The Lenovo Tab Plus is a tablet for those who care about their sound


We all use our tablets in different ways. Some might use it for work or school to take notes and access specialized software. Some might use it for art and design purposes to draw, create renders, and more. Others might use it as a multimedia device to watch their shows and listen to their music. If you’re in the latter camp, the new Lenovo Tab Plus could be for you.

The Lenovo Tab Plus is the latest tablet from the company. For the most part, it is quite a typical Android tablet. The main selling point here would be its speakers. Now, Apple’s iPad Pro tablets come with some pretty great-sounding speakers, but Lenovo’s new tablet could give it some competition.

The company has equipped the Tab Plus with a whopping eight speakers that they claim are tuned by JBL. These speakers include four “matrix tweeters” and four woofers. In fact, the woofers are so huge that the tablet isn’t actually flat but has a slight bump on the back to accommodate some of the speakers.

According to Lenovo, the speakers are capable of producing up to 26W of audio, which is pretty damn loud! Users can also connect their phones to the speakers, which means that the tablet can double up as a set of Bluetooth speakers for phones.

As for the rest of the specs, the Lenovo Tab Plus features an 11.5-inch display with a 2000×1200 resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. It is powered by MediaTek’s G99 chipset and is accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. It packs an 8,600mAh battery with support for 45W charging. The tablet is priced starting at $289 which is honestly quite decent and is available for purchase starting today.

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