here got the 64GB yet?

    1. Waiting on mine still too. (Tiger Direct)

    2. J&R says “after the holidays”, though that’s quite vague

    3. I preordered mine on Nov 22nd from Amazon 64gb champagne and the date I have is Jan 10th.

  12. This article has nonthing to do with the galaxy tab. That why people don’t give a Shit about your comment. Most people on here are waiting for their prime to ship and you talking about some Damn galaxy tab. If you happy with it that’s fine, I know it’s a sweet tab. But the prime, spec wise is the best of the best. Maybe you ran across defeated one. is that so hard to believe?

  13. Mines is running well. Just got it yesterday and I’m liking it. Had a little lag until the firmware update and tweeked the stock browser some now all is good! Overall i’m impressed.

  14. Love mine, love the emulators http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh6jK-0V5-s

  15. What a great poll and so timely too considering it just came out and five people in the world have one.

  16. I’m dissatisfied because Amazon has yet to fulfill my order

    1. Well cancel it and use a different provider.

      I used American TV and it worked great got mine within a week of the time Asus released it.  Or use any other store, Adorama, .

      The reason smaller outlets are going to be more efficient, is because they have smaller batches reaching less people.

  17. Just Ordered it from Newegg yesterday, thanks to 
    http://www.nowinstock.net/ text alerts, newegg had it for like 5 mins lol. 

    Should be getting it this week, and then I’ll let you know.

  18. Mine does exactly what I knew I would do!! Its pretty awesome!

  19. My only dissapointments with the Prime aren’t major issues.
    1. Browser still has random force closes(HC problem?)
    2. Does not fit original dock(I understand why, the Prime is totally different size specs, but ASUS shouldn’t have made the statement that it would be compatible)
    3. Micro-HDMI instead of the Mini-HDMI the orignial uses(again I understand the need because of the thickness of the Prime, but still kind of annoying I had to get a new HDMI cable to hook up to my TV)

    1. Where did they say it would be compatible?

        1. Haha

          1. :-p

  20. Love it! I agree with the comments about the browser but dolphin runs awesome on it. ICS should fix the browser anyway.

  21. I love my Transformer Prime which I’ve had for almost a week now. 
    The battery life is amazing compared to my DroidX running CM7. 

    Yesterday, my TF201 didn’t want to charge. I kept checking to see if it was plugged in right and it was but still no charge. I had to put the AC adapter in the fridge for 10 minutes and it fixed.

    Performance is somewhat laggy at times but I hope ICS will fix this. The dock looks amazing (a gamestop retail store sold me the keyboard dock ahead of time when I went to visit the demo of the Prime at the beginning of this month.).

    I notice a GPS issue. When loading Google Maps, it shows the maps and all but it could never find my location. It only finds me when I’m connected to my home Wi-Fi but it won’t find me when I’m connected to my phone’s 3G (tethering) connection. I don’t know if it’s hardware issue or software but I hope it gets fixed soon. =/

  22. Mine arrived today.  Just installed the update.

    Its amazing.

    The main thing about Asus tablets, is that updates come on a permanent basis.  If Asus will continue doing this I’ll pay the extra money its worth.

    When you compare that to Samsung, Acer or LG, this is a LOT BETTER service.  Motorola and HTC do a better job with updates than the others.  Though none as good as Asus.

  23. congrats to those of you who have received your transformer prime!

  24. Will be receiving mine shortly due to Best Buy backorder. Good news is that it shipped.

    Except, it says it will be shipping in 3 more business days, and also says the expected date is on Tuesday. Well, 3 more business days is technically Saturday, and if not (because it’s a Saturday), Monday. Hopefully the 3 more business days are correct, even if it is one day!

  25. I can’t get rid of the bottom bar!!!! Uggghhh. ICS still isn’t fully functional.

  26. What about apps – is there a good selection of apps available for android tablets? I’m especially looking for something Flipboard-esque.

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