LG to Show Off Google TV Hardware at CES 2012


As one manufacturer steps away from Google’s venture into internet-connectedt television, another partner is stepping up. LG will join the likes of Sony and debut its lineup of Google TV hardware at CES 2012 in January. Google TV is looking to get a boost from new manufacturers and an updated interface based on Android Honeycomb. Others said to be releasing Google TV products include Samsung, though launch partner Logitech has expressed that they will be bowing out after poor sales of their Revue set-top box.

[via GTVHub]

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  1. cool, the more the merrier…..hopefully they will be priced competitvely and released in the netherlands by the time I need a new tv

  2. I really hope some of these companies are making stand-alone boxes. I don’t want to replace my whole tv every time I want to upgrade my google tv hardware.

    1. I’d really like an LG googlebox to plug into my scarlet and control my sky.  nom nom.

      Needs to have power though, at least tegra2 power.

  3. Smart Tv is the way to go no doubt – Google although a late starter are on to something.

  4. I just bought one last night. It was compatível priced. $32 inch Sony Internet TV is on sale for 399.

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