Happy Holidroid Contest: Secret Image Challenge


If you’re unsure what this whole “Holidroid Contest” thing is all about, be prepared to get excited. From November 24th through December 25th, Phandroid is giving away a Kindle Fire every single day along with other great prizes like the Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Tabs, JAMBOX, SmarTouch Gloves, Android Phones, Android T-Shirts, Seidio Vouchers and more. Read our announcement post for details.

Yesterday’s Winner

The winner of yesterday’s trivia challenge was Antoine N. who will be taking home a selection of great prizes. We also are announcing the winner of Friday’s Android song challenge. The decision was a tough one. We really enjoyed the twangy stylings of this folky selection and an appearance by James Caan almost won us over (though it stretched the rules a wee bit), but we ultimately settled on the holiday stylings of an Android rap entitled “Here to Stay.”

Congrats to Spencer. We have a new contest today, and you could join him as the owner of some great Android gear. Here is what you will get:

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most  affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Asus Eee Pad Slider 

How about an awesome Tegra 2 tablet to round our this holiday prize pack? The ASUS Eee Pad Slider brings dual-core power and a slide-out keyboard to Android Honeycomb, a combination of power and functionality. The 10.1-inch slate is fully loaded and ready to rock. A big thanks to NVIDIA for providing us with a selection of tablets for giveaway. With their processors appearing in tablets from all manufacturers, if you don’t win there is still a great selection to choose from.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.


Andy Robot T-Shirt

True Android enthusiasts and tech lovers enjoy expressing their Android attitude and there is no better way to do so then with an Android Robot T-Shirt from the brilliant folks at iSteamAndy. They’ve created a series of artistic, creative Android Robot themed T-shirts with fun, rich imagery. They sell like hotcakes and have limited production runs so get each design while you still can. Some of their top designs (and ones we’re giving away) include: Dark Night AndyiSteam Andy,Flying AndyExploded AndyAndy Verus, and Unstoppable Andy. Check out

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones.Check them all out here.

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

Today we have a variation on our ‘Secret Phrase Challenge.’ Be on the lookout for the following image to appear in a Phandroid post later today, and when you do head on over to Android Forums and let us know.

  • Only one post excluding this one will contain the secret image displayed above. It will appear in a news entry with a timestamp following this post but before the end of the day (11:59PM EST)
  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Visit this thread on and let us know the title and timestamp of the post containing the secret image as a reply. Include the sentence immediately preceding the image and the sentence immediately following it in your post on Android Forums.
  • The first person to find the secret image is the winner.
  • New users are allowed to make test posts as long as they explicitly state it’s a test. These posts are still subject to the editing rule above.
  • Read our Full Official Rules for information about eligibility
  • This isn’t required but if you want to be nice… Visit by clicking here before you do your holiday shopping because you love us!

Looking for a great gift? Don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Tomorrow’s Contest:

We’ll be giving away a Kindle Fire, Smartouch Gloves, $30 Seidio Voucher, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+ and Andy T-Shirt! You never know when we’ll make our contest post so check back early and often!


Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Finally a contest that has enough rules so people don’t cheat……

    1. I second this one too lol

      1. I second your second!

    2. it still wont matter. any post that appears ppl will auto post to the forum so basically we all lost unless you are doing that or know how to.

      1. If they just auto post any post, they wouldn’t be following the rules. Unless they can auto post to include the sentences before and after the image as well?

        1. That part is not too difficult. You just need to know how to screen scrape and work with regular expressions.  

          HOWEVER, the difficult part is identifying the image. Of course, they won’t use the same image name that’s shown in this post, so a screen scraping program wouldn’t know which image is the correct one.  Someone could implement some pattern recognition to compare all images to the key image, but that would take more time than this contest is worth.

          1. Not only that, a human eye is faster i am sure. :)

          2. Possibly.

          3. That’s exactly why we chose an image this time around. :)

            On a side note, it’s funny how we make a contest simply to give back to our readers (and gain new ones) but there’s always people out there who want to take advantage. 
            Now, most of time is spent making sure the rules are fair, fun and cheat proof. :p

          4. Well, that’s where the creativity iterations of the Holidroid contest will shine, since people can’t simply cheat on those.

          5. Why don’t you do something like google did? Make puzzles that actually challenge people’s minds and takes more than a few minutes to solve? 

          6. Learn to ignore people chris. You guys are doing a great job.

  2. the waiting game begins

  3. As a recommendation to this point:
    “New users are allowed to make test posts as long as they explicitly
    state it’s a test. These posts are still subject to the editing rule

    Create a separate thread just for testing, in order to keep the contest thread clean.  Just a thought…

    1. or the new post can just post on a random thread.

  4. wait, just post the link or should type the time too?

  5. Did I win

  6. No Galaxy Nexus today? :( This seems like one I actually have a chance of winning. Anyway, good luck to everyone.

  7. I really think everyone with a post count less than 100 should be disqualified. You have tons of people that are creating numerous NEW accounts to be able to make tons of post.

    1. Really? That’s severely limiting. As far as I can tell, Phandroid’s intent is for this contest to be open to the general public, which is why they keep encouraging people to sign up for AndroidForums in each Holidroid post.

      And while you can’t stop people from making multiple accounts, it doesn’t mean that everybody with new accounts are cheating. I’ve only recently made an AndroidForums account, and it’s definitely my only one. I don’t want something like a post count stopping me from participating in the contest just because you feel that people are making multiple accounts to post.

      Besides, I’m sure the forum admins are talented enough to catch people making multiple accounts.

  8. Congrats to both winners. Too bad my son did not win, but I will wait for the next Nexus challenge, good luck everyone, and thanks phandroid for everything.

  9. …that was their favorite entry?
    …. really?? lol..

    well congrats to the winner

    1. Not all of ours. We all picked our top 3 and then found the video above was on all of our lists. Humor is always subjective. =p

      Which was your favorite??

      1. My favorite is the one below, as it has a great mix of lyrics, vocals, custom music, humor, and a very well-polished video.

      2. well I stand behind my own of course :P
        definitely stronger more focused writing, humor, relevancy, style, etc
        check, check, check, etc…i thought i had it, plus others seemed to like it  :(there were a couple that I though might have a chance as well though. Entries from armanatz, kore464, and FutureRoscoe, were all good.  (and to those guys, great job!)but then it turns out none of us were even mentioned. lol.. yay!

        1. Thanks TechJunkie and Chad :) I appreciate the appreciation!!!

          There are still 6 more Galaxy Nexi to win. May the Phandroid Lords smile upon our future endeavors!!!


        2.  TechJunkie, fwiw, you were my 2nd fav. I’ve had your freakin song in my head for days. Make it stop!

          1. haha, good to hear. well no hard feelings, we know it’s hard to pick ONE.  we’ll all just have to try harder for those remaining days!

        3. Thanks TechJunkie! I loved your rendition of Fri… ehem.. I am afraid to say it else I spontaneously burst into flames! Although, I wish you didn’t go all chipmunk. It would have surely won! I also thought FutureRoscoe and johnnywarfare would have surely had a great chance at winning. The former for their humor and video job, the latter for their really catchy lyrics. Can’t get the line “Ice Cream Ice Cream/Sandwich makes me wanna scream” out of my head. HAHAHA!!

          1. hah, yea maybe the regular vocal would’ve worked better, chipmunk had me smiling though.  aaahh well. We tried…  What type of software & plugins do you have, your audio sounded pretty solid.

            one line that was in my head was kore464’s ‘girl look at that android, i got apps!’  lol.. that was good

          2. Well, I mainly use FLStudio10 and its plugins for my electronic stuff and Sonar 8.5 for my other work like Rock and Vocal Recording (feel it has better plugins for those genres). For vocals I use a Rode NT1 and that’s pretty much it really.

        4. The Johnnywarfare entry was really catchy, but it was probably docked for having too much of it be instrumental, and even though it sorta fit the song/style, a one-shot video is pretty uninspired. Still, I woulda picked that one over the Lonely Island-esque winner. He did do a good job on fleshing out the music video, though.

          I was hoping mine (the one they linked to with James Caan) woulda one ’em over for being so different. Not sure how I ‘bent’ the rules, though.

          Oh well, get ’em next time, I guess! :)

          1. Yours had me laughing for sure, as it was a very unique idea and really funny. I think their reference to “stretching the rules” is that only a small portion of your video was a song (about 1 minute long).

      3. Chris, which one was your favorite? Did I make the list? :P

        You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to boost my ego you gorgeous son of a… Too much ass-kissing? Ok, I’ll stop XD

        1. Yours couldn’t have made the list. The video was 8 seconds too long.

  10. This is how i am going to win! >.<!

  11. I can not win these first to post contests. It is pointless.

    1. I agree, but that certainly won’t stop me from trying!

      1. I am going to try! I almost had it last time. 12 away.

        1. @google-3c8e517e847028094377f358148a9cda:disqus @google-f4ada86ad1a0fb54be55a4dc49b055e9:disqus That’s the spirit! :D

  12. time to win some cool android gear :0)

  13. I have that vacuum

  14. Dear phandroid. i love you. Along side me are many o fans. We love checking our phandroid tickers in anticipation, and goobleing up all the juicy this and that you dish out. We love to share your articles on our social pages, tell our friends and coworkers everything android. We appreciate you putting together such an amazing holiday contest as well. With that said. I think many of your , phans, are to busy to be on the ball with the “first to” rules of most your daily contests. Please give us some more randoms and creativity style chances. At least that way we can dream. ;-)

  15. i got to step away from the keyboard for a second. DONT POST IT YET! :)
    That was weird, it added a picture

  16. Aaaaaand I lost!….Man that was a quick one.

  17. Dam i didn’t read the rules all the way through.

    1. same here, i just posted the link and I was the 4th post

  18. It seems to me the winner is Doodos; he was the first to give the title, the time-stamp, and the preceding, and the following sentences in his post.

    This was seriously over way too fast.

    1. agreed

  19. Thanks for the mention on the video.  That is incredibly frustrating to be so close to winning and yet still so far. Arrggghh!

  20. Can we remove the option to post test messages in the contest forum?I have to go through pages before I finally get a real response then I have to compare the way they posted to see if I still have a chance.

    1. yea, kinda wish all the folks just signing up for the forums would try a post on a different thread, maybe, THEN move to the contest thread so they would have the requisite ONE entry?

  21. this would be it at least i hope

  22. Clever trick here.
    Anyway, how many Nexus you guys have left? 2?

  23. well i lost again,but at least theres still tomorrow

  24. Isis Partnership Entrusts Gemalto to Secure NFC Payment Systemby Kevin Krause on December 13th, 2011 at 6:41 pmPlease let me win. Here is the post that it is in.

  25. I should win this. The rules clearly state you have to post the title and the time stamp not a link to the article. Re read the rules for this one and we should honor them. Please

  26. Isis Partnership Entrusts Gemalto to Secure NFC Payment System
    by Kevin Krause on December 13th, 2011 at 6:41 pmAs a new technology, there are still some things to work out, the biggest being security concerns.Enter Gemalto, the company chosen to secure the financial information of consumers when using Isis.

  27. What is in here is not important at all
    Enter Gemalto, the company chosen to secure the financial information of consumers when using Isis.
    The title is
    Isis Partnership Entrusts Gemalto to Secure NFC Payment System
    by Kevin Krause on December 13th, 2011 at 6:41 pmThe rules clearly state we have to have the title , timestamp and the sentence before and after. Here they are. I should win, please

  28. first of all I was not using any scripts or cheating, the pic just doesn’t show in the phandroid app :-( is that fixable guys or is the app not capable of displaying certain images? My phone probably wouldn’t have been able to post fast enough to be #1 but it would be nice to have the chance :-)

  29. tell me about it a spent all day waiting for the contest refreashing every min

  30. I am sorry phandriod for being a jerk I just really wanted to win a tablet ive been drooling over them  for a while now I just hope I get lucky today cause the galaxy is at the top of my list.

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