OnLive Officially Announced and Now Available For Android – Brings Full Console Gaming To Android Devices


It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve last seen OnLive and their promises to deliver cloud-based gaming to Android tablets. I almost thought it was never going to happen having focused on more “old school methods” like playing games downloaded to a device. Well, the future is finally here and OnLive has announced that their gaming service will finally be available starting tomorrow from their app in the Android Market. The company showed off their service on a variety of devices ranging from the HTC Flyer, Motorola Xoom, Kindle Fire and HTC Rezound. Most games will have to be reworked for full compatibility with all touch-screen controls with only a handful of titles currently available for touch-only and a few heavy hitters like L.A. Noire already in the works.

In typical OnLive fashion, you will need a solid WiFi connection if you want to do some gaming on your Android devices and if you’re looking to take the gaming on the road — Verizon’s LTE should more than do the trick. The “true” way to play games on your OnLive enabled Android device of course is their new universal controller with dual-analogs, d-pad and retailing for $50 from the OnLive store. The controllers even come with a USB dongle for some multiplayer fun on their “microconsole” or PC — current Android devices will hook in using Bluetooth. The only problem is you can’t actually buy a universal controller just yet with OnLive saying they will be available “soon” but no solid release date given.

The app will be available for “most” devices with some handsets and tablets needing a little more testing before they’re officially supported. The best part? There is also a Google TV version in the works making the Honeycomb rollout that much sweeter. Full console gaming, anywhere and everywhere.

[Market Link | TheVerge]

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  1. So I’m guessing that means the original controller will not work?

    1. From what I remember reading before… only this one will work with tablets/phones. Things could have changed though..

      1. Confirmed.

  2. even it is mentioned that ASUS Eee Pad Transformer works, but the market stating that there’s no compatible devices in the list. I’m Malaysian. Is it the app not available in Malaysia yet?

  3. I downloaded it on my a100, and everything, even the menu, is super blurry. It’s almost like it’s out of focus!

    Any other 7inch tablet owners?

    I guess it’s still better than playing Spyro on PSX4Droid with the Sixaxis controller.

  4. Slick

  5. Not available in Canada on the Android Market. Is there an .APK version?

    1. Would like to know this as well. You can sign up for the service in Canada but can’t use the app? It is the netflix situation all over again

  6. My Rezound just got a phoner when it displayed this story. It was made for this!

  7. WOW too cool!

  8. FINALLY….games on my flyer and honeycomb getting closer. I can’t wait to see it on Google tv. No need for a online gaming console then.

  9. Google TV support + a usb bluetooth dongle for the controller and I’ll consider it.

    1. Agreed; that would be damn sweet.

    2. Um, did you fail to read the article?

      “The controllers even come with a USB dongle for some multiplayer fun on their “microconsole” or PC”

      “There is also a Google TV version in the works making the Honeycomb rollout that much sweeter.”

  10. Dude, this thing is awesome, just played Dirt 3, runs nice, I only need a controller :P

  11. Amazing. Even runs flawlessly over 4g. Works well with hdmi mirroring. Just need a wireless controller.

  12. Getting USB and Bluetooth controllers working across HTC and Moto phones running 2.x has proven elusive, seems like there’s been no push to get it working. ICS is supposed to have it built in. I wonder if these guys might make the controller just for ICS devices. Hope not, I would love this controller to work on my Rezound. HTC doesn’t seem to care about Bluetooth controllers, their goofy BT stack has no support for them as I understand it

  13. Nice… will definitely have to give onlive a try now. 

  14. I need something that I can play World Of Warcraft on!

    1. A laptop?

  15. Back door to consoles games on android. And all games are free to try for 30 minutes. Android ftw!

  16. “This application cannot be installed in your device’s country (Australia)”
    Dear Australia, please pirate our stuff, we love getting no money from you because of our own stupidity. Regards, US content industry.

    Do I even need to say it? i’ll let this old aussie add to the talking:

    1. you can’t pirate onlive games because everything is run off their servers.

  17. You need a 720p display minimal to maximize online true resolution ! Which equals console resolution too!

  18. One of the first apps I will be putting on my nexus

  19. Nexus + unlimited 4G LTE + Onlive FTW!

  20. haha the motorola zoom is upside down

  21. US only… for games? What a joke. worst shit ever. I abandon android now. bye

    1. Bye!

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