Brothers In Arms 2 Now Available For Free In The Android Market


Gameloft, the mobile gaming guru’s with a cloud locker full of triple-A titles for Android, has finally brought another of their hits to the Android Market. Brothers in Arms was just made available today and guess what? It wont cost you a cent. That’s right, you can now battle it out in some of the most intense battlefields WWII had to offer and all for FREE.

Brothers in Arms 2 is a WWII based first person shooter offering both a story mode for single player combat or 5 player multiplayer for battling it out with friends online. As you make your way through the game, you can build up, customize and unlock new weapons for your character by gaining experience as you play.

We wished it happened more often — or simply that Gameloft would bring ALL of their titles to the Android Market but it’s hard to complain when they make a great game like BIA2 completely free to download. Hit up the Market link below and get shooting.

[Market Link | Via Droidgamers]

Chris Chavez
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  1. The game looks nice, but what does this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus? ;)

  2. Great, it’s “HD” but I can’t even download it on my Transformer

    1. Nor the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Excellent!

      1. @lav0c:disqus #AndroidProblems

    2. That’s because Gameloft doesn’t seem think think the Transformer is worth developing for… Why, I have no idea, but they’ve had MONTHS to develop a single game for it, and they haven’t bothered.  Others have managed to install non-transformer versions on the transformer and it works just fine it seems. Go figure.   (Note: I also have, and love my Transformer, just wish Gameloft would get with the tablet program).

  3. this game is bad ass.

  4. Not compatible with S4G

  5. Won’t even let me download Acer iconia tab a100

    1. side load it.

  6. awesome.. too bad it doesnt work on the touchpad

  7. not compatible with sony X10

  8. can’t download it on the new HTC Rezound…grrr

  9. So apparently FREE means DON’T WORK?!

    got it

  10. works on sgs2i777

  11. Doesn’t Work on droid razr. BOOOOOOOOOOOO

  12. pretty cool… no cod, but it will help when im not home and bored… sgs2 epic

  13. Only for dual core! Lame because I’m stuck with one.

  14. Incompatible with all of my devices; Transformer, Captivate, Nook Color

  15. Work great on HTC Sensation 4G

    1. I’ll be damned, something works on this thing?! Well hell i’m going to download this one right now! Finally this phone can do something besides play angry birds and crash.

      1. mmm works pretty good.

  16. Doesn’t work on the SGS2 Skyrocket either.

  17. not compatible with my Atrix 2 :( wtf gameloft?

  18. Works great on Motorola droid global.

  19. Not supported for the RAZR??? Really?!?

  20. Works on HTC sensation XE =)

  21. Not compatible with HTC Rezound??? That’s sum bullsh*t…

  22. If it’s gonna be HD at least make it compatible for HD devices…

  23. The story is titled Brothers “and” Arms 2 lol.

    Game works perfect on my Samsung Tab 10.1 wi-fi, DL’d it on my Samsung Epic 4G and it works fine too.  Not sure where I was supposed to get an “unsupported device” error,

  24. dinc2 works well, fun game

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