Amazon Kindle Fire Update Version 6.2 Now Available For Download


Amazon has made available the 6.2 update for the Kindle Fire today via their site. While no specific changelog was given, users who have already downloaded and applied the update have been reporting more responsive buttons and all around smoother UI. Oh yeah, and if you’re rooted, the update will in fact remove root from the device but getting it back is just as easy using the SuperOneClick method you used to root it the first time. Hit the Amazon download link here for full instructions on how to apply the update and let us know if you guys notice any other changes. Cheers.

[AndroidPolice via Liliputing]

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  1. Yeah it did remove my root and erased my android market app, but it was fairly easy to get back!

    1. Thanks, for the comment! :)

      1. No worries, my pleasure!

  2. Happy to year they are not fighting the rooters that much. :)

  3. Maybe I’m missing something…but how the HECK are they on version 6.2 already!? 0.o

    1. I was wondering the same exact thing.

  4. Nice to see amazon already sending an update!!!  hopef

  5. ully they keep it updated for a least a year or so.

  6. I pre-ordered the Fire weeks in advance, and received it as soon as Amazon would ship it to me. It already has 6.2. Unless it auto-updated when I wasn’t looking, mine must have shipped with this update already installed. Wonder why some did and some didn’t?

    1. The reason for that is because the Kindle Fire automatically updates over Wi-Fi like you stated in your comment. I was surprised when mine said 6.2 yesterday as well. Then, with some critical thinking, I came to the conclusion that it must auto update haha!

  7. Does seem smoother and faster after the update. Thanks Amazon.

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