Nov 29th, 2011

Earlier today we told you about Lenovo’s new line of Android powered smartphones and tablets and now we’ve learned that the Chinese company is planning on getting into the smart TV business with a new line of “ideaTV’s” that will launch early next year. Although Google TV was never specifically mentioned, Lenovo did make it point to say the televisions would offer connectivity with their new line of Android powered devices. This leaves Google TV as the most logical choice as an OS for this new line.

Google TV didn’t have the greatest year in 2011 and left a bad taste in the mouth of manufacturers like Logitech and Sony who reported less than stellar sales on their initial (and most likely last) offerings. Now that GTV is maturing a bit with the inclusion of the Android Market, I think we’ll begin to see other big name manufacturers like LG give it a go next year. I still very much believe in Google TV and let’s hope 2012 brings more luck for the platform and her OEM’s.

[Via GTVSource]

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