Happy Holidroid Contest: Photo Challenge


If you’re unsure what this whole “Holidroid Contest” thing is all about, be prepared to get excited. From November 24th through December 25th, Phandroid is giving away a Kindle Fire every single day along with other great prizes like the Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Tabs, JAMBOX, SmarTouch Gloves, Android Phones, Android T-Shirts, Seidio Vouchers and more. Read our announcement post for details.

Yesterday’s Winner

Yesterday, we held a secret phrase contest where the first person to find and report the phrase hidden inside the body of one of our posts would win. Congratulations to yesterday’s winner, Andrey, who received a Kindle Fire, Galaxy Nexus, Jambox, a Seidio Voucher, an Andy T-Shirt and Isotoner Smartouch Gloves! As you can see below, whoever wins today’s contest will be fortunate to win all of that stuff as well!

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most  affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Who wouldn’t want the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? It’s the world’s first smartphone to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and features the specs to match, including a 4.65-inch 720p HD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and plenty of on-board storage. HUGE props to Nikolay Ananiev, the developer of an app called Tiny Flashlight + LED, who donated the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for giveaway. His app has OVER 10 MILLION downloads and Nikolay contacted us asking for ways he could give back to the community as a way to say “thanks”.

Jawbone JAMBOX

Ever wanted a small, portable speaker that plays music LOUD and CLEAR and isn’t a pain to setup? Let me introduce you to the Jawbone JAMBOX speaker. This bad boy packs a powerful bunch an extremely small frame, easily connects to your Android device via Bluetooth, and is an absolute pleasure to use. Bluetooth means you can stream not only music, but also games, apps, phone conversations, movies, and any other audio playing on your device! It also means no cords! Put it on your desk. Carry it to the kitchen. Bring it to the basketball court. Take it to your friend’s party. The Jawbone JAMBOX is a music lover’s dream device.


Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.


Andy Robot T-Shirt

True Android enthusiasts and tech lovers enjoy expressing their Android attitude and there is no better way to do so then with an Android Robot T-Shirt from the brilliant folks at iSteamAndy. They’ve created a series of artistic, creative Android Robot themed T-shirts with fun, rich imagery. They sell like hotcakes and have limited production runs so get each design while you still can. Some of their top designs (and ones we’re giving away) include: Dark Night Andy, iSteam Andy, Flying Andy, Exploded Andy, Andy Verus, and Unstoppable Andy. Check out

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones.Check them all out here.

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

Today, we want to see how well your smartphone’s balance is! Find random objects to balance the phone on. Snap a photo of device balancing on something – anything – with a Phandroid sign in view. Try and find something really impressive to balance it on!

  • Make a sign that says “Phandroid” or “” on it.
  • Get random objects – anything –  to balance your phone on and snap a photo of it with the Phandroid sign fully in view. Try and find something really impressive! (Balancing your phone on a vertical pencil or a stack of cards would be eye-poppers, for instance, though we don’t expect to see anything of the sort.)
  • Users have until 11:59 PM Eastern today to submit their photo entry.
  • Entries may be submitted by embedding or linking to the photo as a comment in the comments section below.
  • Make sure the photo is original and was fully produced by you! The photo must not be photoshopped in any way, shape or form.
  • After the entry period we will randomly select a winner from a pile of the most creative, interesting and impressive ones we receive.
  • Read our Full Official Rules for information about eligibility
  • This isn’t required but if you want to be nice… Visit by clicking here before you do your holiday shopping because you love us!

Looking for a great gift? Don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Tomorrow’s Contest:

We’ll be giving away a Kindle Fire, Smartouch Gloves, $30 Seidio Voucher, Galaxy Nexus, Jambox, and Andy T-Shirt! You never know when we’ll make our contest post so check back early and often!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. How am I supposed use a camera to take a picture of my phone balancing on something when my phone IS my camera? o.0   
    Haha…I guess it’s time to go digging around in my closet for an old point-n-shoot :)

    1. I am having this problem right now!

    2. use a mirror?  good luck taking a pic while the phone is balanced, though. :)

      1. That is what the timer on the phone is for 10 seconds thats about the only useful thing its for…

  2. Challenge Accepted

  3. Here’s a photo of a phone balancing in my hand vs another phone balancing in my other hand. Snapped at the Verizon Kiosk today.

    I think you guys will LOVE IT. ;)


    1. Can I substitute a Verizon sign for a Phandroid sign? hahaha.

    2. I hate you. Very much so.

      JK; but seriously how did you get a hold of that.

      1. Yes for anybody that didn’t click the button it’s the Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE Version from Verizon.

        Its so much skinner and lighter than my Original Droid. I had fears the Verizon version would be a fatty, but it turned out real nice.

        The screen is very good but the HTC Rezound would still be the winner for sharpness. You can see the small little squares on the GNex screen that are a result of the pentile matrix display. They are smaller then they are on the RAZR but still noticable.

        The responsiveness can’t be matched. EVERYTHING was snappy. I’ll talk about the web browser. The web browser is leaps and bounds faster than phones from 2 years ago. Instant, snappy, web pages over 4G.

        The on-screen menu buttons are also a lot more responsive than capacitive touch. The keyboard was also super accurate. Voice texting was also very much improved and very accurate. I didn’t find 1 thing running slow on the phone.

        I didn’t play with the camera but I’ll probably walk over there again tomorrow at lunch time and give it round 2 of hands on.

        For a phone that has been so hyped up I didn’t expect to feel the sense of excitement and amazement that I had when I played with it. This is one device that is right up there, and maybe even surpasses, the level of hype.

        I remember the day the OG droid came out and how awesome I thought it was to own. This phone blows that out of the water and I don’t even own it yet.

        This feels next-gen.
        I’m telling all family friends who upgraded to a RAZR or Rezound to return for this puppy. That’s for sure.

        1. That didn’t answer my question, HOW DID YOU GET ONE!!??

          1. Haha. I didn’t get one yet. That one was the demo. I just got to take it for a spin. The rep told me that Verizon gave word in the morning that it would be released Friday (12/9.) Then they sent a follow-up email later saying they retract the date and that it will now be “coming soon.”

            Now i’m a glass half full kind of guy. I was given the impression that this thing is releasing tomorrow rather than next week. I know the kiosk I visited is stocked up.

            I think the switch from 12/9 to “coming soon” means we’ll see this bad boy being sold tomorrow.

            We will see…

          2. “I think the switch from 12/9 to “coming soon” means we’ll see this bad boy being sold tomorrow.”

            I hadn’t thought of it like that…maybe you’re right.

  4. whats next? balance a tiger on your chest? while planking on a fighter jet???

    come on guys……….

    1. Don’t play then…it’s simple. It’s not like you are paying for the winnings

    2. If you do this, I will buy a Kindle Fire, then set fire to it, and record the whole thing to post on YouTube.

  5. It doesn’t say where to enter.

    1. Users have until 11:59 PM Eastern to submit their photo entry. They may be submitted by embedding the photo or linking to it in a comment below.

  6. dam it finnaly find a contest in time and it reqires taking a pic if my phone my phone is my only camera

    1. Me too… The only thing I can think of is taking my mac, turning it around and using the webcam on it for a camera…

      1. i was thinking of that but it also needs the phandroid logo

    2. I had to use my video camera which is capable of taking still photos too lol.

  7. We HTC-owners shouldn’t cheat by using the kickstands.

  8. Dang it, I can’t take a snapshot of my phone considering my phone is the only camera I have. Oh well.

    1. Don’t you have a mirror?

  9. 8D This contest brings an amazing smile to my face. I routinely balance stuff around the house to entertain my wife and daughter… the only concern is about dropping the phone. (I have an idea.. we’ll see if it pans out :)

  10. Yeah where are we posting it to?

    1. Users have until 11:59 PM Eastern to submit their photo entry. They may be submitted by embedding the photo or linking to it in a comment below.

      1. Ah I missed that, thanks.

  11. i see many broken phones in the future

    1. haha yes but if the winner breaks his phone then it won’t really matter as he’ll be getting the Nexus :)

    2. i broke my epic 4g doing this… but i hope i win this if i dont well its only a cracked screen sooo

    3. That’s why it helps when you have an Android with Gorilla Class :)

  12. balanced on a Gatorade bottle. hope i win.

  13. when we take the picture where are we suppose to post it

    1. Please read the rules

  14. The method of entry is clearly stated within the list of rules. Please read.

    1. A slightly different angle and you could’ve made us think your cat was balancing on top!

      1. I had no clue she was gonna be in the pic. She kept knocking the phone down so I told her to get away…then she strolls in to be in the pic. It made the pic even better though. =) 

        1. Too bad your cat isn’t trained to say, “I can haz Galaxy Nexus?”

          1. Give me a week ;)

    2. LOL is that a real cat in the background? I love how he’s just like “wtf is going on over there?”

      1. yea dude, she had no clue what I was doing. lol She kept knocking the phone off the fake cats ears though!!

  15. Good luck everyone! 

  16. This is my phone balanced on and napkin holder 

  17. Challenge accpeted. I hope I win! Good luck to all.

    1. Why is there money in the photo? Are you trying to bribe Phandroid? :)

      1. I had no other camera in the house so I had to place my laptop on the counter so I can get a decent picture. No bribing going on :)

  18. Incredible 2 balancing on Wall-E’s index finger :)

    1. It almost looks like the Phandroid logo is a holograph.

    2. Oh very nice!

  19. droid inc killing it.

    1. you spelled it wrong…DQ!

  20. [IMG][/IMG]

  21. OK, so this was an interesting feat. Behold! My Photon 4G balancing on top of a CM7-Alpha-3-running HP TouchPad (a Christmas gift for my son–pictured in the background):

    The only cameras I have are on the front of that TouchPad and the two on the Photon, or so I thought. Then I remembered that my work iMac I am sitting at has a camera, and here it is!

    P.S. I also apparently need to water my poor bamboo plant…

    1. LOL, I almost used the same bottle for balancing my phone.

  22. Ooooh!! I hope I win. Took a while to find the sweet spot on the top heavy DX! Thanks :)

    1. This is my fear with my DX as well. It’s so lopsided that it makes it diffcult ;)

    2. Damn, you stole the idea from my brain. Gotta think of something else, now.

  23. Not sure if the photo imbeded but here is a link as well

    Tried two pencils… almost dropped my phone too many times, hope one on a tube is impressive enough…

  24. MyTouch balanced on an iPhone balanced on a windows laptop with the phandroid logo atop the heap. Picture was taken with Xoom. Post made with Xoom.


  25. My HTC Inspire ran away with my Dell’s a shot of them together…can I have the Galaxy Nexus to replace my inspire? (inspire is balanced on the monitor lip)

  26. Lol. This took a while because my dog, Sadie, doesn’t cooperate very well. She kept wagging her tail and sending the sign flying.

    That black thing is her “Kong”, a chew toy.

    1. THIS! SHOULD WIN! LOLOLOL! :D I love it!

  27. Balanced on a football which is ballanced on top of my christmas tree, can you gess where i want my new toys? ;)  ( and just incase i have a picture of the Phandroid logo on the phone itself

  28. Here is my Razr my Battleaxe and Phandroid all in one epic photo!

  29. I already feel the Christmas spirit! Here you have 2 Android phones: LG O2X & SGS balancing on Santa Claus’s head with Android guy on top of them!

  30. @Phandroid #holidroid #conest
    I guess it is Christmas

  31. Nexus One balancing on paper clip


    Epic 4g Touch on MINI Antenna ball

  33. This is my Nexus one, a top my Revue keyboard, resting against my Xoom(Which is sitting on the Revue!)

    I call it, Early Adopt’a’bal! :)

  34. I work all day with computers.  I don’t have a pencil readily accessible, but I do have a whiteboard!

  35. I get extra credit for doing this in public with someone else’s borrowed phone, yes?

    1. The picture was captured using someone’s borrowed phone. That is my G2 in the picture. Just thought I should clarify.

  36. It seemed to take forever to get this darn ball on the tee!

    Please check out the other pics at:

  37. Here’s my entry with before and after shots.
    1 – folded paper w/ name
    2 – small metal pyramids
    1 – decorative metal candle
    1 – Samsung Fascinate that wants to be replaced by a Galaxy Nexus
    ~40 minutes of frustration
    ~20 gasps as I saw it fall into keyboard, table, screen, etc… thank fully no breaks. :)

  38. Thanks for this Contest Phandroid!

  39. I did two different angles. Shows how much that A) I hate my iPhone and want a Galaxy Nexus that I would risk my iPhones life for it! and B) Shows that there’s nothing holding it up. Balancing on a pencil is hard work. 

    1. Blashphemy…

      1. JK. Nice balance there.

        1. Haha, thanks. I regretted not writing Phandroid on the Tree right side up….but it’s a fallen tree cause I’m sick of my iPhone. =)

    2. Thats in like a pencil sharpener?!

      1. Yeah, the pencil is in a Pencil Sharpener.

  40. Fun one :D

  41. Fun one with pic this time :)

  42. …coming soon


    Even the Master Chief gets the occasional nasty voicemail…. now we see how he reacts to those messages!

  44. Buddha wants to balance a Galaxy Nexus on his head!

  45. Balanced with Thunderbolt kickstand:

  46. this will be interesting…

  47. This one was tough.  takes split second photography skills.

    1. ^^ also why I need a droid!

  48. Here is my submission :) Balancing on a Lego man’s head. Good Luck.

    1. As my daughter pointed out to me, that’s a Harry Potter mini-fig no less.

  49. Took two photos. One to show sign and close up balancing act. The other to show where it is

  50. Ive learned the droidx isnt the most balanced phone in the world.

    Enjoy ;-)

  51. [IMG][/IMG]

  52. here is mine :) hope you like it

  53. not that impressive but better than nothing. 

  54. Incredible 2 on site as well, and no, the phone is not being “held” it is a very delicate balance.

  55. My old HTC/ATT 8525 balancing on top of two old flip phones balancing on top of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and an iPad.

  56. Nevermind, found the previous post.

  57. UPDATED: Where’s wAndy?! Yes…He has a glorious moustache! 

  58. So im a lil late, and needed somethin different then what everyone else has. So here you have my old bbery storm 2 on the nose of my daughters favorite stuffed animal. Hope u like. 

  59. Yeah, this was tough as anything.  That’s an Australian Shepherd, meaning the fact that I got her to sit still for a photo while balancing a Droid X2 with an Otterbox on her head must mean I am Ceaser Milan’s replacement…

  60. This is my Transformer holding up a lava lamp with a scout trooper sitting atop holding my Nexus S! The phone (and scout trooper) took a couple falls, but I finally got it. Good Luck to everyone!

    1. dam it you have a cooler lava lamp

  61. Took me forever cause i was in class but managed to balance it on this robotic arm we have.

  62. I wasted about an hour and was late for work doing this.

    …  and then failure. Hopefully the scratches will be worth it.

    The knife was hand-made by me ftw :)

  63. Top this one: old TV antenna in turtle tank

    1. hey! i did the same thing with my turtle tank!! putting a climbing tree for a snake inside the tank!

    2. “Of course he has a turtle”

      -Little black kid in that Owen Wilson movie

  64. I am not the best artist ever lol but here is my entry. Good luck everyone i really hope i win though lol. And sorry about the quality i know its not really good but my phone(which fell lol) is my primary camera, and I used my moms camera.

  65.  Thanks for the cool contest Phandroid and for the great website.

    1. This isn’t a contest picture, this is art! =)

  66. Santa balancing my Droid Incredible in a VW convertible in front of our vintage aluminium Christmas Tree. 

  67. The scale maybe a little over rated for this phone. 

  68. So…can we enter more than one time?

    I don’t see anything saying only one entry.


  69. Phandroid-ized HTC Desire balanced on top of my custom guitar and rocking so hard, my socks flew off and stuck themselves to the sign because Phandroid is just that good!!

    I call this piece:

    They have crowned my guitar :P

  70. Happy Hoidays Phandroid!

  71. Hope you like it! As you can see… the original Desire is looking a bit ancient these days ;)


  72. Can we enter multiple photos? Or just one?

  73. redbull + android + phandroid = ME

  74. Phandroid …the “hottest” Android news out there …..

  75. Here ya go!

    And, just in case I didn’t attach this right, here’s a G+ gallery:

  76. Here it is, guess who makes a perfect pedestal for my Thunderbolt? Bet it would make an even better pedestall for the Galaxy Nexus (Pick Me!!!)

  77. My version of completeing the contest ; )

  78. My version of completeing the contest ; )

    1. thats leaning on the wall cheater

      1. I promise you it is in fact not,

        1. do it again in the middle of the floor….

          1. No, I am no redoing it because I have a small ding on the bottom of my mba now from it falling off of the shoes. Second even if I felt so compelled to lie about it not leaning on the wall the rules clearly state

            “random objects – anything –  to balance your phone on”

            Therefore, as I understand it, the phone is the only item that needs to be balanced… I just decided to take it a step further, in the hopes that in the least I could give someone a laugh and how ridiculous it looks.

        2.  that is a tough one to beat! Take a picture from the other side showing how it isn’t using the wall. Just a suggestion to help you prove your amazing feat is legit!

          1. Shouldn’t be to hard to beat, I just hope it made you guys chuckle

  79. This is Ogie (he is an aging OG Droid)
    Ogie is balanced on a pen (pointy side not the flat side) balancing on a mic stand.

    p.s. I REALLY need a new phone!! Ogie suffered a horrific accident training for this stunt. (Sadly, he is no longer with us) Don’t let his sacrifice be in vain!

    Bionic on a penny!
    I have other pics as well as a video of the fall.

    1. Here is a link to the video… Complete with my disappointed reaction to the fall. 

      1. DANGIT!! I was planning on doing this when I get home. (have done it with multiple devices over the years just to entertain friends and family) We did it with a projection TV when I worked at Circuit City too ;)

        Ah well, guess I can try to do some balancing I’ve not done in years…  :)

        1. The hardest thing with a penny is you are balancing two things, with one that wants to roll!

    2. How in the eff did you do that?  Total win.  Props!

      1. Biggest suggestion I can give to anyone wanting to try this, is find your center point of balance on your phone first, then get a nice *NEW* penny. They’re less likely to collapse on you when you balance something on top. 

        The edges will be flatter, and there will be little to no balance lost due to transactions.

        1. It was a 2011, but only by chance. I first found where the penny balanced best, then trial and error finding the sweet spot on the phone. I was just about to give up!

    3. Just how long did that take you? I would have lost the patience for it 5 minutes in.

      1. I didn’t keep track of time, but I do know it was way longer than 5 minutes. I was about to give up!

    4. As much as i would love to win, i have to give it to you on this one. Quite impressive.

      1. Thank you, and good luck!

    5. lol. nice!

    6. Sorry for doing this as a reply, it wasn’t letting me post any other way. The image is at:
      It is a sidekick being given universal roam by a sonic screw driver. So, I got my sonic, got my side kick, all I need is a tardis or either a long coat or a bow tie.

      Edit: And I have an apple, thank you very much, Amelia.

    7. congrats that is awesome! I tried to top you by balancing my G1 on my wedding ring but the judges voted for you :-) since your nexus wont work on verizon would you be interested in selling it to me???

    8. Hey so you won the balance contest?

  81. I swear i thought my phone was gonna break 

  82. I’m in the office so I only have some trim samples and architect scale… so I tried my best to balance my phone w/ these essential items of my job!

    I left my camera at home so I had to borrow my boss’ OLD SCHOOL flip phone to take a photo of my phone… right before i was able to snap the photo, I got a text so the vibrate caused my fall to the floor and case popped off & battery fell off!

    I hope I get the galaxy nexus as my new phone so I can replace/retired this poor phone that’s been in the toilet once and on the floor over 10 times!!! Thank god this phone is stainless steel otherwise with the abuse it’s been through it will be in pieces already!

    Thank you Phandroid!!

  83. My phone fell once and the battery flew out, but it’s ok. 

    From top to bottom: Android, HTC Evo 4G, golden triforce Wii remote, Extended battery, black and white extended battery doors, mousepad (if you want to include it in the mix)

    1. ZeldaSS is such an awesome game so far….

      1. hell yeah it is!  

  84. Album of my different attempts.

    1. My favorite one.

  85. On the finger ftw!

  86. I’m sorry for the little text editing. Forgot the piece of paper and took the (extremely instable) structure down before I remembered I should’ve had the Phandroid sign there. : / Hope you don’t mind… and I hope you like it : )

  87. If I win that coffin is probably where my nexus S is going XD

    That netbook is running Hexxeh’s chromeOS of course

  88. way harder than it looks :P

  89. Thunderbolt on top of bird on top of my old phone on top of 2 andy figurines, and my cracked screen:(  I NEED THE NEXUS@ PLEASE!

  90. This was hard to do (especially at work while the boss was at lunch!). I am in the office bathroom balancing my evo on the end of a fork in my mouth. The picture is taken in a mirror WITH THE PHONE I AM BALANCING (notice the backward htc logo), using a shutter delay. There is a couch cushion at my feet to prevent damage to the phone. Everything went better than expected! I wrote Phandroid backward and forward on the sign to play up the fact that I’m actually taking a picture of the mirror.

    Thanks for the great contest!

    1. I’m running CM7, by the way, which has a shutter delay in the stock camera.

  91. Galaxy SII balancing on a pair of Scissors! Shout out to Samsung for making such thin and light device, it can literally balance anywhere (this was still no walk in the park haha)! Multiple angles for you non-believers. Good luck to all and happy holidays!

    PS: Was having lots of fun with it so I decided to balance on different surfaces hehe


    Droid bionic balancing on an android standing in front of a xoom

  93. Heres my DROID balancing on the tip of a knife, of course I used a few other things(chopstick, tongs, girly hair tie, cup, and 2 forks, if you think its not balancing heres the video:

  94. If you click on it you will see the OG Droid is ready for her upgrade.  Unfortunately on this 5-O salary a free Kindle would sure help too.   

  95. Me balancing my Nexus One on a twix bar and on its plugged in USB cable (behind the twix bar) in front of a mirror (so the sign is actually drawn mirrored). The photo was taken with the Nexus One (its my only camera).
    (1st photo is for contest entry, 2nd photo is to show that the sign when you look at it not in front of a mirror)

  96. My 99% protesting Kung Fu Panda wants a new phone!

  97. “the camera adds 10 pounds..”   Thunderbolt on a HUEVO!

  98. Is this contest limited to one submission or can we enter multiple pics?

  99. A buddies lame iPhone 4 that he lent me balanced on a marker with a marker and the handset of my desk phone balanced on it! Definitely a challenge.

  100. Todays contest was fun

  101. Balanced my Xperia Play on a Logitech X-530 speaker while opened!

    The sloped back of the speaker and weightiness of the phone didn’t help one bit…

  102. Took me forever to do!!! with my son’s cards!!!

    1. and just in case here are the cards I used and my phone.

  103. here ya go!!! and photobombed by optimus prime.

  104. A very ageing OG DROID balencing on a coaster holder with a round handle balenced on  a “The Doors” Legacy CD.
    I really need this G Nex, the OG just cant keep up when all your friends have an iPhone 4s

  105. extended battery on a stapler. bam.

  106. I had to resize the images so they aren’t 5.6MB each. Hope that doesn’t break the “Not editing or photo-shopping” rule. 
    I don’t think I even have a chance of winning but whatever, I have a lot of free time and love to balance stuff, hahaha.
    Here’s my entry: A Motorola Defy, on top of a Cliq, on top of the Defy’s box on top of Homer Simpson’s head. Extra points for Homer, since he likes Donuts. :P
     (The last one is the result of a mild breeze blowing through the window, luckily my Defy was not harmed, the Cliq is water damaged anyway due to a flood last year). 

  107. This is my LAZY way of keeping up with way, I can multitask and also browse for GREAT deals!

  108. I hope I win. This took me FOREVER to do. Luckily I didn’t crack any of my screens every time I would drop one of the phones. Hahaha.

  109. My Samsung Epic 4G on top of a D20 on top of a Dalek on top of my Arcade Machine playing Street Fighter 2 – oh, and there’s a Warhammer dwarf on top of the Epic toasting a pint of beer for good measure!  Cheers!

  110. I call it, Specialized Bicycle X2! One Specialized Tarmac Road bike hanging in a repair stand with a house of cards built on the seat. That’s my LG Optimus 2X in the house of cards on the second tier! Yes, I used Bicycle playing cards too! :D

  111.  Here’s my phone on top of a snake on top of my speaker.

  112. Okay so when your phone has a hump, it makes it hard as hell to balance!

  113. Balancing my flip-phone (Ha! Yes I know!) LG KF350 Ice Cream (Mmhm…) with a chopstick.

    Here is the photo for my entry:
    And here is the gallery of a few best shots that I can snap after many (failed) 

    My phone fell off the chopstick, bounced off the table onto the chair, then onto the floor/my laptop screen repeatedly so many times. But nothing is broken right now afaik. Hopefully it still functions well in the future. Or else, I should go get another Ice Cream, but with Sandwich this time.

  114. Here’s is balance #1
    Different view of balance #1 (on glass, with a call coming in)

    Balance just for fun I am surprised how well she cooperated lol

  115. This is my LAZY way of keeping up with Phandroid.comhttp;// That way, I can multitask and also browse for GREAT deals!

  116. Happy Holidroid Phandroid!!!

  117. Rockin’ the OG Droid still…

  118. Droid Incredible (The Original) balanced on an iPod nano

  119. My Desire HD, balanceing on Wine Bottle opener balanceing on my Laptop with the Phandroid Page on it.

    QUality isent the best. BUt had to use my Transformer, couse my phone cant balance and make photos at the same time :-)

  120. Android on top of the world!!!

  121. Max Sterling holding up a GS2

  122. This is in fact balanced on the Hi Hat Stand its shoved in the mini usb slot. (I had friends not believe me so I felt the need to justify)

    Droid 2 balancing on the top tube of my Trek Ion CX Pro cyclocross bike. Happy Holidays all!

  124. Holy moly this is more difficult than I thought…=p

  125. My ode to technology from my past…hopefully the Droid will join them soon:)

  126. Balancing my OG Droid on my table saw blade.  I also wanted to add that I have really enjoyed the mix of things like this.  Given more time I could come up with something better, but having a contest everyday even though I haven’t won has been really enjoyable (especially since it is something different everyday)

  127. blackberry curve and tour with iphone balancing on 3 cans of rolling rocks , bottle of imperial vodka, with HG figure balancing 3 phones

    going to be converting to an android phone!

    first picture full view shot , second picture just close up shot of the top

  128. Here is my Thunderbolt balancing on three droids.

  129. Now this was a lot harder than it may look, especially when one leg is shorter than the other!

    If you can’t find the phone, look a little harder…. maybe in Santa’s hand! ;)

    1. Impressive

  130. My phones aren’t as 1% as all of yours. Occupy Phandroid!!!!!

    PS: Just pretend like you didn’t see the “bling”.

    1. Wow, Occupy A Garbage Can

  131. First off I own a droid x, it is with out a doubt the most difficult phone to balance with its camera hump. Took me for ever to even make this project work. Luckily the iphone I used was easy to balance. And i figured what better way to display my android pride then my android handset over the Apple product. Hope you enjoy :-)

  132. The hamster was the key to my success.

  133. OG Droid loves his booze.

  134. A little overboard…I think not :) 

    p.s. anything could have potentially gone horribly wrong with this picture 


  135. Sorry about the quality as I had to use the webcam from the laptop to get this image!  But, in keeping with the season…

  136. Phone balanced upside down on the strings of one of those string lamps.

  137. Alright, here it is!  My Mytouch 4G on top of our Christmas tree, now that was a hard balancing act to pull off.  

  138. Ginger Bread and Incredible with Phandroid on top! It doesn’t get any better then this!

  139. At my desk chair aloft my favorite tobacco pipe via the ever necessary pipe tamper. It’s smokin’. There are too many goods one here good luck guys!

  140. Best I could do with what I had at work!

  141. Here we go…

  142. Fail on the first post… Great

  143. LAME………….

  144. Phone and forks balanced off a toothpick balancing on the rim of a mug. then burned. <>

  145. Just brainy smurf talking on a ’90s era cell phone while balancing a nexus one.

  146. The correct term is “altered using Adobe(r) Photoshop(tm)”. They don’t like the term ‘photoshopped’.

    Also, can I GIMP it?

    1. you would have to use the term ‘gimped”

  147. Hope u enjoy my pics I think it would be funnie to take a stab at able no pun intended lmao

  148. Yup, I’ll beg.

  149. 2 HRS 14 MINUTES….My son was more excited than I was when we got it to stay….I think the phone is actually balancing the drumstick. Some really weird father son time….But thanks PHANDROID.

    Sorry these reposted I thought I was commenting on the originals:(

  150. Behold Sir Android!

  151. It took me forever to get it to stand on end, but i finally got it!!!! (no thanks to people calling me!!)

  152. Balanced a Lightsaber on my desk then balanced my Droid X2 ontop of it.  They fell a couple of times, but I was finally able to get it to stay up long enough for a couple photos.

  153. Just for the record I have to say that my son was the real trooper he picked that stupoid phone and drumstick up EVERY TIME it fell…..probably a hundred times and would not let me give up. THANX NOAH.

  154. Not as easy as it looks since the Thunderbolt does not have square edges.


  155. Sorry, had to use my HTC Magic as a cam. I was gonna the kid in the rockers seat, but the Aria almost fell n hit her on the head when I tried. Decided that might be a bad idea.. o_O

  156. My Submission: Samsung Nexus S balanced on top a card house, balanced on a scale. Sorry shit quality on the photo but, i have proof of scale, cards etc.

  157. Balancing my EVO on one of my old 5ft karate trophies

  158. I need an upgrade :)
    I drew an Android on a piece of cardboard and folded a flap up to balance the phone:

  159. ^ forgot the pic.

  160. Balancing a Dinc on the antenna and head.  Sign on the T-bolt.

  161. My Droid X on top of my mini Christmas tree. (taken with webcam)

  162. Best I could do here at work.  The idea is that Android > IOS


  163. Stormtrooper 2: This guy was suppose to bring balance to the Force?
    Stormtroooper 1: Shuddup ‘n’ use yer knees!

  164. took 43 tries but got it: OG Droid on top of my 10 year old pug’s head (Pugsley), with sign taped to his fur (kept falling off), and the phandroid app on.

    1. I was thinking of doing the same thing with my pug…I guess now I have to come up with something different.

  165. A light above a moat, pretty cheesy. Three pictures, my nexus one balanced on a light with the logo on the screen, the interaction between the phone and the light bulb, the paper moat below with gator Phandroid trail. I shared the album on Google+…

  166. Check it out. On the finger on the tree like its nbd. B)

    (well, sort of on the tree)

  167. My work: a Nexus S on a Bugdroid (on a DVD) on a tablet

    The photo is a little blurry, because it is a reflection in a mirror (the Nexus took the photo)

  168. Bull Terrier balancing act. =) This contest is the best so far! I love everybody’s entries.

    1. Your dog is MUCH more cooperative than mine was. They went running anytime I got near them with the phone. And then tried to eat it when I dropped it.

      1. Oh she tried to sit on it a few times.

    2. Uploading another photo from the sequence which shows more of her eyes.

  169. I was hungry and it was taking a long time to balance…

  170. Humm, I took the pic before reading the rules ! Hope my picture is original enough !

  171. My boy and I uscved his idea of cupstacking and my golf ball to balance our “home phone” the LG Vx 5500

  172. Business Card Android Tower!

    Better then first to post :D

    1. That’s ridiculously cool. I can’t even imagine doing that! I had a hard enough time balancing mine.

      1. It took me about 40 tries to get it to balance. Darn cards kept falling down as i got to the second layer. lol :p

  173. Incredible on cd on Windsor bottle on Windsor Bottle

  174. I just realized I forgot to include a sign that I made that has the Phandroid URL. I had to redo it all over again, but this is my official submission. Please disregard my first one.

    1. WINNER! Lots of Phandroid love! :p

      1. Thanks! I hope I win and all the screens with the Phandroid logo gets me extra brownie points. I really, really want the Galaxy Nexus!

    2. Clearly you don’t have enough phones and need to win this contest.

  175. Cant pu’t more effort in it because it’s to late here in Sweden! But I hope it’s enough :P 

  176. My Nexus S balancing on a laptop hardrive and its original packaging in front of my computer :) 

  177. You said on a pencil?  Hurry before it falls again!

  178. Electronics Tower…

  179. My Galaxy S II on a miniature stature I got from Brussels. I did this at around 5 am so sorry if it’s a bit rusty:)

  180. I hope this this speaks for itself.  And it had better be worth the $20 or so that I spent on all these desserts.  Fingers crossed…

    1. Drat. I had to do it again because I forgot the sign. Hopefully there are no penalties. This is my official entry. I can’t believe that I got it to stay together twice.  My fingers are pretty sticky now.

  181. My phone on my nose

  182. My bird dog is used to eating a treat of his nose.  Luckily my OG Droid didn’t smell good enough for him to take a bite!  I guess gingerbread isn’t his thing, maybe if it was an ice cream sandwich…

    Nose rigger

  184. Here is my submission:

    Order of items from bottom to top:
    – Ludwig Tom Drum
    – Sticky Note with logo
    – Ludwig Snare Drum Stand
    – Plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy (from my Johnny 2×4 Halloween costume)
    – Paper Clips
    – Tricky Triangle puzzle game
    – Portal 2
    – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    – IKEA container with only two remaining Tootsie Rolls in it
    – Hot Dog Buns
    – My pet bunny named Quail
    – Droid 2

    No pet bunnies were harmed in the making of this picture :)

    Here is a picture of the items lined up on the floor:

    ^ Quail was kissing the Phandroid! haha ^

    1. woah is that bunny real?

      1. Yes ma’am

        her name is Quail and I’ve had her for about 3 months
        She’s pretty good at sitting still haha

    2. I hope the level of difficulty and creativity with unique object selections is enough to help me win!

      That way Quail will know that her hard work didn’t go unnoticed :)

    3. Very creative. This contest is at least three kinds of awesome.

    4. if i dont win i hope you do. i died laughing when i saw your bunny up there

      1. lol, thanks man

  185. I just read the rule that it cannot be photoshopped…aw well..I’ll submit mine anyways.

  186. Here’s my entry i hope i win!

    1. G1 G2 and sidekick LX

  187. Galaxy Nexus would make great replacement for the sacrificial Droid. 

  188. Ah well, no photoshop eh? I’ll submit mine anyway.

  189. I hope I win! I’m still on the OG Droid. I also used to think OG stood for Old Gangster Droid.

  190. Here’s my entry. It is a can of CRT cleaner on top of my Mac, with a coster on it, with an ink pen on it, with my DX on top with bugdroid on top of that. THat’s not the real challenge. The real challenge is the picture on my monitor (also posted here by itself). It is four pieces of thread tied to my ceiling fan, holding wooden pot hold. On top of that is a coaster, with a m&m minis container on top, with a CD stack case on top, with a piece of a breast pump on top, with a bottle of medicine on top, with a marker on top, with my DX on top. The whole rig is supported only by the 4 pieces of string that go under (are not tied to) the wooden platform. Right as I went to take the picture, the phandroid sign fell. Immediately after I took the picture, the whole rig fell and my wooden platform and coast broke so I had to figure something else out. 

    PS. Had to use IMGUR as the pics were too big and you said not to use photoshop in any way. 

    Pic 1 >
    Pic 2 > a better shot of what’s on the monitor >

  191. Started with 4…Then 5…Then 6…Then I began to crap my pants because it was my buddy’s Evo 3D! #HardDriveMadness

  192. Some bottles, my anatomy flash cards, ping pong paddle, and Swiss Army knife!

  193. Droid Bionic balanced on a pen which is suspended and balanced (with some pressure bettween 2 computer screens. Text on phone says “Can your iPhone do this?”

  194. My EVO balancing on the top ornament on our tree! Hope you guys like it! BTW, this was not glued or altered in any way! It’s was legitely balanced on its own (yes it took hours to do haha). Hope I win!!

  195. So I decided to take the word balance and run with it.  I used a 10gram weight that was used for analytical balances in chemistry labs.  The top of it is about the size of the large end of a pin, and my droid 3 is perched on top.  I would have gotten better pictures, but my phone is my camera so this is pictures from my laptop haha.


    Risking my face for a chance for some Phandroid Goodness!!

  197. Dog with 80s coat on requests Galaxy Nexus entry b/c Motorola Dynatac 8000X cellular phone can’t access

    Full Image link here…I had to crop the original slightly to meet the size requirements of the image upload.  Please don’t count that as a photoshop :)

  198. Hanging out with a robot, lifted off by a pair of pliers. OG Droid.

  199. Soon…

  200. My Captivate balancing on top of an extra battery which is balancing on top of  my Samsung external battery charger.

  201. This one was a little more difficult than I thought, digging letters into the ground is hard! But anyways, the phone is free-balancing about 35 ft above the ground, yes I didn’t use a pencil, but at that height I wasn’t going to risk it.

    1. now that’s intense right there hehe

    2. Wow!

    3. If I don’t win, I hope you do. A for effort … :)

  202. this was alot harder to do than it looks.
    2 year old with Nexus One balanced on his head, whiles having him hold the pic in his hand then having to lean back to get snap the pic. 

  203. Ok this took me about 2 hrs to do! Yeah I know….. It wasn’t easy at all..hope you like it

    1. holy crap how the hell?? lol that’s crazy with a pointy tip, it really doesn’t look easy.

      1. Thanks it took me a while but finally got it.I was really hard to balance it on the thumbtack.

        1. Thumbtack(s)…still tricky, but misleading

    2. Is that one or two thumb tacks? The third photo looks like two.

      1. you have a point there… =[

    3. it is two .

  204. here is mine (broke my phone’s screen in the process) but i couldve seen that happening.

  205. Dell streak balanced on top of chapstick, upside down beer bottle and a lamp post.

    Living in a college dorm isn’t the most ideal of circumstances, neither is having the largest and heaviest phone available in the US -___-

    Anyhow, here is my entry. Merry Christmas!

    Note: Pictures were taken with an xbox live vision camera since I use my Streak as my daily shooter.

  206. Wiener dogs love Android.

  207. I’m a broke college student. hook me up


  209. Phandroid  alive and well in NYC
    (Yes…that’s my old Hero)

  210. I balanced my OG Droid on the tip of a model of the Eiffel Tower:

    This is less impressive but took longer(and is worse quality b/c it was my laptop camera, my camera is one of the phones propped up):

    1. Okay I did some more. I couldn’t get the Phandroid sign to balance with the phone so it’s not in the picture. During the process the phone sort of fell…it wasn’t pretty. On a related note, I really hope I win a Galaxy Nexus.

      Here are the pictures:

      I went back and took a picture with the Phandroid sign(top right corner). The phone isn’t in it. It’s no longer presentable:

  211. The HTC Shooter… Balancing on bullets. On a Transformer. On a swing. This took a while considering I couldn’t feel my fingers because of the cold.

  212. Handstand in the pool

  213. Looked through didn’t see my comment here it goes again. My droid x balanced on my charlie brown christmas tree! Picture taken with my moto xoom. Happy holidays everyone!!

  214. Two hours wasted at work….had to hit the shutter button with my tounge, lol

  215. My OG Droid on top of a grain bin, definitely unique setting.

  216. Duplicate

  217. The littlest Phandroid:

    OG Droid, balanced on my baby’s hand.

  218. My Verizon history stacked up…would like to put a galaxy nexus on the top of that tree (or under it for that matter…)

  219. Here is my entry: The Totem of Phandroid


    It was a lot of fun to make, and I’m really excited about
    it! As for balancing, it is definitely a balancing act, as it is far heavier on
    the top than the bottom, and at one point is only a single brick thick. I think
    it turned out pretty well, though. Can you spot all the Android references in
    it? (And yes, that is my Motorola Atrix sitting atop the totem)

    1. Very cool!

    2. this is sweet dude

    3. Awesome!

  220. In front of a stop sign, holding a sign that says PHANDROID.COM (with my user name on it), holding a kitchen spoon over my head, with my OG Droid balanced on the spoon (using the slide out keyboard), with one bare foot in the air, in the snow!!
    I broke my point and click doing this!!  So I had to make a ghetto tri-pod out of a folding chair, duct-tape, and cardboard, and then downloaded a camera app with a timer so that I could take this picture with my Bionic!

  221. ok, what we have here is a Motorola Droid X on a golf ball on a McDonald’s straw (in the McDonald’s cup) on a kids plate on a kids bowl on a bar stool with 4 legs which is balanced on 4 golf balls. Also, see pic in the back.
    The second pick was practice. Its Droid X on 2 golf balls on MCDonald’s straw. Moving that to bar stool proved impossible.

    1. oops forgot to upload second pic….oh well….wasn’t as good as this first one.

  222. Look at the crack in my Droid Inc. I definitely need a new phone. :)

  223. This is my Droid X which is soon to be my EX-phone even though its served me well Friday when the Galaxy Nexus comes out.

  224. Power of the Buddha, the FORCE and da lil homie….Is this what it takes to finally win!!!!!!!

  225. My Droid balanced on my Xoom (with the Phandroid logo displayed on it), with wireless headphones hanging on it, which is balanced on my Laptop, which is set on my Desktop (with headphones over top). It’s a pyramid of Technology! I also wrote Phandroid on paper in case the logo was not clear enough on the Xoom. (ps its not touching the desk next to it)

  226. Lego Monsters!

  227. Me, Balancing on a ball one footed while balancing a knife in my mouth with an original droid balanced on top

  228. It was scary trying to balance this.  I put my transformer and my s2 at risk to get this done!

    And yes those are boxes of my former phones! I would love that Nexus to add to the collection:)

  229. here is my ZTE Warp, balanced on an Ice Cream Sandwich, which is on a Gingerbread (man), which is on Frozen Yogurt

    1. Nice!  But where’s the honeycomb? :P

      1. I don’t have a tablet-yet!

  230. Hoping mine wins!!! gaze into the eyes of the zebra pencil!!!

    1. Nice touch to the idea of the competition!

    2. destroy Apple!

  231. It was hard trying to find a straw that would hold up the can and my HTC Thunderbolt…

  232. It took a few tries but I got my stormtrooper lego clock on top of the christmas tree and then my Motorola Atrix on top of it. I also put the phandroid text on a christmas ornament which is sitting in his hand.

  233. Not a brilliant picture (I didn’t have my phone to hand ;) ), but here’s my LG Optimus balanced atop… a drawing pin!

  234. iPhone on top of a 30-30 round on top of a pool rack.
    iPhone ontop of a bullet because Im planing on getting the galaxy nexus when it comes out and it will be dead to me.

  235. I didn’t keep track, but I know it was way more than 5 min.

  236. My precious Droid Charge

  237. My G2 situated atop a couple of Netflix DVDs

  238. My OG DROID balanced on his paws!


    1. history textbook
    2. 7th harry potter book
    3. 6th harry potter book
    4. 1st rubiks cube
    5. 2nd rubiks cube
    6. 3rd rubiks cube with no stickers
    7. droid 3

    that took a loooong time and managed to have it stay for a minute

  240. Here is my Motorola Atrix 2 balanced on the top of my mandolin, since hearing that I’m the winner will be music to my ears.

  241. Here is my entry, OG Droid and BB Torch balanced, picture taken with another OG Droid.

  242. First trick was balancing the pencil on my Transformer, the second was balancing my Captivate on the pencil.  Ok, so maybe the pencil wasn’t sharpened yet, but the eraser was already a little worn and rounded.  That made the task simply difficult rather than impossible. ;)

  243. Here is my Vibrant balancing on my sister’s orchestra trophy

  244. Thunderbolt in house of cards.  #pleasenoonetextmepleasenoonetextme.  Collapsed seconds after taking this.   

  245. Tbolt and Xoom. I hope you like. By the way the cushions are not holding anything. It just looks that way.

  246. Took me a few attempts to get this set up with my htc touch diamond, as my puppy enjoyed pretending she was godzilla and that was a skyscraper.

  247. My Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch balanced on a 50 caliber bullet from several angles.  Sheesh!  Slippery things are hard to balance!  Trying to balance on a point contact is especially rough, but well worth a Kindle Fire and a Galaxy Nexus!!!  After snapping a few pics, I giggled and it all came crashing down.  Needless to say, I could really use that Galaxy Nexus right about now… :D

    Thanks for doing all of these awesome contests!!!

  248. Inspire balanced on my finger – the most random item I could find.

  249. Droid X and the World Of Tomorrow!

  250. Mom’s Friendly Robot Company brings you the perfect balance of technology and innovation!

  251. Droid X and the World Of Tomorrow!

    1. Ok – so Chrome seems to be having a mind of its own when it comes to uploading pix via Discus! I really wish there was a way to delete a post :) Oh well, I’m human (until the votes are recounted, anyway) hehe

  252. Tried my dogs heads but they wouldn’t sit still, so I came up with this instead. It’s my cookie jar. Threw in my old Nexus One as well.

  253. Happy Holidroid!

  254. I had it balancing on the blade, but of course it fell before I could get a picture =/

  255. Captivate Glide, candy canes and an Inspire Faux G for the logo

  256. My Evo balanced on my office phone, which is balanced on my Canon XL2

  257. Gingerbread phone on gingerbread Bow with a gingerbread man ornament holding the sign. Enjoy the star on the tree!

  258. My G2 situated atop a house of cards!

  259. Bow down to our future Cubebot overlords.

  260. Mac ($1500) + FPLC ($20000) + Land Corded Phone ($15) + BLACKBERRY($150)+ Ni Column (100) + WINDOWS Laptop from dell ($500) + Cart ($30) + picture of print out of phandroid in bb screen ($1)  + 64gig classic ipod ($200)=  $22,495

    Taking the picture of the all devises that equal a galaxy nexus in 1 shot, at work, while celebrating Ravens sweeping the steelers, with the my XOOM tablet(the first honey comb devise), downloading that pic from googe+ and winning me the first ice devise = priceless.  
     ANDROID dont leave home with out it  

  261. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuhh…Batmaaaaaan!

    anyways, this is my submission: my g1 (yes, I am proudly rocking the real OG…though, i can REALLY use an upgrade *cough Galaxy nexus *cough) balancing on a homemade batarang.  (Two pics to show you just how thin it is)

    P.S. Although I had loads of fun setting this up phandroid, just gotta say…in a world where people (especially us) rely more and more on their smartphones for everything…well…let’s just say it took me a while to find a camera to take a picture of my phone…hehe.

  262. My LG Optimus M (You can see why I want the Nexus) balanced on top of a trophy, on top of an almanac infested with a Domo-zilla, with a defeated iPhone 3GS at the bottom.

  263. HTC Desire on a Xoom.

  264.  I stacked my OG Droid on:
    2 blackberry storm boxes
    1 lg dare box
    Motorola V220
    Motorola V60t Color
    Motorola V120t
    Nokia 5165
    Nokia 3360
    Motorola V180
    Audiovox CDM8600
    LG Dare
    Blackberry Storm

    At first I couldnt get it to stay but when I opened the keyboard it was very stable. It stayed like that for about 5 minutes until I got up and accidentally kicked the table.

  265. If the Blackberry Curve doesn’t get your sympathy, I am balancing it on wood screw sitting on a wooden block and broken ceramic sugar jar.

  266. Hey…athletes can be geeks too.  Love ya, Phandroid.  And yes, that’s permanent marker – couldn’t find anything else.  

  267. Droid Razr (my first smartphone!) + raw egg + hippo bank.. I’m hoping to exchange it for the GNexus when it comes out, but I accidentally dented the Razr slightly so who knows :( Either way, I promised my mom I’d buy her a Galaxy Nexus as her first smartphone, so I’ll just pretend a raw egg is more exciting than everything else so far :<

  268. Well… I had more levels planned with a Buddha, pens and bucky balls envisioned, but the sunset was much nicer!

    1. Nice sunset… you just need a couple of Coronas.  Where is that?

  269. Where did my post go???

  270. My DX on top of my daughter’s crayon. 

  271. Don’t breathe!!! See if you can “match” this one!

  272. The closest my Samsung Moment will ever get to Ice Cream Sandwich. This entry is a win even if I don’t get the prizes, someone had to eat the prop.

  273. Here is my submission. Our homemade lava rock Temple to Technology at Kaloli point on the Big Island.

  274. dollars stack

  275. Old school meets new school. Droid X2 and my turntable.

  276. 2 i*hones in a trashcan holding up my DX! 

  277. My first Nexus phone balanced on my first dice set.

  278. my captivate glide balanced on a bow with my hp touchpad with cm7A3…happy holidroid!!!!

  279. EVO 3D, balanced on a beer bottle, you can see the bottle is
    still full. Images were taken with an LG-Slate.

    Unfortunately, I had to stop drinking my beer to do this.

  280. here is my entry, “Do the Phandroid Laugh”

  281. I hope people are realizing that sticking a screw driver in the USB slot is NOT balancing!! Its phone abuse! lol

  282. Happy Holidays :)

    1. Nexus S on top of my Christmas tree, have more pics if you need ’em :)

  283. Thunderbolt spinning around the room. I took a video to prove that the fan was on. The video is short because the first time I tried, it took too long. The fan picked up too much speed and threw my phone at the wall before i even started the video.

  284. Had fun with this challenge! I have cups stacked on top of each other with a ukulele balancing on top of those and my Vibrant balanced at the very top on the ukulele. This entire thing was 5′ 7″. Hope I win! 


    Samsung Replenish balanced on a Droid Pro. That’s right…a phone on a phone.

    I’m like inception, I play with your brain.

    (Yeah, yeah…somebody has already done this, and with more devices).

  286. Keeping it simple

    1. I noticed that my Pic links didnt all show earlier so reposting
      Wide shot 1 (To the Beach)
      Wide shot2
      Wide Shot3
      Close up 1
      Close up 2
      Close Up 3
      Phones screenshot (map of Panama City Beach, FL)

  287. Nexus One, balanced on a Triangle Rubiks Cube. Image taken
    with an LG-Slate.

  288. My Galaxy S balanced atop a tower of my kid’s blocks. Yay. This wasn’t as easy as it looks, since the blocks are very squishy, and it took longer than I care to admit (15mins) to get it stable enough to take a pic without fear of it falling over.

    The picture below hasn’t been modified in any way except to crop out some crap on my desktop, and to downsize it from 5MB to something more reasonable. (If I were to shop/gimp it, I’d make the Phandroid sign pop out a little more.)

    1. Well, you probably would have won, except for the bit about the missing number 7.

      1. Hah. It wasn’t stable with all 10 blocks. And besides, the rules state that they’re *randomly* choosing an entry from a hopefully-large pool of the one’s they sortof like. They’re not just picking a favorite (though, if I had to pick a fav, it’s the guy who perched his on top of the house, with phandroid-shaped holes dug into the ground in the background below it. :)

        1. Took me like three hours to do haha.

        2. You could have used the 7 instead of the 8. But anyway, yeah, just kidding, and I liked the house one too.

  289. (This is the image for the contest) This is a picture taken last year. We were at the park playing basketball and enjoying the nice day and I had taken this picture of my friends playing basketball. This was the more rare, weird, and funny pictures I had ever taken. 

    Then there’s a picture of my new HTC Thunderbolt on top of a flash light.

    Enjoy it guys!

  290. Anybody done golf balls yet???

    1. Main photo count?

  291. The T-Mobile G1…the first Android phone…and still my active phone…balanced on a pencil.

    1. Early attempt….when cell phone balancing goes bad.

      (G1 falls, bounces on and off table, falls to hard wood floor below and ends up like this.)

  292. Galaxy Nexus* —-> on my OG Droid —–> on my Droid Bionic. 

    * = I wish

  293. This was hard because the phone was balanced on a thin curved area of a swiveling mirror, and at the top thin edges of two figurines (one which was broken while trying to set this up) on the thin edge of the phone. This took forever, RIP to Spiderman (too broken to use again) Wolverine and Captain America. Hope this was worth it. 

  294. It only fell a couple times, and despite the protests of my girlfriend and her mom, I did not fall off of the ladder, even once, while getting this photo. This is my Motorola Droid, on top of our 7′ Christmas Tree… a true Holidroid.

  295. The Benchmarking Software is finally here! Good luck everyone :)

  296. my first g1 on a bowling pin on a glass object on my flat screen monitor! Plz let me win! i want to win!!!

  297. OG Driod hangin’ 10 playing Jenga…life’s good

  298. My Phone Balanced On A BEAD.

  299. Using a combination of pennies, a dime and the calibrator tool (taking advantage of those sensors) I balanced this on the edge of a stick.

    If you’re curious, that’s a boat made out of diet pepsi cans (a gift from family).

  300. Happy Lego/Holidroid; the star of my lego Christmas tree my Droid X2

  301. Balanced my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on an exacto-knife blade #23… That took a good minute lol.

  302. Aaargh! Walk the plank! Andy’s in a bit of a jam. What will he do?

    Sharks and the sea below, with nothing but a wooden plank, he’s doomed~

    Two OG Epics with Androidify~! :D

    (Sorry, had to take it with a crappy camera :/)

  303. My T-Bolt, brought to you by a 4 month old with a cold……

  304. I present the best balancing act by Mike dg, I call it “Phandroids bowing down at the altar of Android”

    My favorite pic is attached to the post.

    The rest of the pictures including 2 first attempts:

    Got an Evo 3D or Optimus 3D? check out the 3D pics.. oooh vertigo! 

    Video walk around so you know I’m not trying to be sneaky:
    The deconstruction video:

  305. Sorry meant to add these pics as well… Hope it still counts : ) Galaxy S2 skyrocket balanced on an exacto-knife #23 blade.

  306. This was harder than it looks! I risked everything to enter and hopefully win! Not only did I have to make sure my manager was busy (as in a complex meeting in the restroom) I had to also work fast before customers came in (Mission Complete)! Here is my phone balanced on a pc monitor in the best store in the world…. The Shack!!!

  307. Hopefully this works:

    It is to my Google+ account and it is the first post to Public so all can see it.  Maybe publicity will get a bonus on this contest? perhaps?  See my work of balanced art.

  308. OG droid on top of castle of cards and balancing on top of the nail. Took me several times to get it since it would fall fast. Little brother wanted to be in it so we added the toy on the left.

    Good luck to every one!!!

  309. OG Droid balanced on a coaster which is balanced on the top of our 6 1/2 ft Christmas tree!!

      1. Sorry, pic didn’t attach the first time.

  310. hope I win!!! 

  311. Luckily, (almost) no glassware was harmed in the making of this image… I can’t say the same for the iphone..

  312. 4 chairs! 1 dog! 1 sign! 1 phone! 1 sombrero! arriba arriba!  

  313. DInc on top of a real ice cream sandwich on top of my one-antennaed Andy. Was it messy? Yes, yes it was…. I had to do this extremely quick because the sandwich was melting really quickly. (No ice cream sandwiches were wasted in the making of this pic. I ate it afterwards.)

  314. CRAP I forgot the sign, new link!:

    As much as I like your guys’ balancing acts, I thought more among these lines:

     “I never thought it was such a bad little tree,”  “It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”

    1. It won’t let me edit the picture out on the previous post, so here’s the addendum.

  315. This was harder than it looks. CD cases then 4 golf tees then 1 playing card then 3 more tees then my HTC Eris.                 Don’t try this at home kids    : )

  316. OG Droid on Pregnant Wife…Lesson learned:  don’t ask a pregnant woman to hold her breath…

  317. Happy Holidroid!!!!

  318. The Galaxy Nexus has Android Beam! 
    My Nexus One keeps it real, old school, Missionary. 

  319. So a beaver, a platypus and a monkey go shopping for a phone…

    That’s an original Droid on a Galaxy Tab 10.1.

    On a platypus.

    Right before it all came falling down.

  320. Androids and Indians (and TMNT)

  321. Here’s mine! Hey they asked for beer bottles, right?

    1. oops they asked for cards and pencils I’m dumb!

  322. I have a broom hanging from a celling fan and a broom proped up on a chair each holding one end of a shoe string which the phone is balancing on like a hammock.
          Phone is a galaxy s2 skyrocket.

  323. ignore this comment… for some reason the picture wasn’t added properly.

    (re-posted with picture afterward)

  324. I balanced my phone (displaying the Phandroid web page) on the head of My 140lb. Great Dane.  Her name is “Halo” and trust me, this was NOT an easy photo to get.  It took several attempts!

    Long live Phandroid!

  325. I never win, but here goes nothing

  326. When you gotta go, you gotta go…

  327. In order bottom to top and left to right.

    Asus Transformer, Droid3, SGS VZW Fascinate (Running AOSP ICS) and
    (POS) Craig CMP738a with another Droid3 on top.

  328. I tried to post this, but it didn’t show my picture.  I went to refresh the page, and I couldn’t find my comment, so I apologize if this is a double post.

    My Droid Incredible is being balanced on top of the star of my Christmas tree and I use straws for structural support for my sign.

    P.S. sorry for the poor picture quality.  My Droid Incredible IS my camera, so this was taken with my laptop webcam…

  329. Balancing things is fun! and difficult!!! Geez!
    What you have here is me, posing as a busy “waiter” balancing an artist figure model portrayed as a busy waiter balancing a tray of food in one arm and my samsung galaxy indulge android phone on his head, while sporting his waiter’s towel on his other arm and with one leg in the air, all the while with me holding a light-up cup atop which the stick-figure is balancing, and holding a serving of sliced bread in the other hand, with a MID tablet held between my teeth showing the phandroid logo, with another phandroid logo taped on my shirt, with one of my legs also in the air!
    … … Recursion is fun, ain’t it?!?
    (yeah, re-read that once or twice! :D)

    pictures taken by my (very freaked-out) girlfriend at different angles racing to snap as many shots as possible before the whole thing comes falling down! :)

    All pics taken on my laptop, and uploaded without any touch-ups, not even cropping to remove all the crazy kitchen stuff you might see at the edge of the pics.

    –if you’re planning on doing this, make sure you have something soft underneath so your stuff won’t break. ( I used an exercise mat)

    Also uploaded on imageshack for redundancy:

    p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

    1. This > penny lol. Hope you win man

  330. Phandroid: Unwrap a Bottle ‘o Fun. Coketower Thunderbolt.

    1. ^^ Only 2 broken bottles in the process (hence the move to the rug).

  331. My wife had a bag of apples. I got the idea of “Samsung over Apple or Android over Apple” The first trick was going through ALL the apples to try to get my phone to balance on it. Then I had to go cut the chunk out of it, bring it to my computer so I could take the pic, then balance it again. Took about an hour and a half to get it all done. The first pic is trying to show a photo of Andy. I knocked it off when trying to move it for the 2nd pic.

    I really want that Galaxy Nexus!

  332. Here is my Droid balanced on a red crayon. I tried to balance it on the blue crayon the Phandroid sign was made with but couldn’t. So, had to settle for red.

  333. check this one out people! :)
    here’s my incredible balancing on my finger, but with a twist..  :)
    2 slightly different shots
    – one that better shows the phone,
    – the other better shows that it’s floating

  334. I opted for the pencil, and yes that is a BB.  All the more reason I need to win!!!

  335. Half-drunk bottle of wine, iPad 1, Epic 4G, Elmer’s gluestick and my Nexus One on top. We’re now finishing the bottle. :)

  336. A salute to phandroid and the USA!!

  337. 12 inch drill bit extender…

  338. My entry into this awesome contest! My kids were excited and wanted to help.
    Here are a few more shots.

    p.s. Of course, right on cue… after the last snap, it came crashing down. Phone unharmed.

  339. Droid Inc on some Bucky Balls.

  340. not super creative but festive my phone on my Christmas tree with phandroid on the screen

  341. OG Droid balance on a coaster which is balanced on top of our 6 1/2 ft. Christmas tree!!

  342. Please disregard this picture and look at my next one!!! I know… epic fail.

  343. Droid X on atop a Duplo tower.