Expansys Selling Galaxy Nexus in US for $750, Hurry Before Stock Disappears


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus will get an official carrier release on Verizon sometime next month, but to the disappointment of many the exact date remains unknown. If you are tired of waiting or so fed up that you would prefer the new Google flagship on another network, Expansys has you covered. Their US branch just put the Galaxy Nexus up for sale, and stock is moving quickly. Just over a two dozen remain available at the time of writing. So follow the link below and be prepared to drop $750 for the unlocked Ice Cream Sandwich dream.

[via Expansys | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  1. I bought mines for cheaper at http://www.negrielectronics.com . they are also USA based. By the way if they get to 5000 followers on twitter they will give way 2 free. there twitter is @negrielectronics:twitter 

    1. double-post

    2. Saw your post on tmonews… here is the coupon code you posted: sb35offjkh

  2. $750?! HAHAHAHAHA. No.

    1. Some people think that phones actually cost ~200 dollars. they dont know about subsidies. Why not just give all phones away “free” and raise the bill??!?!?

      1. Yeah but this price is still the importer rape special. I’m sure the OP knows about actual phone costs but I suspect they also know that $750 is not what this phone really should cost.

        1. The Droid Charge was $800 off contract when it first came out. I think it’s just Samsung that likes raping people with their latest phones. Not to mention how much hell people are having with the Droid Charge.

      2. Dude, nobody here is oblivious to the price of un subsidized phones. But 750 dollars is ridiculous! The nexus 1 cost 500 dollars and the nexus s cost 550 dollars. Tablets might cost around 700 dollars unsubsidized! There is nothing in this phone that cost 250-300 dollars more than the previous nexus hardware cost.

        1. Your math is way off, man

          1. My bad. I was off. I fixed it. Thnx

          2. Also I was taking into account the leaked best buy flyer that just came out a couple days ago. It was saying that it would cost 799 dollars. Crazy…

        2. youre right about that. they have had similar hardware out for a year.

      3. Way to take a post completely out of context. Read the other responses and turn down the spaz-settings in your head. It’s an unsubsidized phone worth ~$550-$600, not an unsubsidized 64GB Tablet. O_o

          1. Ya, I’ve seen that as well. I call BS (or at least bad information). Those are the same ads that initially claimed the Thunderbolt was $750 before it was actually released. If they really want to kill it, they can go ahead and try to get that much, but they won’t sell very many.

          2. Man, I’m hoping you’re right…

          3. The price of $750 for the Thunderbolt is the retail price at Best Buy, or it was at launch. Haven’t seen what it is now. So they weren’t completely off.

    2. I agree. It’s an absurd price.

      Lets do a little thinking here…
      $350 ETF + $299 device = $649
      $350 ETF + $199 device = $549

      How anyone justify $750? Please explain this to me. This isnt even factoring the inevitable massive new contract price drop that is sure to occur in 3 months. Sheesh.

      1. ^This. This is one of the main reasons I don’t believe the $800 price tag. The Thunderbolt was in the same situation before it was released – why would anyone who wanted to buy it outright pay $750-$800 when they could easily buy it subsidized, then pay the ETF and end up getting it for less. They *could* try to sell it for $750+, but they won’t sell very many. If they raised the ETF to $400-$500, they would sell even less. My prediction is $299. $349 max, but I’m thinking $299. Time will tell, as always.

  3. expansys = ripoff

  4. I presume this is the LTE version?  Other posts at reddit lead me to believe this is the HSPA+ phone.

    1. GSM only, not for Verizon

  5. Ordered and shipped
    fatwallet.com gets 2% cash back and use 20OFFLS for 20 bucks off.

    originally had handtec for 700 shipped but they are screwing with the orders.

    negri has it for 769, there promotion codes there?

    1. May as well post a virtual “L” over your forehead.  Seriously, do you think you are impressing anyone by making such a statement?

      1. Envy won’t get you anywhere in life, son.  Go out and get a job and work hard. 

        It’s all relative; someone could say to you, how could you even think about spending $150 on the phone that you did when there are 1000s of perfectly good phones out there for free that work just fine.  You have a lousy attitude and it’s time to grow up.

        1. lol…..are you a comedian or something.  Pretty funny stuff.  Clearly you miss the point completely but I won’t bother wasting my time explaining it……have a nice life…..lol.

          1. ahh you are truly showing your age now. just a typical teen prick. Happy thanksgiving , ill be enjoying mine with the wife and family. You will probably be playing modern warfare.

          2. lol…..you are really cracking me up.  Thanks for the laugh.  Yea, everyone knows teenagers are the fiscally responsible ones and it’s the adults that blow money on stupid sheit…..lol.

      2. awww someone mad?
        was just trying to help tough guy.

        You earn a virtual “D” over your forehead.
        D for douchebag.

        1. You got me there.  I am so ‘angry’ that you have the balls to spend $700 on a penis extension.  I’m sure the babes will take notice.  I guess I will just have to make due with what I already have seeing as how I must be a lesser man than you. You are clearly closer to god now and when you die he will give you 80 virgins. Yea, it all makes me so angry. You sure know how to read people.

  6. Too pricey for me…I am looking for $500 at most $550

  7. maybe better deal would be one of those from Canada Bell for $649 no contract?

  8. So I’m curious how the UK version plays with T-Mobile, in terms of 3g and 4g. Since I don’t understand this crap anymore.

  9. Can someone tell me how I would get updates from google if I bought this unlocked and activated it on t mobile. Who would transmit the updates and how? how will google push them out to say AT&T and Tmobile

    1. google delivers them still. since the phone is from them its up to them to push them out.

    2. Over the internet? Data is data, it doesn’t matter which carrier it’s on.

  10. how much is 32 gig version then? Thats what ill be looking for since no sd card. 

  11. Expansys Canada apparently has 100+ in stock for 809.99 CDN plus 26.20 shipping.

  12. …noooooooooooo thanks think, iwould rather HURry and get a laptop for that price.. .

  13. 750 dollars, are they serious? LOL.  Transformer Prime if I’m spending that much, NO THANK YOU.

  14. this phone will run 650 unsub’d.  expansys has a 20 off coupon code so you are paying 729.99 for this.  considering Verizons fubar launch and the near silence from other carriers, I consider an $80 premium fair to get this phone 2 wks earlier than verizon and months ahead of other carriers.  if you are buying an unsubsidized phone,  this is a fair deal

  15. Want this but will wait for an official release from AT&T or heck T-mobile just got 4g in my area so i mights jump ship. I still got my Nexus S.

  16. If it was 32gb I would buy.

  17. notice the ipos 4s 999.99

  18. Whoever sells this for over $700 needs to wear a mask.  Anyone who buys one should have their name changed to doorknob.  This is just a glorified phone!  A person can buy a very nice computer for that money.

  19. LOL you must be smoking crack to spend that on a phone

  20. They only had 24+ left?  4 hours later, they are up to 82 left.  Seems fishy.

  21. i’d love to see Google buy Sprint and put an end to all of this nonsense. Sprint’s market cap is about $8B. Google bought Mototola for $12.5B. buying Sprint would give Google an end to end mobile solution offering while also allowing them to continue to partner up with other carriers and hardware manufacturers. some concerns with this strategy would be – would it get by government regulators(FCC) ? what about Sprint’s debt? what about Sprint’s 4G and international position (or lack thereof)? how would partners feel? how would shareholders and management feel? i would just love to see Google do an end-around and have a 100% Google option for customers that want it. Google would be in full control of their mobile destiny controlling OS, software, ecosystem, hardware, and carrier. imagine what Google could do with Sprint with the cash and resources that Google has – they could really expand the footprint and 4G and beyond technology. Sprint would give them a solid foundation at a relative bargain to do this.

    i would love to see GOOGLE change the game. what do you think?

  22. Just get the Asus Transformer Prime and a cheap phone if you want ICS..well worth it!

  23. People are funny.  They always gotta have the latest thing and pay through the nose for it and don’t even need it.  Dillusionally thinking it will somehow make them happier or more attractive to women or whatever……..lol.

    I paid $150 for my LG Optimus One about 18 months ago and it has been happily running every Cyanogen mod rom I throw at.  Does everything I need a mobile phone to do.  Still retails for about $150.

    Let me give you all some basic advice about money.  Maximise spending on investments…..minimize spending on expenses.  Things like cell phones, cars etc…those are all expenses…..You should never ever look at those things as investments because they are guaranteed to depreciate.

  24. I am a phone junkie and buy phones unlocked, but this is way too much specially that its price will drop very soon. Bought a Galaxy S2 for $700 and after 4 months, its price has gone down to $540….No more…just wait a bit

  25. And people complain about a tablet like the Transformer costing $399 at launch.
    Is a phone really worth $750?

  26. If you pay almost $1,000 for a damn cell phone, you have issues.

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