Dec 28th, 2011

Just yesterday Samsung gave us a glimmer of hope that their 2010 flagship devices – the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab – could get Ice Cream Sandwich as they went back to reevaluate the feasibility of the task. With TouchWiz in the way, it certainly won’t seem as easy as we’d hope considering these devices have limited storage compared to their 2011 followups.

New rumors say that Samsung might not be able to bring Ice Cream Sandwich but still wants to bring some of its features over to the device in the form of a “value pack.”

The value pack would add features to their Gingerbread ROMs that mirror some of Ice Cream Sandwich’s. While this obviously isn’t that great of a solution compared to getting the real deal you’d at least be getting some new features not previously available to users of their Gingerbread phones.

Of course, things are a bit different for the 7 inch tab. The main idea is to get Ice Cream Sandwich onto it so that those users can take advantage of the tablet-specific apps available.

With just a value pack, it kind of defeats the purpose, no? We hope this rumor is true if Samsung really can’t get Ice Cream Sandwich onto these devices, but we do hope they’re doing everything they can to make ICS a possibility. [SammyHub via GSMArena]

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