Amazon ‘Penny Pincher’ Sale Sees All Handsets Going for Cents


Looking to get a new smartphone for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? Direct your browser to where all smartphones are selling for just a penny this week. Devices from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon such as the Samsung Galaxy S II and Motorola Droid RAZR will be available for just $0.01 through November 28th. Plenty of devices make it into the sale (basically everything but the iPhone) and as an added bonus Amazon will throw in a $100 gift card if buyers sign up for additional mobile hotspot services along with their new contract. If you are looking to simply extend your contract the deals will not apply, but signing up for a new two-year service agreement grants you access to what may be the best smartphone sale of the year.

[Amazon via Gizmodo]

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  1. *SIGH*  that’s always the way it is.  New customers only.  Thanks for nothing Amazon.  

    1. That does suck, but the Rezound for a penny if you’re new or adding a line is pretty impressive. (You’re still saving $70 if you’re using your upgrade).

      I’ve been waiting to use my Droid OG upgrade since August thanks to GNex rumors, but this 16GB/no-flash-at-launch BS is truly testing my patience. If I were to jump on the Rezound I’d have it in my hand before Thanksgiving and I’d still have an LTE device with a 720p screen, but I’d also have Sense and 2-3 month w/o ICS…

      1. Agreed about a new/add contract.  A great deal.  I’ve got the OG as well, running CM71.  It’s good, but there is a bit that I’ve sacrificed to make it run smoothly (giving up on a few apps).  I can see your dilemma about the phone.  I’m ready for my upgrade too.  As of now, I’m torn between the Nexus and the Rezound.  The thing that almost makes me want to go with the Rezound is the smaller screen size.  I thing 4.65 in is way too big.  

        1. I’m also suddenly torn.  Was itching for the Galaxy Nexus, but $0.01 is really hard to argue with… I mean… if I suffered the few things i don’t like about hte rezound (not as nice looking, smaller screen, crappy software skin) I could use the $ I saved to buy a Kindle Fire… that is damned pursuasive.  Sigh… but I *want* the Nexus… irrational as its feeling right about now.

          1. Yeah – im feeling the same way about the $0.01 Razr vs. the Galaxy Nexus.  If i pass on this and the nexus doesnt get cheaper than $250 in the next month or two, i’m going to feel pretty stupid.  

            (im intrigued by the rezound, but I don’t care that much about beats and i just bought new headphones so i dont need the ones that come with it.  720p screen is nice, but its much thicker than the razr.)

    2. I’ll bet its all tied into the new tiered data plans.  If you want this great deal on the phone, you have to sacrifice your grandfathered unlimited data, or whatever else we get to keep from our current contracts.

      1. I hope not.  If I have my way, Big red will have to pry my unlimited data plan from my cold dead hands

  2. Well I guess that’s one way to boost those market share numbers….

    1. What interest does Amazon have in marketshare numbers?

  3. I wonder if the Galaxy Nexus would be included in this should it happen to be released on Black Friday.  Probably a long shot, but luckily since the sale seems to end on Monday Nov. 28th, at least we can wait and see – and if it doesnt, still get one of the other phones…

    1. Galaxy Nexus is there…

  4. They would do this after I already bought it from them for $200 last week.  This kinda sucks (for me)…

  5. Can you cancel Verizon if you contract is up and then just get a new contract with them? I’m sure this is easy to do if you don’t care about number porting, but if you want to port your number??

    1. you can port your number to Consumercellular for $10/Month (no contract) and then come back to Verizon

      1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Sounds great.

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