White Galaxy S II Skyrock Landing at AT&T Dec. 4


Dreaming of a white Christmas? How about a white Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket? AT&T is getting in the holiday spirit with a new deco for their LTE-enabled handset. The all-white Skyrocket doesn’t change any of the features of it’s darker counterpart, and with that pricing remains the same at $249 on a two-year contract. Just don’t go dropping this one in the snow.

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  1. That sure is purty…too bad i have no options on VZW!

  2. I had this phone for a week and HATED it. Terrible battery life, that was the worst thing. It’s also extremely light, I actually like holding a more substantial phone. Also had some problems loading webpages even when under 4g/4gLTE

  3. Quite an interesting looking phone

  4. @ mark. Get the htc. It’s a lot heavier. I still like the white version. I wish it was the hd version of sgsll. Also will ATT copy verizon on the double the data with purchase of LTE phone at no charged?

  5. Galaxy S II Skyrock….et?

  6. Bacon.

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