Late Night Holidroid Contest: 30 Minutes, 3 Prizes!


Hey night owls: It’s another late night “Happy Holidroid” Contest and we’ve got three prizes up for grabs.

We’re going to start mixing it up a bit the rest of the week with entry methods and time of posting… so keep your eye on Phandroid during the day… and for Galaxy Nexus or Nexii or what have you. But for now, goodluck winning tonight!

If you haven’t been paying attention, we’re giving away a Kindle Fire every single day from now through December 25th, along with a ton of other great stuff, so make sure you check Phandroid every day for the chance to win! Check out the complete rules here.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in today’s contest:

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones. Check them all out here!

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

Everyone who comments on this post by 11:59pm Eastern time will be randomly entered to win. For complete rules/regulations, please visit  our original Happy Holidroid Contest post… Good luck!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. hey

    1. beat ya lolol good luck

      1. haha I thought i was first too… i was 18!!  Good luck everyone!!

        1. im the first post  and yet i win nothing haha

          1. How do you know you didn’t win?

          2. i dunno its one in a quadrillion for me to win been trying every day been the first a couple of times or near the first

  2. woohoo

  3. Please, please pick me. I’ve been trying so hard.

  4. first

  5. (/’-‘)/ Hope I win! Good luck to all who enter. (‘-‘)

  6. i hope i win god damiti every night i try

  7. Hope I win!

  8. I would like to win this please! :)

  9. **duplicate, comment system sucks

  10. Nice… sorry for the other post; nothing showed up after I entered this one.

    Good luck to everyone!

  11. yo im here put me in 

  12. finally! been waiting all day!

  13. This is my comment. hope it wins. sometimes it pays off to sit here for 5 hours hitting F5.

  14. Me, please!

  15. HERE I AM!!!! MADE IT!!

  16. ive been waiting all day…..please pleasae please let me get this one!!!!!!!!!

  17. FIRST?

  18. Merry Christmas!

  19. Hey!!!

  20. soooo tired lol…

  21. comment

  22. first

  23. Count me in

  24. Woohoo hopefully I can finally win one of these contests lol.

  25. Woot woot!

  26. first? Looks like no…

  27. Here we go I hope I win!

  28. I hope I can win!



    Actually, I’m 17. Can a parent take the prize? Crap.

  30. Win baby WIN!

  31. Hola =)

  32. (not even close to) First!

  33. lol. Lots of questionable firsts. awesome!

  34. first? probably not

  35. Would love to win some cool Christmas gadgets!

  36. Could it be first?

  37. winner winner chicken dinner :D

  38. Loving this contest so far, as in its creativity.

  39. Pick me please!

  40. I’m In it to Win it.

  41. enter me please

  42. Im here

  43. Come on..pick me

  44. YAY

  45. Sign me up!

  46. HOPE I WIN!!!!!

  47. Pick me!

  48. And I’m entered… Thanks again, phandroid for this awesome contest

  49. I’m in!

  50. Enter me!

  51. I stayed up late again and would you look at that.

  52. DOPE!

  53. Go Blue!!  Denard Robinson for Heisman!!

  54. Heyo. I’d like to win!

  55. Nice, for us later nighers!
    Thanks for all your prizes guys.

  56. I like these short times so the people who enter have beter odds!

  57. HERE I AM MADE IT!!!!

  58. BACON!!!

  59. this contest is the jam!

  60. enter me

  61. Here is my entry…

  62. Lovin the contest good luck everyone!

  63. did I win?

  64. Here is my attempt, never done this, so hopefully I’ll win something.

  65. PICK ME PICK ME  oooohhh oooohh pick me lol

  66. This is my comment and i wanna win it! (oops…double post)

  67. Please pick me!!! I’ve only been refreshing my comp since 6:00 pm est waiting for this. Love phandroid and everything you do for us!

  68. I want to win so badly but I have the worst luck ever! Still…goodluck to all and thank you phandroid for the opportunity. 

  69. WTH? where my comment go?

  70. finally! been waiting all day!

  71. Pick me Pick me (Please!)

  72. it keeps deleting my comments… i’ve commented twice?

  73. I’d like to be eligible :)  and Merry Christmas

  74. Woot Woot! I want to win!!!

  75. Here goes nothing……

  76. Sorry if this post twice it didn’t show up when I refreshed…Anyway I hope I win

  77. Why aren’t my posts sticking????

    1. Better stay this time…

      1. LOL!!! They were there the whole time…. Good goin me haha

  78. wowowowowo first to comment

    1. My internet must be really slow

  79. Hot damn…Pick me!

  80. i need a kindle fire..

  81. I Hope I win…… I’m the first one… :-)

  82. I wanna win!!! <3 Phandroid

  83. This would be great.

    1. neither did mine

  84. put me in the drawing 

  85. hope this ones a winner…

  86. Those gloves would be great in the cold Minnesota winters.

  87. I love these contests :)

  88. I didn’t mean too double post. Sorry.

  89. Whoo I’m a nightowl desperate to try out a Kindle Fire :D

    Hope I win, good luck everyone!

  90. I hope I win.

  91. shibby first post? 0.o

    1. I came, I saw, I fixed

  92. enter me!

  93. i dont think it posted…so im trying again.

    i really want to win this one!!!

  94. What a great contest

  95. post i hope i win ! 

  96. I would like to enter! :D

  97. Entered and ready!

  98. Ya first!!!

    1. Oops maybe not

  99. Cool. This is easy.

  100. sweet!

  101. Woooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  102. are the comments not working?

  103. This contest is a hoot. :)  Thanks, Phandroid!

  104. Comments not working?

  105. Awesome…. not showing my comment :(

  106. Sign me up and draw my name!

  107. So..Here is my entry, and thank you for having this contest. =] You’ll make a lot of people happy!

  108. umm okay

  109. Where’d my post go?

  110. Finally made it to one, good luck all!  

  111. sup galaxy nexus :[

  112. **duplicate, seriously you guys should fix this piece of crap

  113. Disqus is killing me

  114. Sign me up! 
    (Second try)

  115. good luck to every1

  116. Yay for late night contests

  117. That’s one Blue Bird…

  118. Cool.  Contests are always fun.

  119. I’d love a FIRE to go with my Christmas tree this year…

  120. Hoping this comment is enough to win a Kindle Fire for my wife this Christmas!

  121. Shabba!

  122. Nice. Good luck everyone.

  123. first to comment, hope I win

  124. Hey. I’m commenting. How are ya?

  125. I hope I can win a Kindle Fire!  I would love to use this on campus

  126. I hope I have an early Christmas please!!!!

  127. Good luck to whoever wins!

  128. I’m here… fa sho!!

  129. i have the ipad – can’t wait to win and upgrade to the kindle fire!

  130. Can I?

  131. Here goes nothin!

  132. Count me in !

  133. i cant comment lol

  134. YAY!!!!! im NOCTURNAL too!

  135. Good luck everyone!

  136. Come on smartouch gloves!

  137. Count me in!

  138. This Contest is the Jam!

    1. Sorry, I couldn’t see my first post. 

  139. What a hoot for this night owl. Gadget me up Scotty!

  140. here’s hoping :)

  141. up late just to enter this contest! luv me some phandroid!

  142. Meow

  143. why did my comment disappear? lol 

  144. Hope I win!

  145. I want prizes!


  147. First!

  148. Here’s an original comment.

  149. I just love these random contests! 

  150. I wanna win!

  151. Awesome

  152. Ooh! Pick me! :)

  153. I wantz!!! 

  154. Android contests rock!

  155. Nice, another easy contest. I’m entering. :D

  156. wouldve had the first comment had TWC not cut out…shame. so close yet so far lol

  157. Hoping I win! Phandroid all the way baby!!!

  158. Surely I’m not the first to comment! If only it was those posts! Once again, thanks for the splendid opportunity! I hope to win 

  159. Randomly entered to win!

  160. Of course I am one of the first posts on a night where its random…

    1. no lol hah i know thou been trying im the first and got zilch

  161. I hope I can win this to use around campus! All my posts keep disappearing though…

  162. Looking forward to getting some Nexii love

  163. First comment! Is that a bad thing?

  164. If I win, free ponies for everyone!

  165. the smart gloves look pretty awesome…

  166. Okay… this didn’t take my first entry, so second time’s the charm?

  167. Loving this Holidroid Contest! Keep rocking Phandroid!!

  168. I’m looking forward to winning something for once!

  169. In for a chance to win my first Tablet!!! phandroid FTW…

  170. pick me… pick me

  171. I would love to win any of these prizes, thanks for the chance! Love your site!

  172. Cool. This one is easy.

  173. Yay =D

  174. I wanna win!

  175. FIRST BABY!!!  I can use one of these!!!

  176. I love this contest. East coasters be asleep!

  177. Late night contest!  Sign me up!

  178. Pick me!  Pick me!

    Please, and thank you.

  179. sweet, count me in!!

  180. Comment

  181. Thanks for the awesome giveaways. You guys are my number one source for Android news. keep it up the great work, Good luck to everyone!

  182. First to post?  Love the site.  Just hope that I win something cool for Christmas.

  183. Not sure if that first one went through….. so…

    count me in!

  184. Count me in!  Thanks for the opportunity!

  185. Huzzah!

  186. Happy holidays everyone!

  187. Hmm my comment was there, was the 1st one, now it’s showing 0 comments.. hopefully this wont be taken as spam if it is still there.

  188. I’m in!
    Free stuff? Yes please.

  189. Hm. Id love a kindle. And a nexus.

  190. Woot! Finally a timed one that I made it in on time!

  191. Could I be the 1st? This contest rocks!

  192. Y’all gots a perdy mouth.

  193. So what do we have to do for today?

  194. Dude this would be sweet

  195. As much as I would like to win this assortment of prizes, it would also hurt a little knowing that one of the Nexus’s is not included. But Ty Phandroid for running such a cool promotion.

  196. This is an awesome contest! Thanks so much for the chance! By the way, I am definitely going to have to check out Seidio batteries. My smartphone is a complete battery hog! Pssst. my email is manelook at yahoo dot com

  197. Yeah I’m up doing final exams…A Kindle Fire sure would help by playing music as I study away and complete my exams. Not to mention after I was done for the night I could lay down and read a few pages out of my favorite novel. Just Saying. Thanks Phandroid for the awesome contest seriously I’m trying to participate everyday especially for the Nexus portion of it…Goodnight all and congrats to whoever wins.

  198. Sorry if this is a double-post.  It wouldn’t show up my first attempt. Good luck to all!

  199. yay a contest!!!!

  200. Pick me, Phandroid!

  201. East Coasters are still awake! I need to win something, this month has been awful.

  202. WooHoo!  Love you guys! 
    I’m awake with my fingers crossed! 

  203. Im in on this one!

  204. Sure, why no

  205. Thanks so much for the opportunity..! 

  206. need to hack a kindle fire 

  207. I was going to buy a Kindle Fire today but winning one would be even better!

  208. Looks like my first couple of comments didn’t work so here’s another one!

  209. I need a win here.  I just bought my first book of Kindle today and would love a FIRE to read it on!

  210. hope i get lucky for once lol

  211. This entry is incorrect. It is not a good account.

  212. Awesome! Hope I win.

  213. mee mee meeee!

  214. Best of luck everyone! :)

  215. Count me in!  Who won yesterday’s, by the way?

  216. If I win there will be one more KFire on eBay!

  217. good luck all!

  218. Say my name! SSSAAAAAYYYYY MY NAME!

  219. This eastern time zoner is still awake

  220. I hope i win! :) i pray for that kindle fire! for my girlfriend<33

  221. I want to win!

  222. Pick me Pick me (Please!)

  223. Sweet, Hope I win a Kindle Fire.

  224. momma said that there would be days like this

  225. ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾

  226. OMG!!! i really want the gloves! and the kindle ahaha

  227. Early work morning wake up call is looking better thanks to this contest!

  228. I could really use that kindle or those gloves….

  229. Me, me! Pick me!

  230. pick me! pick me!

  231. Apple Sucks Microsoft sucks more and Google is the best. GO DROID

  232. You guys are awesome!

  233. pick me! :)

  234. Phandroid for life!

  235. I need a kindle fire!

  236. perhaps today will be the day i win it.

  237. BLAOH!

  238. Winning

  239. Comment

  240. Goodnight and goodluck!

  241. Pick I!!

  242. Wow. That was fast.
    Good luck to all however.

  243. Phandroid I love you guys please make me the happiest android fan and win something

  244. Dang
    You all post fast…

  245. Free stuff is always fun…a kindle would be nice to replace my stolen touchpad. 

  246. It’s crazy how many people are on here.  This was posted like 8 minutes ago and it’s got a hundred replies already.  Here’s to hoping for a win.

  247. Totally posting. I hope I win!! Could definitely use the Kindle Fire for my college courses!

  248. these kinds are the best

  249. Hey, I guess there’s a benefit to follow phandroid on twitter, woo

  250. 79101389
    I know this isn’t the lottery but I thought that my lucky numbers might help

  251. Some awesome contests you got going on. Thanks for doing them. :)

  252. Prize me plese

  253. So much trouble to get a comment

  254. Here we go again! Fingers crossed.

  255. Wow, almost 300 comments in less than 5 minutes.

  256. I need a kindle fire … tabletless :(

  257. Count me in baby!

  258. All I do it win, win, win!!! Thanks Phandroid!

  259. thanks for the giveaways. 

  260. I will make you cupcakes if I win :)

  261. Hmm.  Seems my first two comments didn’t post.  Here’s to my third try!

  262. Hey, great contest! Great prizes! Thanks for the chances to win.

  263. Sweet! Count me in….


  265. Money!


  267. Yay prizes phandoid rules!

  268. Choose me please!

  269. Count me in!  Dying to win one of these things! Thanks Phandroid!

  270. Thanks for all your generosity! you guys are the best. good luck to all!


  272. Good thing I’m a nightowl.

  273. You guys are awesome!

  274. keeping things exciting!

  275. Thanks for all the great holiday contests…

  276. I’m entered in the contest?

  277. Sure would be nice to have some fire for this cold weather.

  278. Happy Holidroid everyone! Wooooooooo!

  279. I sure wouldn’t mind winning! xD Could use some holiday cheer =)

  280. East Coasters are not asleep :) Love you phandroid!

  281. Ill wait for a different contest…. Oh wait i just commented No wait that means ive enterned NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!jkjk

  282. Phandroid rocks! Pick me plz.

  283. I will be tonight’s winner!

  284. Huzzah I didn’t miss it

  285. omg I want a Kindle…

  286. I hope I win!

  287. I’m in.

  288. I Took My Baby To The Doctor
    With A Fever, But Nothing He Found
    By The Time This Hit The Street
    They Said She Had A Breakdown

  289. I apologize if this is a double post, but I commented on my phone and it’s not showing up there or here. I love this contest and Phandroid!

  290. TEAM NEXUS! and that is all.

  291.  does it work yet? i think now it does

  292. Love Phandroid!

  293. Hello

  294.  Beer me a Kindle Fire!

  295. I was just looking the Fire up earlier, would be sweeeet!

  296. Add Meh Please!

  297. I hope I get something fun! :D

  298. This is my real post. I hope I win a prize

  299. Pick me! I hope I win! :D

  300. I’m in

  301. ME! ME! ME!

  302. I hope I’m the winner!!

  303. Comment entered, hopes high, thanks are many!

  304. Count me in!  Thanks Phandroid!  Sleepy time now…

  305. Man… Who’s leg to you have to hump to win a phone around here!?

  306. Yay. Thanks Phandroid!

  307. Best of luck…. to me :)

  308. Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you Phandroid for making so many people happy with these give-aways this holiday. Hope i win!

  309. I really do wish that all sites had as many contests as phandroid does, GOTTA LOVE ANDROID!

  310. Random entrance comment

  311. Pick me please…. I need some kind of distraction while waiting for my Nexus….

  312. <3 the contests thanks guys!

  313. Bring on the nexus.

  314. Okay I really need some Phandroid luck. Here goes nothing.

  315. Happy Holidays! Good luck all

  316. Pick me.  I shampoo with my eyes open!!!

  317. I will recommend this contest to everyone especially if I win! 

  318. Boy oh boy do I want to get one of those kindle fires for christmas im totally in.

  319. Im in!

  320. I’ll take one

  321. My sister drowned my old HTC EVO sure would be nice for  a new device.

  322. Lucky me.

  323. I heart winning…

  324. Pick me…please?

  325. Don’t pick me!

  326. Another day, another shortening of the odds on winning!

  327. That’s a crazy last minute contest. Good thing I checked the site before bed.

  328. thank you sir.  may i have another?

  329. Shouldn’t all of you be in bed? You’re ruining my chances of being picked!

  330. Easy enough. Count me it.

  331. Maybe I can win this random night run.

  332. Comment

  333. Pick me. I need some great gifts to give out!

  334. I want to to read all of HP, LOTR and Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy in my 1 month winter break. Lets go! 

  335. Man, my girlfriend would hate this, but I would love it…I’m in.

  336. Pick me…please?

  337. 11:28 : no comments
    11:40 : 365

  338. wooooh i wanna win

  339. Here’s to randomness …

  340. Here I am. Kindle me!

  341. Good evening all! Thanks for the contests!

  342. In under the wire. Does this goodness ever end. You guys have a Captain Insano amount of stuff to give away. Nice work, thx for the opportunity. 

  343. Electronics

  344. I knew it was worth staying up late!

  345. Gimme gimme gimme. But thanks for this contest. Tons of neat prizes!

  346. It’s not late here on the West Coast. I am not a night owl at this point, I am more of a late evening pigeon.

  347. Comment comment comment!

  348. This is awesome… Stumbled onto this after ditching another Android blog/site. Would love to get the Fire for my wife! She had the Nexus One… Needs something better for browsing/reading. Thanks for the chance, now off to RT you. @CallipH / s15274n on xda.

  349. i’m in

  350. Love it and hate it at the same time so many gifts can just ignore it and exams approaching at the same time…

  351. bed time

  352. Here we go, I hope I win!

  353. Finally! A reward for working late!

  354. I hope the random number generator picks this post! :P

  355. Im on the good list this year!!

  356. FIYYAAA

  357. eh worth a shot

  358. Would love a prize!

  359. A kindle sounds nice. :D

  360. Man, it would be awesome to win something for the first time in my life….

  361. I want to win!

  362. I love these contest!!!

  363. meme me!!!!!! ME!! Yu wants!! haha

  364. i never win…. pleeeeasssseee i love phandroid :)

  365. Why is there a 30 minute window if you have until 12am to post?

    Also, its not even 9pm yet in Pacific Coast.

  366. Lets roll the dice. 

  367. Nexus: a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

  368. Drinking hot chocolate and playing with (a) fire that sounds like a great holiday.

  369. Best of luck to you all?

  370. Nachos! <(")

  371. thanks for a great website

  372. Please don’t make me carry around physical books for another semester.

  373. GNex. Need it. Want it. Can’t sleep. Not eating. Just. Need. That. Phone. (and yes, for any Captain Obvious who says something, I am fully aware that this particular give away does not include the GNex) Thanx again PD. 

  374. Been hitting f5 for 4 hours

  375. Woohoo!  Pick me, please!  Good luck, everyone!

  376. Well, it’s always worth a shot.

  377. This would make my year

  378. well my first comment is not showing so here I go random

  379. Hello

  380. Random comment for a kindle

  381. Comment

  382. Haha i thought you guys forgot forgot

  383. Hooray! Those gloves look like their for me!

    Just kidding, I want a Fire or Nexus :). 

  384. Heck yes!

  385. Yes please =)

  386. Please I really want to win

  387. Yee! Good luck all :)

  388. Don’t know if the first comment went through.

  389. pick me! or don’t. but i want to be picked! +1 for contests!

  390. I’m in! Randomly up late and I might get lucky! :)

  391. Awesome, sign me up!

  392. Hmm… lots of night owls. See what I did there? Tying it back to the picture? This joke isn’t funny? Yeah, kinda figured.

  393. Your traffic has got to be skyrocketing with this contest! Good thinking

  394. If you are congratulations! You just made my night!

  395. Love Phandroid…it is bookmarked.

  396. Happy holiday’s

  397. Posting and hoping for a miracle win on my Birthday!! yes it’s my birthday today :) November 29th :)

  398. I won’t win :(

  399. Pick me, please :)

  400. I really need this as to save my own money, I’ll really promote Phandroid to my family and friends if I win.

  401. Great prizes. Hope to be one lucky guy.

  402. My Dangus would like a Kindle

  403. Pick me, pick me!

  404. Woooho!

  405. Comment.

  406. Posty Posterson posts a lot of posts.

  407. Woot! Lets do it!

  408. Psssh.. Let me win!  Be a great a present to myself for school! =P

  409. Glad I’m at work tonight! Kindle fire please!

  410. Add me to the list!! Hopefully I’ll win, this would be a great present for my mom this Christmas. She really wants a Kindle Fire, and I would love to actually give her an amazing present this year.

  411. Pick Me, Pick Me!!

  412. I’ll take it!  Thanks, Phandroid!

  413. Woot woot

  414. I want to win!

  415. Gimme!


  416. I’m going streaking!

  417. This is my best chance. Good looking prizes!

  418. *rubs forehead twice*

  419. PHANDROID!!

  420. I’m still awake.

  421. Count me in this round.  Hope to win! :)

  422. I just love Phandroid!!!

  423. Love the contest, thanks phandroid!

  424. I’m on Fire!

  425. No Whammy No Whammy No Whammy….

  426. Look! It’s a comment! Make with the entering me into the contest, already! Thanks!

  427. I am in too

  428. it would be very nice to win something!

  429. Definitely not first, but I guarantee I am not last either :)

  430. Seems there was a reason I stayed up so late to check out Phandroid.

  431. not sure why my comments keep getting deleted…? :(

  432. you guys need to find an alternative to disqus. i thought i already commented but then it didnt show up… anyways i comenting again. sorry if this becomes a duplicate


  434. I want to thank the little people

  435. I want something free. That is all.

  436. Good luck everyone
    Have a happy holidays

  437. Please for the love of god pick me!

  438. Hope I win and thank you for setting up these awesome giveaways!

  439. I shall enter too!

  440. It’s cold here in West Lafayette, IN! Could use a nice pair of touchscreen gloves!

  441. Sign Me up! Kindle Good!

  442. Pick Me Pick Me! 

  443. One of these times.  I’m in.

  444. Pick me!

  445. Fire it up. I want in.

  446. Contest! Yes!

  447. Comment

  448. Hope to be lucky one

  449. Booyah just made it. Oh puh puh puh please! A Kindle Fire would keep me warm all winter.

  450. I want prizes and prizes want me
    I’d like a kindle,but I’d love a galaxy!

  451. I am in like Flynn… does that make sense?  Am I saying it right?    Either way… still Fired up!  

  452. Winning free stuff is awesome, especially a Kindle Fire

  453. Gotta win one

  454. I would like to enter please

  455. !ah aH !esool I  ?tahw sseuG

    .semit eseht fo eno niw I epoh I ,hguoht ylsuoireS

  456. Glad I checked my rss just now!

  457. Wohoo!!

  458. Random drawings for prizes such as a Galaxy Nexus? I could stay up all night just to enter! Thank you Phandroid!

  459. I would really enjoy winning. I hope that I do…

  460. *ruba forehead twice*

  461. Just got off work. Would love for this to be the highlight of my day with some android goodies

  462. Coolstick cup-o-dirt!!!

  463. Fingers crossed ….. I wanna win sooooo bad!

  464. Wow, 15 minutes in and already 500+ comments. Guess we’ve all been waiting up to enter.

  465. Pick me!

  466. I’d love a nexus….but then again who wouldn’t!?

  467. I’m up late studying, score!  Hopefully I’ll be enjoying a new tablet over the holidays!

  468. Count me in please!

  469. 468th comment. Odds are pretty good.



  472. Staying up late has its merits!

  473. Thanks for the contest – I sure hope I win!

  474. Thanks again!!!!!

  475. My comment isn’t showing soooo….. happy holidroid!

  476. Good luck everyone!

  477. I would love to win this

  478. PICK ME!! :)

  479. *Fingers crossed*

  480. East coast and still awake!!

  481. Did I make it? 

  482. Hope to be lucky one

  483. Man, I hope I win something!

  484. Man, that Kindle fire is really hot haha

  485. No whammy, no whammy, stop!

  486. I have entered in time.  

  487. Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot Woot!!!!

  488. Yay :)

  489. I don’t see my first comment. So I’ll try again.

  490. so glad there are only 500 other people that have entered this already

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  493. I’m still up!  Glad I remembered to check!

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