Verizon Indirect Retailers Receiving Galaxy Nexus Training Materials


Things are finally starting to look up. After hearing from our source that 12/9 was a good date to hold on to and after seeing that some units are already set to arrive at stores any day now, we’re getting a look at the training document that Verizon’s indirect retailers are starting to receive. There’s nothing overly juicy here that we haven’t already known but it’s just comforting knowing that Verizon’s preparations are finally almost complete. Take a look at the rest of the slides at the source link if you care to. [Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. finally

    1. Seriously… don’t hold your breath. People around here have been saying “finally” for the past 3 months.

      1. true….. oh well, one can just keep a positive attitude :P my money is readyyyyy

      2. 3 months?  really?  The phone was only announced less than two months ago in October.

        1. Really… because the announcement of the delayed announcement was in September.

          Edit: Not even to mention all the rumors/speculation/”leaks” prior to that announcement of an announcement.

          1. when you base all your hopes on rumors/speculation/”leaks” you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.  anyone saying finally for the last 3 months is pretty much an idiot.

          2. Right… considering every other Nexus announcement actually gave a release date, and long before that Eric Shmidt pegged an October/November release… stupid idiots and their damn history based speculation.

  2. oyeahhhh!! it says on there that its 32GB so hopefully that model will only be $299. (only seeing as the iphone 32GB is $399)

    1. But I think that’s the only model they’re getting, the 32GB one.

      1. Oh I would love that! I imagined the 16GB one would be $299 and the 32GB would be $349 or $399. If the 16GB model were $249 I imagine there would be a lot of happy folks too.

        I filled up my 16 GB SD Card and started crewing at the internal memory a bit, so I would like the larger version :) Yay for lots of movies and music!

    2. iphone 32gig is $299 as well, just fyi.

    3. I hope there’s a 16GB version available on day 1 as well.  I have no need for the 32GB model.

  3. This will be useful when the phone comes out next month.

  4. I can’t wait…

  5. cant start hangouts. Sadface.

  6. Sorry I RARELY do this but… RANT (and farewell letter):
    Google Wallet WONT work with a NEXUS phone because Verizon is developing its own wallet system? THOSE DOUCHE BAGS!

    $300 – the phone didn’t get THAT much praise, the OS did. (I know the price will drop but after 15 years I can’t even get a discount!?)

    I’ll wait until a vanilla ICS arrives on ToMo. Fifteen long years & I’m letting Verizon go. Good day my friend, without a doubt your had the best service. To all of you who buy your Nexus, I’m already envious. But Verizon has grown into an obnoxious behemoth.

    1. Every company wants to be the star of attention…

    2. You can always root it to get it on. Having a stock android phone, rooting is pretty much a given anyway.

    3. Verizon to T-Mobile is quite the leap…I hope you have good coverage where you live…

      I urge you to look at coverage maps of all the carriers first and maybe talk to customers at your workplace an in your neighborhood to judge how your experience might be…I know my University (20,000 undergrads, so not tiny) lacks decent T-Mo coverage and Sprint doesn’t penetrate some buildings, while Verizon and AT&T are good, so a lot of students I know switched to T-Mo and regret it after they realize that they can’t text or receive texts on most of campus…of course that’s just my part of LA County

  7. I’m just getting ready for everyone to scream foul when Verizon locks the bootloader. C’mon you KNOW its going to happen.

  8. If it was releasing this friday we would have heard something official by now. My buddy at VZ still says it won’t happen, everyone of his VZ friends thinks it will be next week, so don’t get your hopes up again. He says if they were releasing it this week, it would be in their system, and they would have been told about it by now. He says that if their is no official announcement by tomorrow, with out a doubt it won’t be releasing this week.

  9. at this rate my NS4G will have ICS before this phone comes out

  10. Any word on what “indirect retailers” will carry this?  I hope Amazon is among them for selfish reasons…

  11. its bs that google wallet isnt gonna work on a damn google phone….wth is google thinking letting the carrier bully them. stg, if i didnt get 32Mbps on speed test the other day, i would have been dropped verizon already.  we should start a petition cuz no google wallet is bs, unless im trippin and its just an unconfirmed rumor, which i hope  it is. good day androids!

    1. sideload that sumummabeeyach

  12. Google and Verizon are both acting like this is some secret agent 007 device just release it already that way other phones can start getting ICS OTA updates! I for one will not be buying this phone I am not a Samsung fan I am waiting for that nice little hour glass HTC Quad-Core phone to arrive on Sprint!! :D

  13. That’s right, you mother f*cker.

    1. Tellem’ why you mad son! lol

  14. I just got to see the dummy phone at Costco, and she said they were expecting it between the 9th and the 11th. The phone wasn’t nearly as plasticky as I was expecting, much better than the other Galaxy phones which was a huge relief for me. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that this is the phone for me.

    1. Pics or it never happened (as much as I’d like to believe you… it has come to the point where picture proof is needed to believe anyone anymore RE the nexus )

      1. Haha, I actually forgot that was a thing, I haven’t been commenting on things much recently, I didn’t even think to take a picture. But it definitely happened, I promise. I have no reason to make this up. I was so pissed that this phone was going to be plasticky and cheap like the other galaxy phones and I was giddy with excitement when I actually held it. It’s certainly plastic but not nearly as cheap feeling as the other Samsung phones. Anyone here with a Costco membership should go see if their’s has it. 

        1. I’ll be going in the next few days… Will definitely stop by and take a look. Those reps can be very annoying sometimes! Will have to pick their brain and see how much/little they know about the gnex 

          Thanks for the tip! 

          1. Make sure you ask them about seeing it. It wasn’t out for display when I went. I saw it sitting on the back of the counter and was like WHAT?! Is that real? Let me see that… NOW! They let me see it:)

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