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It seems that aggregating content and delivering it in magazine form is becoming a trend. With Livestand by Yahoo and Editions by AOL captivating users with beautifully laid out content, Google wants to get in on the fun. They’ve introduced Currents for Android tablets and phones. Alongside the news Google will pull from Google News to bring users articles they care for, users can also pull from RSS feeds, video and photo steams, Google+ streams and add their Google Reader account to pull articles from there. Publishers can optimize their content for Current and Google provides an easy way to get your text onto readers’ tablets. It’s an interesting genre of apps (one that I’ve been personally enjoying on my tablet with Editions) and we’re glad to see Google trying their hand at it. Grab it from the Android market. [Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. the name sounds like it would be for one of their April Fools jokes

  2. Why US only?

    1. Because every other country sucks.

      1. Way to be mature and be a good representation of your country…

      2. And yet you people wonder why the rest of the world hates the U.S.
        If anything I think the U.S. is THE most hated country in the history of the world

        1. Nice way to state the obvious douche!!!!!! 
          Maybe because Google is an AMERICAN company? … just a thought

          1. You cease to be an “American Company” when you start putting up offices in other countries.

            Maybe we should stop using Google everything, since clearly only the Americans matter. (I don’t mean that!! Please Google, don’t leave me! I need you!)

      3. You do know that America has reached its 40 trillion dollar debt limit right? -_-

        We are in know posistion to be talking about other countries.

        1. i thought it was like $25 trillion? either way i blame it on people like AJ :O

        2. *no not know

    2. Cause everyone else is either lazy, oppressed, or stupid.

      1. I’d like to see what you’ve contributed to the United States. Show everyone how it’s done.

        Oh by the way, I’m pretty sure somewhere down the line (guessing grand parents) your family entered the US as foreigners…

        1. willing to bet Kem here is on a iphone or someone peed in his cheerios. Cheers Mate!

    3. now you know how we feel with the Nexus Galaxy

      1. Actually, no we don’t. We can just go get the app off of XDA or use market enabler. lol

        Can you use Nexus enabler to make Verizon release the GNex faster? HMM? HMM? :P

        Seriously though, I can understand why some apps like music (the service) would be US only to start. But this one? 

  3. Looks interesting….will give it a spin ;)    Get it…a spin?  You know…the logo….you….ahh nvm :(

    EDIT: I HATE EVERYTHING US-only……bunch of selfish….wait….scrap that…you can have your Galaxy Nexus launch date ;)
    (Only in America!)

    1. Remember. ICS and a 720p screen is your only argument. I pretty satisfied with my GS2. I don’t see anything different from it. -_-

      1. and it actually being a nexus… im a purist. i want stock

      2. And my personal opinion that the Galaxy Nexus looks better than the GS2….btw wasn;t the GS2 release also ages after it was released in the rest of the world?

  4. love this

  5. Doesn’t install in my country :-(

    1. Try installing it on your phone… 

      I couldn’t resist, I’m sorry…

  6. Why isn’t Phandroid on there? And does it look like you could/would be there in the future? Thanks!

    1. Phandroid is on there. Just have to search for it.

  7. Meh, US only again. C’mon Google, when will you abandon this stupid custom?

    1. When the rest of the world starts to matter.

      1. Keep it up… the more I read your comments, the more immature you seem!

      2. Yeah, that was supposed to be funny, right?
        Or is it really the way you look at the world? There is ME and nothing else?

        1. Maybe when you guys can take a joke and this is an american site is it not? do we hate on you guys when you talk on your sites? Its a jk. Take it easy you two. O, and AMERICA.. F, yeah, coming to save the Motha F@nkin day yeah!

    2. apparently the day the galaxy nexus came out.

      1. Still, it is just UK, so it changes nothing for me.

  8. Will try it for a few days, not as much selection as pulse and missing a few features, but don;t see how it’s any different in concept to Pulse

    1. seems like googles version of pulse. personally i love both of them and this will just add a bit of variety to the game

  9. For those not in the US, an app called Market Enabler is your friend. Get it from market

    1. Not everyone has a rooted phone nor intends to root their phone

  10. If you’re not in the US, you don’t deserve this anyway.

    Especially if you live in Canada.

  11. The only time I prefer having to flip pages on my phone is when I’m reading ebooks.

    Otherwise, scrolling > pages. Never really understood what’s so nice about this “magazine style” nonsense. 

    1. After testing out the app, I have to agree. Some of the flipping in this app makes sense, like going from one article to another, but the constant flipping to read 7 lines of text gets tiring fast.

  12. man, why dont you non american people get some innovation and come up with a google-esque company in your own country to deliver this sort of stuff if you want it. sorry your country sucks.

    1. When it comes to the internet, there is no country involved… The internet is open to all, so it is a reasonable expectation for someone in a different country to ask for equal treatment

      1. When it comes to the internet, all countries are not created equal. The rest of the world should be thankful we decided to share it. Google is an American company. Their first concern should always be the US market. If they get around to supporting it in other countries, those countries can be thankful for that too.
        Your smug condescension does not make you look “intelligent” or “rational”. It doesn’t make you any more worldly either, which I suspect is the effect you were actually going for.

    2. And you do realize a lot of people who work at google aren’t all Americans. Google has accounts outside the US as well

    3. Derk you sucks like your fucking mother…. Sólo, Fuck off.

  13. For non-US peeps, XDA-dev has a thread with a download link to the apk:

    For the lazy bones out there:

    Works fine on my Rogers Nexus S.

  14. Cool app, but no widget. :(

  15. Ok…. I live in the US, and on behalf of the intelligent rational people of this country, I want to apologize for the stupid comments made by some stupid “elitist” Americans here.

    Not everyone looks at the rest of the world the way these fools do… so enjoy your Galaxy Nexus while you ignore their small minded comments :)

    1. Thank you, appreciate that :)

  16. Once again my fellow Americans embarrass me with their xenophobic blathering. 

  17. I like it. Its fun. But too small for my Thunderbolts screen. Another reason why I need a tablet! Will phandroid costumize the layout to make it more friendly on Currents? Droid Life looks preettyy nice!

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