GLBenchmarks Listing Shows ASUS Padfone with Snapdragon S4 and qHD Display


Sine ASUS announced their Padfone concept last spring, little new information has come to light regarding the dual-identity device. We are getting a fresh perspective on the combo handset/tablet thanks to an entry uncovered on the GLBenchmarks site. Though it was rumored that the Padfone might ship with a quad-core CPU, the device is seen here with Snapdragon S4 (Qualcomm MSM8960), a dual-core setup shown to be clocked in this instance at what amounts to 1GHz. Paired with Snapdragon chip is a qHD display for the smartphone half of the Padfone.

The phone is currently running Android 2.3.5 but it’s hard to imagine ASUS not wanting to get the setup on 4.0 by launch. The ability for Ice Cream Sandwich to work on both phones and tablets will go a long way in making the Padfone concept work.

[via The Verge]

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  1. begs the question….  what do you put the tablet inside of?  :P

    1. My hands.

      1. hehe good point. for some reason I was imagining those Russian Dolls

    2. consider a pad-phone-“google tv” combo xD

    3. “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”


      1. Look for my meaning under… 
        “Modern usage”
        …and considering it’s a philosophical term, I don’t think there is an answer to your debate, although I acknowledge your position :)

    4. Transformer styled Keyboard dock would be sick. 
      Triple the battery life. Phone battery, tab dock battery and kb dock battery. ;)

  2. will this even launch in the US? if not stop teasing me.

  3. i want more info on this.. 

  4. This is a good idea.  If the tablet had a 720p or so screen I would consider it.  

  5. The concept is awesome… but will wait for quad-core version…

    1. The S4 will be sweet even with dual… but qHD… sounds like budget phone specs to me…

  6. Jesus what is with the fuckin popups!

    1. They make this site impossible to surf from a phone

      1. so true, I went to the site on my Nexus S and was unpleasantly blocked from viewing anything because of the popup.

        Wouldn’t be so bad if it was a bit easier to click 1 pixel on a screen with a finger.

        1. It wouldnt be so bad if it werent for the fact that when you try and scroll to the X that closes the ad…the X disappears. 
          Normally I refresh and the shit goes away but 5 refreshes didnt do shit. 
          Makes Phandroid look unprofessional. 

          1. Surfing Phandroid on the phone? Why not get the Phandroid App?

          2. Last time I tried it half the articles wouldn’t load

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