Nov 30th, 2011

Trevor Eckhart, the soul who has taken it upon himself to expose CarrierIQ and the carriers who use them, has recently published a video showing what exactly is going on inside your ROM when Carrier IQ is enabled.

He shows a number of different things, including how keystrokes on external buttons are recorded, how keystrokes on the dialer are recorded, how outgoing (and maybe even incoming) text messages are captured and even how CIQ can see what you’re doing in your browser on a secured session. It’s all pretty alarming, actually.

This type of service, in my opinion, stretches far beyond the boundaries of privacy, especially considering the common user has no clue that any of this is going down. And even if they did know, it’s still alarming just how much information it collects.

Check out the video above and let’s hope this is the beginning we need to get carriers and OEMs that are using Carrier IQ to stop putting it inside of their devices. The video’s above (it’s a lengthy 17 minutes, but well worth it if you have been curious about this subject).

If you want to know if your phone has this software, Trevor has created a nice application called Logging Checker that checks to see if you’re subject to such intrusive practices. If you are, most ROM developers have caught on and have given the community ROMs without this filth built in. Be sure to check your favorite development forum for your phone.