Dec 7th, 2011

Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam spoke at the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference this week and he touched on the annoyance that is their family plan data structure. As it stands, each line under a family plan maintains their own data plans.

One might have 10GB of data while the other line may have 2GB, both having to pay their respective amounts. Some people would be quite alright just sharing data but it is not currently possible.

Fortunately for us, McAdam says Verizon has been working on the issue for a couple of years and may be ready to introduce it sometime in 2012. Of course, without the option of unlimited data for those who aren’t grandfathered shared data might become a problem for some accounts.

Trying to share 2GB of data between two or more lines might prove to be worrisome for everyone involved as you’d approach overage charges in the blink of an eye depending on usage.

Even having a 10GB plan might not be great if you have two or more lines under one account. Of course, no details were given on how all of this would work for both tiered users and current grandfathered unlimited users. We’ll just wait patiently for all of this to go down when the time comes. [Fierce]

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