Dec 7th, 2011

Japanese mobile gaming platform GREE, has recently announced their expansion and merger with the popular Open Feint platform who’s services you may have seen integrated into many popular Android games. With the merger comes a bunch of big name game publishers who have signed on to bring some of their hottest titles to Android (and iOS). 7 major Japanese game studios were name dropped and a few of their mobile titles as well:

Capcom: Resident Evil Mercenaries VS for GREE, Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting for GREE

Tecmo Koei: Dynasty Warriors for GREE

Konami: DanceDanceRevolution
Square Enix: Emperor’s SaGa, Galaxy Dungeon
Sega: Ryu ga Gotoku Kizuna (Yakuza Kizuna/Bonds)
Taito: Period Zero, Dead Connection
Namco Bandai: Kamen Rider Wars, Super Sentai Wars, Ultraman Taisen

Before you get too excited, the merger isn’t expected to be completed until Q2 of next year and even then, some of these titles could remain “Japan only.” Still, this announcement came as part of GREE’s global initiative and with a huge market for them here in the US, I’m hopeful we’ll see many of these games localized soon after they’re released. Android could be in for some serious mobile gaming. 2012 is going to be a great year with “Team Android.” Time to reconsider my stance on quad-core processors…

For a full list of titles currently available for GREE, you can check out their new portal site in the source link below.

[GREE | Via AndriaSang and Droidgamers]