Galaxy Nexus Experiencing Volume Bug, 32GB Version Still Likely for Verizon


Though some have claimed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be the best smartphone ever produced, the early praise does not come without a few minor snags here and there. A bug has surfaced which sees the phone randomly mute itself then fail to respond to a users input using the volume control. After a bit of troubleshooting, the problem has been inconclusively linked to 2G data connectivity. The glitch seems to only occur when the handset is connected to the older wireless standard.

The good news is that the problem should be easily patchable via a software update, so those eager to pick up the Galaxy Nexus shouldn’t be turned off by the discovery. Minor bugs go along with the territory of being an early adopter, especially when a completely new operating system is involved. [via XDA | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

Speaking of things that might have turned off potential Galaxy Nexus buyers, last week an updated Google info page suggested that Verizon’s LTE version of the handset would only be available with 16GB of internal storage. A newly leaked comparison document pitting the specs of the GNex against other devices still shows 32GB, however. In fact, the document does not show a 16GB option, leading to further confusion. It is unclear if both a 16GB and 32GB version will be available from Verizon, but it looks likely that at least the larger of the two storage options will exist. [via DroidLife]

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  1. The document is outdated and from At&t. Holds no weight. We just have to wait.

    1. I’m pretty sure the document is from Verizon. I don’t think AT&T would highlight in red all the specs that beat out their phones ;) The disclaimer at the bottom is just so  Verizon doesn’t get sued for false advertising or something if AT&T improves their phones.

  2. *#*#4636#*#*
    Phone information
    Change preferred network type to: WCDMA Only

    Not a fix but will help and limit the phone using 2G

  3. The hell with Verizon, I already paid to import the HSPA+ model.

    Edit: I feel like Verizon is trying to be the only one in the U.S. to have this phone until Christmas. We will probably see the the unlocked version come to Best Buy in January but that would really suck for potential Galaxy Nexus buyers if that did happen.

    1. where did you buy?

      1. I made a post with 3 different websites for where you can buy it: http://www.theverge.com/2011/11/20/2575294/do-you-want-to-buy-the-16gb-hspa-galaxy-nexus

        1. Thanks for the info, I wasn’t going to import when I saw the price on Negri, but $700 sounds reasonable. Looks like I’m importing now. :)

        2. Thanks jdog 25 for the links

        3. I got your reply the other day, I’m considering doing the same! 

          Keep us updated as to when you’re expected to get it? I read the xda thread, they havent gotten their shipping confirmations yet. Hopefully today! 

    2. Looks like the Nov 21 rumors are out the door at this point if we haven’t heard anything this past weekend.

      what did you do? end your agreement with VZW and jump ship? i probably would too, and the 16GB doesn’t bother me with cloud Box/GDocs/GMusic all on tap.

      this is the kind of phone worth staying up all night on black friday to get. release now!

      1. I have a sweet deal with T-mobile off contract and I was going to switch to Verizon but after the whole branding and bloatware thing I changed my mind and imported the phone. 

        I just found out that I will have mine around the middle of next week!!!!

        This is what Handtec just posted on their blog: Good news! Stock is arriving into our warehouse later tonight. With the sheer amount of backorders we hope to clear all orders by Wednesday 23rd November. We have a large amount of stock arriving and any new orders should be shipped on the 23rd and 24th of  November.  Tracking will be sent via email upon dispatch.

        1. I have an old unlimited plan (hella cheap) that keeps getting grandfathered in on VZW. i’m not inclined to leave for any single phone just yet. however, i originally wanted the SGSII and Verizon seems to have no intention of breaking off the DROID line.

  4. F that!  what kind of jabronis connect to 2G anymore?  and why hold up the phone for them?

    1. What kind of person says jabronis?

      1. Only cox would point that out.

  5. How much u paid to import it?

  6. Lets hope and pray that it will have 16GB internal and up to 32GB expandable, like the Canada version.


    Everyone cross your fingers, toes and whatever else you might have!

    1. There’s a 99.9% chance that that’s a typo.

  7. How much u pay to import jdog?

    1. You double posted and I paid $700 with 2 to 4 day shipping to the U.S. 

      I linked a post about it above. Also I will be updating that post as things change.

  8. VZW is playing games.  I don’t think they will actually release it.  By the time they are ready, the SGS3 will be ready.  They will back out of the Nexus, promise SGS3, then renig on the SGS3

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they bought exclusivity and then delayed indefinitely just because they can’t put most of their bloatware on the nexus phones.  

  9. Lol, check out the Galaxy Nexus’ screen!  Running stock Froyo, yo.

    Garbage screencap.  I wouldn’t worry about only having 16GBs though, Google’s spec page for the GSM/HSPA+ variant only shows 16 GBs too when we all know there’s a 32 GB version.

  10. With this volume issue being reported, doesnt it kinda make you appreciate verizons extensive testing and the long wait (although, a phone cant be delayed if it was never offically announced) 

  11. VZW doesn’t want to release this phone. I think they are afraid they won’t be able to sell any gingerbread phones once this is released (for good reason), and the delay we’re living with is them trying to unload GB phones while giving HTC, moto, LG and whomever a chance to begin development with ICS. And there is a possibility that all of this is a snowjob, their exclusivity allows them to keep this phone off the market – indefinitely.

    1. To that end, any time I’ve inquired about the GN to a Verizon employee, they’ve always tried excessively hard to get me off the subject whilst waving a shiny Razr in front of my face. 

      No thanks, dipshit, I didn’t ask about the Razr.

      1. I’ve had the same experience – and the droid x has been all the motoblur exposure I will ever need. Unlock the bootloader and we’ll talk… but only until the gnex comes out and then I’ll pay the restocking fee ;)

      2. i went to the Verizon store and first thing they pushed on me was the sh!tty Razr and than an Iphone…  i said i am waiting on the Galaxy Nexus and they told me they never heard of that phone.. Really!! they must be monkeys.

  12. I posted the link to that in the other thread yesterday. Google’s page still says 16GB
    Although I’m passing on this phone anyway, I still hope that they were smart enough to make it a minimum of 32GB since it isn’t expandable, and that it’s just a typo, but if it is indeed a typo, they still haven’t corrected it.

    1. That page now says 32GB… so it would appear it was a mistake.

      1. Cool! I was hoping that it was a typo, for the sake of people buying the Nexus, although I still think that it should have more than 1GB of memory, but at least it doesn’t have only 16GB of storage – the OG Droid is over 2 years old and came with 16GB SD cards.

  13. This image is ‘As of 11.1.11  bogus

  14. Ummmmm maybe the delay on verizons side is beacause of this volume issue… Ever think of that!!!?? I wouldnt want my phone to have this bug at all.. I wouldnt want to take my phone back 3 fricking times till I get one that works..

  15. I just watched the employee at the verizon kiosk next to where I work take a pile of Galaxy Nexus 32GB boxes out from behind the case and move them to a different case!!!!!!!

    Black Friday seems confirmed.

    1. Picture proof or it never happened!

      1. +1

    2. god i wish i could believe you, but I’ve been blueballed wayyy too many times by this phone. 

    3. Did they have any of the nexus tablets!!???

      1. From what I saw, they’re giving away a Wii U with purchase. I saw the nexus box and it had a sticker on it that said so. You have to believe me because I’m from the internet. 

  16. so why does the Samsung “Canadian: website say there version has a micro SDcard for expanded memory  link below  what Verizon is too cheap to have it on there phone.


  17. Why would they put that comparison chart up as proof a 32GB is still possible? The data they are using for the specs are all from November 1st so its old specs.

  18. What ANOTHER problem for the supposed perfect phone?? While your waiting and crying about the delays and problems I’m enjoying my RAZR.

  19. Hmm… I think this is the phone’s way of saying “2G sux and I’m not workign until I get back to that 4G LTE!!” eL oh eL!!

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