Bell Gives Rough Timeline for Android 4.0 Upgrades


With one Android 4.0 device already in their lineup, Bell is looking to to upgrade a handful of their top tier devices to Ice Cream Sandwich. The eventual roll out of the new OS ultimately will be dictated by the speed at which manufacturers can get an update prepared, but Bell is already looking at some rough estimates of when to expect the latest version of Android.

The HTC Sensation is on track for a February 2012 bump up to Android 4.0, while the HTC Raider looks to get its own a month later in March. The Samsung Galaxy S II is targeted for April of next year. An update is in the pipeline for the LG Optimus LTE, but there isn’t any timeframe for that particular handset. The forecasts seem to give manufacturers and Bell more than enough time to work out any kinks in the upgrade process, but we’ve all seen the delays in the past. Either way, the updates are still a way off. I’m sure many would like to see them sooner.

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  1. Atrix?

  2. Hopefully this means the AT&T Vivid will get the update in March also….or sooner.

  3. Considering they haven’t bothered updating their Galaxy S II flagship past 2.3.3 (while International versions are now at 2.3.6) it’s not surprising to see such a late release date for ICS.

  4. Its Bell! Thank God for cyanogen or Miui. We get phones early but that’s about it. Updates and service are nowhere to be found.

  5. Seriously, what possible reason could bell or any other Service (what a laugh) provider have for delaying upgrades to their phones. You might think they would want happy customers because happy customers are the ones that don’t mind paying for continued service. I hardly know anyone who is actually ‘happy’ with their provider no matter who it is. These phones are made to be superfunctioning and as long as we like the phones we just might continue buying from Bell or whomever. I just get pissed off whenever I see these mega-prick corporations putting out the least service possible while trying to get every damn penny from our pockets.

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