German Court Issues Sales Ban Against Motorola and Lenovo


It looks like Lenovo and Motorola are currently in a bit of a pickle, at least in German markets. New reports indicate that a lawsuit filed against the veteran Chinese tech giant has resulted in a sales ban within Germany, with the Munich Regional court ruling in favor of InterDigital, an American corporation which specializes in wireless technologies.

More specifically, the court has decided that Lenovo has violated InterDigital’s patent within some of its products, and as such calls for an immediate sales ban of all the company’s hardware. This refers to smartphones, tablets and computers which come with WWAN technology, which is responsible for internet access through mobile networks.

It should also be noted that InterDigital has also made a deposit of more than four million euros with the court. Following the decision, Lenovo states:

“We respect the decision of the Munich court, but are of the opinion that IDC itself has violated its legal obligations to license its technology to Lenovo on fair, appropriate and non-discriminatory terms… We look forward to the next phase of the process and our appeal.”

This isn’t the first time that Lenovo and InterDigital have had legal disputes over mobile technology patents – back in 2023, a court ruling in the United Kingdom ruled in favor of Lenovo.


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