Google Updates Galaxy Nexus Page – Verizon Version Only Available In 16GB?


Android red alert! We’ve just been notified that some changes have been made to the tech specs on the official Galaxy Nexus page. Originally, Google was listing the Verizon version of the Nexus (LTE/CDMA) as having “16GB/32GB” internal storage space but in a rather unsettling turn of events, the 32GB version has been removed with only the 16GB surviving.

Not sure exactly what’s up but what do you guys think? Would you be upset at having only the lesser option of storage space for the Galaxy Nexus? Or will Google Music help alleviate some of that pain? Galaxy Nexus Watch 2011 continues and if we get any further information, you’ll be the first to know. Chris Chavez — signing off.

[Android Forums | Galaxy Nexus]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. …but certainly Verizon knows which version they’re getting, and their own training materials show 32GB…


  1. I am now numb to all GN news

  2. This is old news. It also says the thickness though. But anyway, deal breaker.

  3. Bahahaha I’m so glad I despise Samsung and refuse to buy this phone. Sorry to all you Sammy lovers though!


    2. STFU loser, I hate Samsung but I love Google so I am getting this phone for T-mobile.

  4. Worst launch ever. Google totally fucked this up.

    1. No VZW totally fucked this up.  If google had it’s way this baby would be carrier free.  

      1. Yeah, most likely why Verizon hasn’t seen a nexus phone release on their network and this BS probably means we will never get one again. :(

        1. I think Google put their foot down with the Nexus One and Verizon decided to drop it but this time they didn’t. 

          What worries me is that if Verizon was allowed to brand it and include bloatware then what does that mean for updates. I can see a similar situation happening like what happened to the OG Droid where it was stock Android but thanks to VZ and  Moto it took 3 months to get partially updated to 2.1.

      2. Add $400 for carrier-free.
        Verizon is subsidizing this phone.

        But they’re still pissing me off.

    2. Yet other carriers in other countries have already released it. This one’s verizon brah

    3. This has nothing to do with Google. The Galaxy nexus is available in Europe so it has NOTHING TO DO WITH GOOGLE. This is Verizon’s fault all the way. The fact that they want to add 2 apps on the phone shows the crap they are trying to pull. If you are in assembly line of a pure Google phone and a customer asks you to add 2 apps to the software, you have to stop the assembly line, delay the product, just so Verizon can have their 2 apps. Verizon is 100% to blame for the delay.

      1. Yeah I was really thinking about finally switching from T-mo (not on contract) to Verizon for the LTE Galaxy Nexus but with the branding and bloatware and no free tethering, I changed my mind. I kinda feel sorry for VZW customers because I have a bad feeling that their Nexus will get updates later then the unlocked one but since they aren’t promoting it then Google may actually have more control then they like so I could be wrong.

        1. Is the no free tethering confirmed??? That is significant to me. I thought all the Nexii on the various carriers skirted the tether fee.

          1. The Nexus S 4G isn’t branded and does not come with bloatware and even it does have free tethering.

            Do you think this will? Remember we are talking about Verizon.

          2. I am not sure.  I do not need to buy until the end of December, so I will be anxiously awaiting the initial feedback from you guys.

          3. Oops meant to say *doesn’t*

          4. The Nexus S 4G launched with free tethering, but a few months later Sprint pushed out an update that locked tethering.

            So I wouldn’t expect Verizon to offer free tethering…but you can always root.

          5. Of course. Standard Tethering packages apply (not free).

            Now obviously that’s nothing a little root and fix won’t solve…but if you don’t have grandfathered unlimited data…won’t really help you anyway. You’ll blow that 2GB pretty quick. 

      2. And where else has an LTE version been released yet??

        Nowhere? Oh… Sure it must still be Verizon’s fault… /eyeroll

        1. The 2 apps that Verizon wants to add to pure Google is part of the delay. That is Verizon’s fault.

          1. Source? That is beyond false. Stop believing every little thing you read on the Internet

          2. I think its pretty much a given that the delays are VZW’s fault.

        2. Who is the only carrier in the US who runs LTE? Thats right verizon so Shut it. in other countries who else is running off of LTE? I don’t know any foreign company that runs it. GSM is mainly what the world runs and GSM is HSPA+

          1. False. AT&T also has LTE in 6 markets and expanding as does MetroPCS. LTE is ALSO in fact GSM and is also being deployed throughout the world in Canada, Korea, and Europe so far. Sounds like you should do some fact checking before you open your mouth and look like a complete moron. Follow your own advice and shut it.

      3. Not to mention that they’re not good apps.  They’re apps that can be replaced by better more functional Google apps.

        1. the apps are fine its the point that google let them put anything at all on it. way to go foogle

      4. i feel that goggle has sold out by even letting them put any type of bloatwear on it. and to brand it is just the iceing on the cake

    4. This is VZW… They are great at screwing up launches of great phones (think Bionic and Thunderbolt). 

    5. i dont thinks its google its verizon or samsung. im sure neither will ever get to launch a nexus divice again.

  5. This is definitely f’ed up. I will only buy if its $200. I will not pay $300 for a phone that does not compete directly with th 32gb iMiniPad4s.

  6. I wish Verizon was a man, so I could falcon punch his balls.

    1. My Vibrant (Galaxy S) has 16Gb, I’ve had it for 15 months, have a ton of apps, MP3s, pics, docs, and it still has 5Gb free. If I move my pics and MP3s in the cloud, I could get it up to 8-9Gb free. The point is that 16Gb is not a problem.

      1. 16GB is not a problem. However, I’m not paying $299 for anything less than 32GB.

        1. well said.

        2. On every other carrier but Verizon the 32gb would be $299.

          1. Yup, AT&T’s LTE pricing has exposed them. 

          2. Yet AT&T’s *almost LTE* network as garbage. So you have that going for you.

          3. It’s 20 fucking dollars, get over it.

          4. What?

          5. i think you’re missing a point in the specs.  there is no removable SD so you’re stuck at the 16gb and we all know a difference of 16gb to a phone manufacturer is between $50 to $150.

          6. your an idiot

        3. Ditto. These Verizon bastards are trying their damnedest to fuck this phone up. I guarantee you they will still ask 299.

        4. Took the words right from my fingertips… I’d like the option to buy 32 GB, which I would do. I’ll need the space for HD movies. With only 16 GB onboard, that leaves me with enough room for only one movie in HD…

        5. Good luck with that, Jackie.

        6. That’s retarded. A 32 gig SD card costs 40 dollars. Even if they discounted it, it would be worth 20 bucks. Congrats, you saved yourself one night of chinese food.

          1. So, you don’t mind companies charging you more for less?

          2. The fact is that you don’t get that option to throw in an extra sd card.. 32 GB or bust

        7. 16GB wouldn’t be a problem if there was an SD slot.

      2. Then why you want a “smartphone”? Why don’t you just buy a phone without smart? The point is different people have different needs. Personally, I will regret if i buy the 16GB Galaxy Nexus, it just don’t enough for me.

        1. Why even front like you were considering the GN. The apple in your icon betrays your loyalties.

          1. Ditto..!!

          2. This news made me so angry that I changed my avatar to Apple logo. Become a Apple Destroyer.

          3. you made my day. +1

          4. A guy can’t like Apple AND Android?

          5. No 

          6. No

        2. It won’t be enough for some but a lot of people just throw so much stuff on their phone and don’t even do anything with it that if they did clean it out that it would be enough.

          I have 100 apps, “videos”, music, and hundreds of pictures and I still have about 5gb left on my Nexus S. Half of what I am using is the “videos”. ^_^

          1. wait…..what kind of videos are we talking about here?

          2. Videos ;-)

      3. I’ve had a droid x with 8gb internally and 32gb via SD card. I am COMPLETELY filled up….without an SD card 16gb is not enough …

      4. the point is, 16Gb is not a problem *for you*. For plenty of people, it is.

        Meanwhile, going from 32GB back to 16? That’s just a straight up reduction in the value of the phone.

        1. How do you know?  Do you know plenty of people?  Have you run analysis on 32 vs 16GB for storage and determined how many people prefer one over the other?

          1. Have you? No, seriously, I would like to see such data.

          2. that is the dumbest reply I have ever heard.
            “hey guys, you have a choice from A or B. B is double what A is. So just checking, everyone wants A, right?”

            Are you FN kidding me?

            Maybe next you are going to tell me verizon says people only want/need a 300mb monthly cap because surely nobody could want 600mb.

          3. I’m going to sign up with Verizon. Even though they have double data deal going, I’m going to only get the 2gb plan. 4gb is too much. LOL. I’m sure most people might want 4gb instead of 2, and 32gb instead of 16. What that guy is arguing makes no sense. People are just defending this phone and making excuses. First the galaxy name. Second Verizon logo and apps. Now only 16gb version. Not to mention you’ll only be able to use about 13 of it. You don’t need a poll to gather info that people want more for the same price. Hopefully he was kidding, because that was a dumb reply.

      5. Just because it’s not a problem for you doesn’t mean it’s not a problem for others.

        1. Agreed. Everyone has their own needs… I happen to be someone who believes that without expandable storage, 16gb is not enough.

          1. Everyone has their own needs but if VZ charge $299 for a non expandable 16GB phone. Even though its a Nexus device, I wouldb’t get it. I use Google Music and I like to have all my songs offline. This wouldn’t work for me at all.

      6. Not everyone is like you. And further either way you look at it $299 for 16GB is a joke

    2. Hands down best comment during this whole GN debacle.

      1. yup, this looks/sounds like the droid bionic launch.

    3. At this point if Verizon was a butterfly I’d pull it’s wings off. ;(

      1. When it comes to Apple, no company offers less for more! BUT Verizon is certainly giving them a run for their money :(

        Yes, I am Fapple… but soon to be Ferizon!

        1. Right on… I’m so over this phone on VZW. No single reason; rather the entire launch debacle as a whole. I was so ready to give the wife my Evo3D and defect to Verizon just for this device, but they clearly care disproportionately more for their shareholders than they do their customers… I’ll wait for it to come to Sprint or any different carrier.

          1. Only problem being no other carrier can match their speed or reliability….this is not that bad. My music is in the cloud and my pics and vids go there too…do you need to record full length 1080p movies on this? No, you don’t. It’s not as big a deal and everyone is making it out to be.

          2. this is a myth.  Verizon is a poor value.

          3. As I said, this isn’t for any single reason alone, it is the collective launch debacle. VZW “speed and reliability” was an argument in favor of me switching, but it’s not a valid trade-off… My music and vids are in the cloud too, and Sprint serves em up just fine… with unlimited data.

          4. T-mobile can and does if only they would branch out to the west side though there wouldn’t be the merger

          5. But since there’s no sd card slot, and the G Nex cant be used (simply) as a mass storage device, so maximum storage is almost necessary in order to not have to tranfer files around too often

        2. “Fapple”-you fap to Apple? 

      2. It should be noted that this picture is most likely an error. Kellex at http://www.droid-life.com/ has a blog written today (November 20 – i.e. more up-to-date) which shows an LTE comparison sheet indicating that the Nexus does indeed come with 32GB – which makes sense, since the few out in the wild have 32GB, almost everything I’ve seen regarding the Nexus indicated 32GB. If they fucked this phone up even further by using only 16GB of non-expandable storage, I would be really surprised.
        I’d put them under a magnifying glass after pulling off their wings for a lot of reasons. There are quite a few Verizon customer “service” reps that I, personally, would love to beat the shit out of with a sledgehammer.
        EDIT- see below (I’m still hoping that 16GB is a typo, but it doesn’t seem to be as it isn’t fixed yet).

        1. it’s not an error.  check out the recently-updated specs sheet on google’s own galaxy nexus page.

          1. Wow. They really did drop the ball. That’s Google’s site, not second-hand information, and it still says 16BG – I was hoping that it was a typo that was overlooked, but it doesn’t seem to be. Honestly, the only thing that makes this phone remotely special is that it’s the first phone to have 4.0 – which doesn’t support Flash, apparently. I know 16GB and no Flash support isn’t a big deal to a lot of people, but I need expandable/removable memory without resorting to using USB storage, and quite a few of the websites that I need to visit regularly for work are flash-driven. I know HTML5 is the future, that’s wonderful, but flash is still very much the present I hope that 4.0 doesn’t turn out to be the Windows Vista of Android.
            I don’t know what the hell Google is thinking – no expandable memory, no flash support…that sounds familiar somehow..

        2. And you are aware that that’s an old flyer, and the GN shown looks like a GS running Froyo or Gingerbread, right? 

          First clue that it’s old: has Razor and Rezound listed as launching on 11/11 and 11/14.  It might only be a couple weeks old at best, but it’s still not as recent as the Google change.

          I get more disappointed by the GN with every day that passes.  I picked up a Rezound and will still evaluate the GN when it comes out, but I’m pretty happy with the Rezound so far.

          1. Ya, I noticed after looking more closely at the picture, hence the edit, and especially seeing that it still is saying 16GB on Google’s site as Casey S mentioned.
             I agree with you 100% about the ever-growing lists of disappointments starting from having non-expandable memory to not having nearly enough memory, to finding out that, while this device’s main selling point after all of that is having Android 4.0 – which doesn’t support flash. Way too many deal-breakers for me.
             I know a lot of folks are fine with non-removable/expandable memory, being limited to 16GB, not having flash support, but I, personally, need at LEAST 32GB (I have ~20GB just in ROMs and various backups), the ability to remove the memory and switch it, and flash support because more than a few of the websites that I need to see for work are flash-driven, and just because Google decided that they weren’t going to support flash because HTML5 is the future sure as hell doesn’t mean that all of these websites are going to switch everything to HTML5 overnight. They should’ve thought about the present a little more. For that matter, they should’ve thought a few things involving this Nexus through a bit more.
            I’m going to pass this one over and wait to see what happens in the next few months. Major disappointment :/

    4. This whole release has been a complete clusterfuck and what most people feel now about the Nexus is frustration instead of anticipation. I’ve been solid on this phone for a long time and now I’m wavering because I have no idea if/when it’ll come to my carrier in the US. Hell, I’d get an international version if I could but Sprint doesn’t use a sim card so that’s useless.


      1. Hahah “Perry”!!!!

    5. Thats just funny, I dont care who you are!

    6. If it has a microSD slot, no big thang.. but umm IT DOESN’T, very applesque and totally lame

    7. Maybe I will wait for the Tegra 3 phones to come out.  Those will rock with faster processors and better battery life

    8. hahah Falcon Punch.. like you are asian and a some sort of karate champion.

    9. EDIT: Accidental repeat post. Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. I don’t think I’m going to get this anyway. 4.65 inches is way too big for my tiny hands

    1. 4.65 is not an accurate measure to understand the size of the phone.  The controls are all software.  Not hardware buttons means less device beyond the screen so the screen can be bigger without affect the overall device size.

      1. This

      2. Unfortunately, the lack of hardware buttons could have been used to shrink the vertical bezels on the GN, but it wasn’t.  Using a 4.65″ 16×9 display on a phone that is according to specs 135.5 x 68.0 mm yields bezels that are 16.3 (average top/bottom) and 5.0 mm.  Nothing impressive there at all.  iPhone is 4.4 on the sides (lousy on top/bottom of course), the Motorola Defy was 12.5 mm average top bottom.  What we really need for large display phones is 2 mm on the sides and < 10 top and bottom.

        So in fact, 4.65" does tell you something. You do have to remember that the GN is 16×9 and not 5×3 as say the Samsung Infuse 4G which uses a slightly wider display (and phone).  So holding it in your hand, the GN is narrower than the Infuse.  But on length, it is much longer (Infuse was 127.3 mm).

        Being on AT&T, I'm waiting to see if the GN will even be offered, but my consensus is, Google and Samsung could have done better with this phone.  Camera is so-so (and I don't mean megapixels), no micro SD, I don't want pentile, and for the given size screen, the phone is too long, and the processor could have been better (though that is the least significant item on the list).  This goes to show that the whole Nexus idea of a single provider per generation has got to go.

  8. I’m not happy about it, but you better believe I’m still going to get one on launch day.  And on that day, I’ll be quite happy :)

    I knew there would be setbacks and disappointments from the start.  We all hyped this up waaaay too much.  In the end, I’m fairly confident that it will still be a great phone (and initial reviews have confirmed it).  16GB isn’t ideal, but I’ll deal :)  I wouldn’t go with a non-nexus just to get 16 more gigs that I might end up not using anyway.  I only use about 8 right now on my OG Droid.

    Anyway…I’m still getting it…my OG Droid is about to give up the ghost :)

    Thanks for making a great phone Google and Samsung!  Seriously.  Everyone wants it to be perfect, but where would be the fun in having a perfect phone?  We would never have anything new to look forward to!  This one’s close enough for now :)

  9. My HTC Incredible has 8GB of Internal storage, and I’ve only ever used an 8GB SD card it in, and have never run out of room. I don’t see the problem. What are you people keeping on your storage anyway?

    I stream all my music via Audiogalaxy/Google Music, stream all my video with qloud, and all my photos/videos are at highest quality. I don’t take many photos/videos, so unless you do that, and don’t stream audio/video, 16GB is plenty.

    Anyway, even if you take photos and videos, G+ automatically uploads them, so you don’t have to hold on to them on your phone, since they’re automatically synced to the Gallery without a local copy.

    1. music…….i have 82GB of music. if i could have it all on my phone, i would. as it is, i can only fit about 20GB because i use the rest of the 32 for apps and pictures.   different people=different needs, dont assume things

      1. Do you realize Galaxy Nexus is a USB host, right ? So if you wish, you can connect your supersized USB key/hard drive/USB microSD/SD reader to it, and you got lots and lots of space :). Sure, the cable and extra device is uncomfortable, but if you need the storage space…

        1. Lol that much music? Probably listen to like a 100 max

          Anyway, i dint know it was a usb host? Thats awesome!

      2. You my friend are in the minority.

  10. Wow, this really …really sucks. Say it ain’t so.

  11. Honestly… VZW is such a piece of S&*T.  Why make customers wait forever for this thing?  Why not offer some comment on ETA?  Why not offer a superior 32gb option?  I mean seriously… they have advertising materials and accessories in store… give me my god damn phone already!

    1. Verizon wants to release this phone but the Verizon variant simply isn’t ready for prime time.  There are bugs that need to be resolved.  Verizon doesn’t like delaying this phone anymore than we do especially if it somehow misses the holiday season.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want a bug-ridden phone.  We shall see how long the Dec 8th release date holds up.  

      1. bugs? How ignorant are you sir? Verizon want to cash in on the Razr and rezound as long as they can before they sell the nexus. Please list at least two known bugs or quit speculation, it’s embarrassing (for you)

        1. Well played Sir.

          The LTE variant is fine, watch the google commercial and how-to videos, all with the LTE version. Verizon is a greedy pig – are we surprised? I’m not

        2. And how ignorant are you sir? Any phone bought by January 15th can be exchanged for another, so blaming the other 2 phones is irrelevant, unless you somehow  are paranoid enough to think Google is going to let Verizon exclusively sit on the US version for 2 months….
          it’s embarrassing (for you)

          1. n watch the GN to drop Jan 16th. Just so VZW can get all those Resound and Razr sales and then drop the GN right outside there return windows. If they want it, they pay full price.

            Googles already selling the GB outside the US. Their VZW exclusivity deal is whats keeping them from sellin it in the US, but it can still be had. Wonder if Google is regretting this deal now…..

          2. There is no way the phone is going to miss the entire holiday season. It’s ok to be pissed, but no reason to be irrational or that naive.  All reliable signs point to phones clearing customs in the a week and wide release about a week later…as the leaks have said, early December.

        3. If it’s not for bugs why isnt hspa+ being released? Thats what im wondering.

      2. The only bugs on Android come from crappy OEM skins and this baby is all stock Android. 

        3 year, 4 different stock Android phone user here.

    2. my upgrade is on 12/29th, i dont mind they keep delaying it haha

      1. Same here brah. They can delay this phone all the way to January 2nd. I won’t mind.

      2. mine is Jan 15th, but I want to buy during this fiscal year for tax reasons.  I was going to buy this as my first Verizon experience, but they are really f’n it up.  I am not sure what I will do because I love the nexus brand.  Maybe I will go Nexus S and wait a year for Jelly Bean Nexii

  12. I can tolerate them putting 2 apps on the phone and delaying it longer than they need to.  But unless they drop the phones price to $200, there’s no way I’m buying this phone with only 16 GBs.  That’s just absurd.  I have the same amount of storage on my OG Droid, more so after you figure the 13 GBs left over after the core OS and apps.

    I have a hard time believing they’ll restrict our only option to the lesser amount though.

    1. Not going to happen this is Verizon you are talking about, they are going to make these prices the norm. Either you pay this price or switch carriers, I’m going to stay on T-mo and get the HSPA+ version.

      1. Hey J

        Im on tmobile too. Does it worry you that there hasnt been ANY mention of a HSPA version lately? Its all about the LTE version and Verizon… 

        The only thing that made me happy was when sites got their review units, it was the HSPA+ version with TMO sim card… which (i guess) means the hspa is closer to being released than verizon. 

        damn, i just dont want to wait a few more weeks, it better come next week regardless! 

        1. I think Jdog is going to buy the unlocked hspa version, which does work on tmobile’s hspa+ bands

          1. Yup, one way or another it will be mine.

          2. sounds like canada is gonna get it before us the difference in currency isn’t that bad between the two is it? you know?

          3. Canada to american is actually not too bad at the current rate $1 is equivalent to $1.03 canadian so in a sense you save by purchasing there depending on their prices.

        2. Yeah it does worry me but if Canada gets the unlocked one first then I’m am just going to try and import it. I found it on a website in the UK but I don’t know who they are so I don’t trust them.

          1. guess i’ll be doing the same!

            got a few friends in Canada that will import for me, will let you know what happens 

            hopefully we wont have to resort to importing though! 

            Are you listening Google?????

          2. I went ahead a ordered one from Hantec.co.uk , they are getting their first shipment on the 21st. It came out to be $700 with 2 to 4 day shipping to the U.S. or Canada.

            The only reason I finally went ahead and ordered is because I heard that others had imported phones from them before and there was a thread on XDA with people who all ordered the Galaxy Nexus from them: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1354657

    2. Get ready to buy something else then. They aren’t selling this for $200. The tbolt is still $150 from Verizon. LTE. You love it, that’s why you pay for it. This will be $299.

    3. I’m gonna be flat angry if it comes in with 16 GB max. But, it must be acknowledged that the space efficiency of the GNex will be far superior. They’re trashing the FAT32 file system in favor of something along the lines of ext3, and the whole memory amount will be available to everything without a hard partition hogging a huge chunk of it for UMS. MTP will work the same way, but it uses a directory on the memory, not a large hard partition that hogs space even when it’s not in use. Apps will have more space to breathe. Interesting read: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/mg14z/whoa_whoa_ics_doesnt_support_usb_mass_storage/

  13. If this turns out to be true I may just go buy an Iphone… Not ever use the phone… just to show that the company that is doing it right is the one that is going to get my money. I hate Apple to much for many other reasons to actually use the phone though.

    1. Why not just get the Rezound then?

    2. or… you could switch carriers and go with someone who isn’t gimping the phone. 

      1. I can’t believe that Verizon is still fucking up after all these years.

        1. I can’t believe how many ppl still swear by them.

  14. Totally okay with this. My Galaxy tab 10.1 only has 16 gb and its easy to manage. Everything in the cloud.

  15. It better be $200 on contract and no more than $550 off contract.

  16. Plus no flash on it. I know many hate flash. But I like it.

    Seams like this phone is losing everything I like before its even launched. 5 megapixel cam wtf. I know it takes photos fast that’s great but o hear the pics suck.

    I hope Motorola or someone else make the next nexus.

    1. my 8 years old D40 with 6mp can take better picture than any of the 8mp or 12 mp phone. do you know why? because MP only affect the size of the picture not how clear it will be.

      1. Thus far, I have seen a few reviews saying the pictures are not as clear as the iphone 4s. But yes you are right, 5mp is more than enough for any cell phone, other features make much more of a difference.

    2. you’re hearing dumb things

  17. I hope the Verizon version only has 16gb because of the LTE for some reason or another and the HSPA+ version has 32gb. I would laugh my ass off.

    1. I hadn’t thought about that.

  18. This would’ve been perfectly fine if it has a micro sd slot! Google music still has a long way to go, and it still uses a TON of data (and unlimited carriers are dropping like flies). Sigh. This may not be the ICS phone I was looking for.

    1. When you do find the ICS phone that you are looking for then the Galaxy Nexus will be a Jellybean phone. ;-P

      1. Not if xda is your friend :-D

  19. LOL this phone is such a flop. I don’t even remotely blame VZW. FYI, they’re going to charge $300 for this phone no problem simply because if the hype and they are paying out the a$$ for the phone even though Samsung put aged hardware in it. Junk.

    1. What hardware on the Galay Nexus is aged? the zero shutter lag camera? no…. The Superamoled HD screen noooo…. the NFC capabilites?, no Sd Card removal technique? The brand new dualcore processor by texas instruments? maybe the huge screen size? hahaha u can’t find a thing dated about the nexus quit trolling.

    2. Please no, just no. 

  20. I just wish they would release Google Nexus soon since I assume that ICS will be released to other phone after that. Nexus S…

    1. Yeah I hope not because then I will have it on my Nexus S and Asus Transformer.

  21. Hopefully the international GSM version will be available in 32GB because I really want this phone. 16GB with no SD card slot is definitely a deal-breaker for me. This is one of the reasons I didn’t get the Nexus S.

    1. that is true, since Galaxy Nexus is HD resolution, it is 1.5 times more resolution than Galaxy S II which means less storage around 12GB out of the box. In other words, when you dl a high-end game which is 800mb in galaxy s ii, then you dl in Galaxy Nexus HD games needed up to 2GB of storage. Therefore, I hope Google will bring 32GB Galaxy nexus for HSPA+ GSM if not I will go to iPhone 4S 32GB without doubt.

      1. Unless the game is downloading different data after the game’s APK has been installed (in other words, the game gets downloaded and installed then it downloads device or resolution specific data), both installations will be the same size. When building the APK, you typically include support for all the resolutions that your app will support in that one file. I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but I haven’t seen too many instances where this would be right.

      2. I don’t get it, how do you switch from android to an iPhone. Whole different experience. Unless you use your phone just for games, which i think is ridiculous.

        Android is just so much more open, like just downloading anything from the browser, using your phone as a portable hard drive, moving files around with a file manager….just to name a few…

  22. The Razr is looking better and better….

    1. I was thinking the same thing…though I’d probably get the Rezound instead.

    2. Go for it. You guys always make me laugh a few months later.

  23. the uk version says 16gb only too… what the hell is going on
    16gb without sd card support can be a real dealbreaker for me. it was one of the things bothering me on nexus s.

    1. I was just about to point out that tidbit… I guess it boils down to whether or not people in the UK are able to get a 32 GB version or not at this point in time, because it may indicate that that a 32 GB version may or may not become available here, or it may indicate that the larger version was either a myth or a possible configuration that won’t become available at all.

  24. hopefully the att version will be 32gb.   although i have everything in cloud, google music, 30gb of picasa storage for pic and vid, and unlimited lte Skyrocket, i still must rely on network availability.  

  25. Damn Big Red!

  26. This phone may fail with the masses if it’s more than $200.  If they want to beat iPhone on VZW, the 16gb needs to match the 16gb iPhone on price.  Hopefully they will have both the 16 and 32gb versions for $200 and $300 respectively.

    1. I have a feeling that Apple had something to do with that price.

      1. Verizon is paying Apple higher subsidies than they’re paying Samsung.  Why would they push customers to a product that costs them more money? 

    2. I can’t imagine VZ caring if this “fails with the masses.”

      I guarantee you they make far more money with their heavy bloatware-infused RAZR and probably Rezound.
      At least you can probably install full roms on the Rezound soon.

      VZ’s “exclusivity” is looking like it was just a ploy to ensure nobody could get it so they could sell more RAZRs.

      1. “VZ’s “exclusivity” is looking like it was just a ploy to ensure nobody could get it so they could sell more RAZRs.”

        This is a very interested theory, looking very accurate too.

        1. except you can exchange any phone for another through mid January. doh, stupid facts, always ruin everything.

  27. This would’ve never happened with T-Mobile ;)

    1. You’re right, it probably wouldn’t. But then I, at least, would spend the next 2 years hoping to maintain a data and voice connection while sitting still in a major city, let alone 4G. After 3 years with T-Mobile (1 year with a G1, terminated that contract early when the Nexus One came out), I’m so fed up with them that I’m easily able to handle the crap that VZW is pulling simply because I *KNOW* the service will be better.

      1. A-freakin’-men! I switch back and forth between T-Mo on a dying N1 and a free Verizon LTE MiFi I get from work with supposed “unlimited data”. I was hoping for a good radio on the GN that would give me a decent connection with excellent coverage albeit at a hefty price. With this crap launch and incoming news, I have no idea where to go.

      2. Why is that? because everyone thinks they are? t-mobile is generally all round better if you are on the east side and in a big city.

        1. No, from personal experience. I was with Verizon before I moved to T-Mobile for the G1. I never would have left Verizon if they’d been quicker to have Android devices. My 3 years with T-Mobile have been horrible. I live in Detroit, Michigan… Not quite the technology capitol of the world, and in fact seemingly getting more run down every day, but it’s still a major city with 700k people within city limits, and more than a million in the metropolitan area. My T-Mobile reception comes and goes while just sitting still in my house, goes out while I’m driving down the freeway, and is completely unreliable.

  28. well if sprint doesnt get this phone then to hell with it…verizon sucks and no unlimited data anyways

    1. I agree. Not to mention, Sprint will save me alot of money.. especially since they will only charge 200 instead of the 300 VZW is charging for all their high end phones now. But, I’m waiting till next summer to buy my next Sprint phone… when Network Vision is complete (with LTE).  

  29. When the hell are they gna release Unlocked HSPA+ version! That has nothing to do with Verizon and it’s still not released!?

  30. If this is true than I want Nothing to do with Android anymore. How does google want us to ” love ” their devices if they are just bending us over to have their way with us. Nope, the hell with Android if they do this!

    1. Because it’s not Google dictating the bending over, it’s VZW. 

  31. I have a feeling that we wouldn’t see a 32GB Galaxy Nexus release even HSPA+ GSM. No SD card is ok and not 32GB option? Google galaxy nexus flagship device gonna failed again and again. Siri wait me ! ! !

    1. that wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever the one that makes sense is that verizon gets the poor 16gb version and everyone else that has GSM gets an option to buy a 32gb or a 16gb or just a 32gb google IS going to release a 32gb version theres no question to that

      1. Honestly, I don’t know when the rumor or specs on the data sheet popped up that indicated it would have 32 GB at all. I would love to have that much extra space, but honestly, I’ve never filled up the 8 GB microSD card in my N1. Of course, I’ve repeatedly run into out of space issues with the limited internal memory (192 MB I believe it was) available for apps, but that’s a different issue considering the phone. I *REALLY* want a 32 GB GN, but I could be happy with a 16 GB one I think.

  32. This is bs.  Either in a way that it’s not happening and the 32gb version will be available, or the way that it’s true and I say “screw the nexus” and pick up something with adequate storage space.

  33. I am 100% out of getting this phone if we only have 16GB with no sD.
    The rezound comes with 32, and this is what they choose to go with after all this wait and hype?

    VZW is really blowing this .

    Hello rezound w/ extended battery

  34. I’m sure its a mistake, relax if it is true just get the Rezound, and root it. It will have ICS really soon, and is faster.

    1. why would it be a mistake? the only mistake was allowing verizon to get it first in the usa

  35. Those talking about international version – forget it. If there will be a 32GB version of Galaxy Nexus, it won’t be anywhere else but in USA. Europe gets the lower spec memory version every time. And i wonder if there will be a 32GB version at all.

    1. Seen screenshots showing both 16GB & 32GB so there is a 32GB version.

      See images here:

      1. That is a preview unit. I talk about the units sold on the market. Non-US markets will never get 32GB version, non-US markets got the lower spec version every time (Omnia 7 is 8GB only for example in non-US countries). 

        If it ever get released to the market (not preview units), then it will be only in USA. It is as simple as that.

  36. This is bs. I record tv shows and put them on my phone to watch. 16gb is going to make this difficult.

  37. Good lord people, calm down. Does anyone honestly need 32 gigs these days? You want to be cutting edge and own this phone, but you aren’t ready to move your data to the cloud or stream music using any of the great apps out there. Use Stitcher, spotify, rdio, etc for music. I don’t think anyone could possibly need more than a few movies on their phone at a time either. I like the flexibility of a lot of storage as much as the next guy, but this will not break this phones chancefor success

    1. You are kidding right? 16GB with no expandable storage is a joke. I currently have a 32GB card in my E3D and have only 2.65GB left. With a few movies, some music, and the fact that the formatted capacity of that 16GB of internal storage is more like 14.X accesible to the user…. You’ll be constantly deleting content. Try recording at 1080p for more than 5 minutes and you’ll quickly find the limits of 16GB.

    2. with unlimited data going away this cloud nonsense is going to fail.

      Personally I didn’t have a lot of problem with the 16gb on the droid however I didn’t use it as a music/movie player which I am hoping to do with my next phone.

      16 gb gives me pause to say the least.

    3. I don’t wanna be a slave to my network connection for music. Signals aren’t always available, if you’re on a long flight etc. 16gb with no expandable memory is a joke.

    4. Yup, I have to agree with the others. The cloud is really only a “If I really have to” option. We got a really nice demonstration here at work as to why the cloud sucks. Everything at our office is on remote servers and even the phones rely on servers. Our office is a perfect mini example of a cloud environment. Some idiot accidentally cut power to the server room though. Ooops! No phones and no software. Our computers were reduced to whatever we had on our machines, which would be solitaire and MS paint. ;)

      Always, always, have a local copy! I would never trust my music to the cloud.

  38. First. World. Problem!

    16 or 32GB, bring it on already!

  39. HELL NO! I’ve had a 16gb card in my ogdroid that’s been stuffed full for years, I’ll get a 32gb Galaxy Nexus or I’ll finally jump ship to a carrier that actually offers decent smartphones on a regular basis…

  40. 640K ought to be enough for anybody.

    1. Hell, only took 2 floppys to back it up back then at 230K each, LOL

  41. looks like the rezound it is for me lol…maybe even tmobile. 

    nice fail verizon

    1. I got the rezound on the 16th, fully expecting to return it to get a nexus….now I’m not so sure.

      1. This is exactly what I did too.  I am truly enjoying my Rezound and will have to really look at the differences if/when the Nexus comes out.  Some people whine about its thickness, but I’m coming from the OG Droid and the Rezound is a hair thinner and just a wee bit longer overall.  Combine that with being a lighter phone and rounded corners, feels pretty good in the pocket.

  42. here’s a thought, and i’m just spitballing here so dont throw rocks; is there any reason to believe that the added thickness to the LTE version could have freed up enough space to ad an SDcard slot somewhere within? im more than likely wrong, but that could be an answer to why its taking so damn long and why they are only gonna be selling a 16GB version……thoughts? anyone?

    1. hmm…i sure hope so! i love the idea of a non stealable storage, but matched w/ a lame processor, 16gb is making me finally reconsider waiting yet another few months. gpa19 ain’t so bad…og still hangin’ on :-) but this is all still just speculation. we def know this by now…lol!

    2. This was my initial thought, however, my micro sd card is 32gb and it is the same size as the ones I use to have, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 GB so I am not sure if this is the case.

    3. Its… within the realm of reality I suppose. Let’s cross our fingers that you’re correct! I would actually prefer 16GB with an SD card slot over straight 32GB.

  43. i like the “cards” that you flick on the nexus. my hp touch pad has them. and it is great. is this part of ics or just integral to nexus?

    1. ics, woot woot :-)

  44. Keep watch for black friday online… right now, i see the lowest price is $37 plus free shipping.. SanDisk 32gb class 4…. on or before black friday.. probably it’s will around $20 or better?… go get it..before buy Galaxy Nexus.. i wish to buy Galaxy Nexus but preferable qwerty keyboard :-)

  45. Really what else could go wrong with this phone? The next thing we’ll hear is that Verizon never was getting the phone or something and there will be no US launch lol this is BS

  46. They have already said there would be a 16GB and 32GB device. More than likely this is just the page for the 16GB version. Hopefully the 16GB is $199 and the 32GB $299 like other phones. I do NOT think people would pay $299 for a 16GB phone.

  47. I should have just gotten the iPhone 4GS when it launched.  I hate Apple, but it looks like Google, Android, phone manufacturers and service providers simply suck.

    Apple knows how to launch a product.  They tell you what it is, the date it is out, and launches.  Google teases, then the carriers tease us, at the end of the day, the phone is several months late.

      1. So why didn’t VZ carry the GSII then instead of this?  Take off the tinfoil hat bud.

  48. voice your concerns here!  Let’s make our voice heard!

  49. Didn’t they already say there will be a 32 gb
    And a 16 maybe this is just the page for the 16
    If not this phone is losing all its wow factor
    With delays and now this?
    Makes you think what’s next… And who get the 32 now?

  50. Why go 16gb when EVERY other super phone out there is 32gb???

  51. 16 would be plenty for me.  i have only 2 gigs internal, plus an 8gb ext. and i’m not even 50% full on the external card, so i’m not worried at all about 16gb.  i would still be willing to pay 300 for it, just to know that i would have a phone that whether it be official, or through a rom, would get continuous updates til i’m up for a new phone.  Coming from an htc droid eris, and samsung continuum owner, updates are a big priority on my list.

  52. Well thats dumb.  They already were pushing it a little by getting away from the SD that everyone has grown accustomed to, and now they do this.  If all I have is 16 gb to work with on the Gnex then I might have to go for something else.

  53. This coming from the site that posts from news from *somebodies mom*.

  54. Looks like I’ll be keeping my Droid X now, I will not upgrade to the 16gb version of a phone I don’t really need.  I may starting looking elsewhere if another carrier offers the 32gb version.

  55. I don’t think that i will get it then. Why make a great phone and then go and f*ck it up with something simple and cheap like this?

  56. 16 gig, 8 gig, 4 gig, I really don’t care, just give me the phone!!!!

    1. than you don’t need and shouldn’t care about a smart phone.  sort of like saying you don’t care about storage on a computer bx you just need to type.  if you just need a phone, save yourself some money and buy a flip phone.  Those of us who want to store music, video and pics (and not be dependent on access to a cloud such as when we’re on a plane) and don’t want to carry multiple devices (read: Ipod, camera and phone), actually care about the storage space.  The entire purpose of this phone, as Google and Samsung make plain, is consolidation of these and other uses; hence the price tag.

  57. That really sucks

  58. Actually, with Google+ Auto-uploading photos to Picasa, and Google Music, I am barely using any space. :)

  59. If this is actually going to happen and Verizon does not release a 32 GB then I simply will not get one. That was tough to say but when I use a contract on a phone that is suppose to destroy the competition and it has no External storage option and only 16GB of internal, that’s not going to happen, period.

    And for those of of you who don’t think 32GB is necessary I currently have 7 GB free on my Thunderbolts 32 GB card (And that’s after I went through and wiped a bunch of old Titanium backups and Rom Backups) so, yes, some of us need that much space.


    16 AND 32 GB = I BUY 32GB

  60. Anyone who buys this phone is a FOOL. Yet another premium phone released at a premium price again without expandable memory. If this were any other phone no one would buy it. But because its a “Pure Google” phone FOOLS will continue to buy it even though they are getting robbed on hardware. If FOOLS didn’t buy this phone Google and Samsung would get the hint and stop robbing us on hardware.

    1. It’s still better that the RAZR and Rezound. Check out the reviews. Cool your jets, bucko.

  61. I have a 32 GB micro sd card in my Bionic and Im fine. Google Music is the cure :)

  62. I find it weird that the USA nexus site only lists the LTE/CMDA version, and doesn’t say “CMDA & HSPA+” as it should, shouldnt it? Its supposed to go to all carriers….

    Also, the UK Nexus site lists the HSPA+ version

    16gb as well



    1. Benchmarks don’t mean anything. They’re just a reference point.

  64. It is an interesting phone by Samsung, just like Nokia’s Lumia 800 http://www.zimbio.com/New+Mobile+Phones/articles/Q9QmqkVaMoG/Nokia+Lumia+800  I hope more brands start making phones like these – both fun and capable 


    OH AND TO AD INSULT TO INJURY MY HEAVILY DE-BLOATED DROID THREE ONLY SCORES 100 POINTS LESS IN BENCHMARK ON FIRST SHOT! CHECK THIS OUT   Galaxy Nexus benchmarks: good, not great | Android Community http://androidcommunity.com/galaxy-nexus-benchmarks-good-not-great-20111118/

    1. All Caps = no one cares

  66. I will not get this phone if there is no 32GB version, period. I’ll suffer with a Rezound instead.

    I don’t know where all the other posters are from, but I live in a relatively small, isolated area where T-Mobile has little coverage (and none at my house), so I have no option to switch; Verizon is the only carrier that has good coverage in my area…

  67. The RAZR is looking more and more appealing. This is strike 3 for the Nexus. Bloatware, Dec 8 release, and only 16gb storage? 

    1. Bloatware is your problem? But the bloated RAZR is looking more appealing? Ummm… Anyway, the Rezound would be my second choice not the RAZR. And just for reference, the GN is going to have two minor bloatware apps that are actually useful to some people. Not a big deal.

      1. I don’t complain about bloatware but I’m scared that some bloatware might affect future updates for this “pure Google” phone.

    2. for the  verizon nexus anyways. the HSPA+ versions will be thinner and true nexus.

  68. This gets more disappointing each day. I had such high hopes for the Nexus…..now it just seems like “another” smartphone.

  69. …five megapixle camera, 1.2 dual core. Now 16 gigs?! No thank you, i’ll keep my droid x until the end of 2012.

    1. Same here! I’m not due for an upgrade until november next year and I’m keeping my Droid X until I get a shiny Tegra 3 phone.

  70. How is this even possible? I thought the Verizon testers had 32gb on their phones. Why would the consumer model differ?

    I don’t have a problem with 16GB, although i’d greatly prefer 32GB. I do have a BIG problem paying $299 for a phone with a maximum 16GB.

    Verizon really just needs to announce this thing already, since people are just getting more pissed the longer they wait.

  71. LOL! Haha! Losing all hope That theGN will ever make it to Tmobile. Apparently Google didn’t learn any lessons from the original Nexus release flop and resulting horrible sales numbers.

  72. These comments read exactly like the comments about the Nexus S release. Everyone was saying back then how horribly T-Mo and then Sprint screwed that up. Be patient all. No matter how angry you get or how hard you try to convince yourself that you don’t want this phone. It’s still going to be the best android experience at release.

    1. The wind has been taken out of the sails. The hype has died. The phone itself is UNREMARKABLE aside from ICS. NO SD? Another example of Google dropping the phuckin ball.

  73. So the 20gb of music I have won’t fit on a Galaxy Nexus? 
    Ohh you’re telling me instead of conveniently having it right on my phone to use my phone as an ipod anytime anywhere (which is one of the reasons for a smart phone?), now I have to put my music on the cloud and stream it to my phone, at a possible loss of quality, and when I’m driving through spotty reception not be able to access all of my music? 
    STUPID PHONE, not smart phone

    1. Google pulls another, ” gotcha”.

    2. Don’t forget, if you have capped data, you’re fucked if you play through your playlist one time. Hello $1000 phone bill

  74. At least if there was an SD slot, people could at least have the OPTION to put an extra memory card in there for their music/videos/ect, and use the internal storage for everything else

    1. It’s because Google hates consumers. At least Microsoft for example has strict rules to the manufactures and cares about a consistent user experience. Google seems to have ADHD when it comes to this. It’s like they don’t give a shit about this.

  75. The only good thing about the GN isICS based on the CNET review. Think I will save my Tmobile upgrade for the spring and see what other ICS phones hit Tmobile.
    I am going to stop following all this ICS stuff until they announce the Sensation release of ICS.

  76. I know the Nexus isn’t about hardware. It’s more about software and the perfect balance between them. But this has got to be a mistake. Either there will be an SD card slot or two different versions. Let’s not get our panties in a bunch just yet.

  77. Okay folks get your facts right word I’ve gotten is there is ONLY going to be a 32Gb version of Nexus on VZW. 16Gb is engineering only

  78. Who really cares?  16gb is plenty on a phone.  I’ll wait until the price settles down once out and then jump in.  Now if the operating system can be unified among ALL phones (except apple) then apple and Microsoft will be toast.

  79. Okay folks get your facts right word I’ve gotten is there is ONLY going to be a 32Gb version of Nexus on VZW. 16Gb is engineering only

    1. For the sake of all that is holy, I hope you’re right or my anus is gonna be bleeding. 

    2. Sdcard???

      Until Launch, I’m taking everything with a grain of salt….

      However… You know what will really bake your noodle? Check this out:


      Switch to “Table View” and check out Memory… Don’t know if this is new or old… But, interesting nonetheless.

  80. There may be good reasons for the screwed up launch.  GSM/HSPA’s a much larger market than LTE right now, and Samsung would give priority to the larger market.  

    And if Samsung has problems with the LTE version it makes no sense for Verizon to freeze some Q4 sales by giving far away launch dates for GNex.

    That said, my Nexus S works just fine, and with each passing week I’m happier to wait for a quad core device, especially if it winds up that Verizon breached the purity of the Nexus line with their apps and any influence at all over OS updates – that will mean that there’s just no Nexus this year, and I’ll go for a compromised phone from the next wave.

    1. There is no problem with the lte version thus has been stated enough times…its all set Verizon is just being Verizon…every phone launch they mess up…well at least most the time they do

      1. GET REAL . . . It’s supposed to be a a pure  Google phone.  AN AMERICAN COMPANY!  Samsung was not in control of making the decision to release in Europe before the U.S.  Tehy were luck to get selected for this phone.  Could easily have been Moto, which Google just bought.  Wake up, this is a VZW issue.

    2. GET REAL . . . It’s supposed to be a pure Google phone.  AN AMERICAN COMPANY!  It’s unlikely Samsung was in control of making the decision to release in Europe before the U.S.  They were lucky to get selected for this phone seeing as how Google just acquired Moto.  Wake up, this is a VZW issue.  And, as far as the GSM/HSPA theory, if that was a concern, Google could have launched with HSPA carriers in the US.

  81. No 32 GB option, no phone. If it came with 16GB on device with a external expandable storage, I would definately buy.
    Even Apple offers an option between 16gb and 32gb. Let the consumer decide for themselves.

      1. Awesome if not an error, I’d rather have the SD card slot than 32 gigs internally, but frankly, I don’t know what to believe about this phone anymore.  I’ll wait until it’s in my hands.

      2. Dude. Nice find. This needs to be submitted to phandroid as a tip!

        1. Wait… it also says 1750 mah for the battery. And the weight/thickness is wrong. Ugh. Samsung – can we get one scrap of consistency here?

          1. The link leads to the GSM version. The thickness of the LTE version is 9.47 mm. Doubt that the memory info is applied to the LTE version as well.

  82. I have just about had enough. I think I am going to wait for the Tegra 3 phones to start rolling out.  Nvidia is kicking some serious a$$ with their processors.  Quad core, 5th core and now graphics display rendering all focused on battery life.  Awesome!

  83. Gay. Not worth pure google. I will keep my blur.

  84. Consumer: I can’t take it anymore. Ima just wait for the next version

    Samsung: oh give me a break. And after the quad core phone comes out, you’ll be waiting on an 8 core phone

    HTC: I don’t get it. If the technology isn’t there why people still want it?

    Morltorola: greedy Americans. Lol

    Samsung: most people can live with 16 gigs. If its not enough just stick a memory card in it and call it a day

    Motorola: just look at HTC. He has poor battery life and like 8 gigs. And still people buy him

    HTC: I mean its not like I have a shitty UI called MotoBLEH

    Samsung: look I think I have satisfied my fans enough. A true HD screen that’s 4.65 inches of goodness in a lightweight shell of with a simple UI of ice cream sandwich

    Motorola: I can’t wait to snap a picture of you and unlock your phone

    HTC: he forgot to mention the plastic wrap its made of

    Sony: yea he forgot to mention the plastic..dammit I’m always late

  85. If they had both they would not be able to sell the 32GB for $399 so they have to ditch the 32 so they can sell the 16 for $299, there is no way they are going to sell this for less, if they did they would have to lower the razr and the rezound to 199 or less.  I think its all crap!

  86.  I’m on ATT and have been waiting to go to VZW because they have a true 4G LTE network (although ATT just rolled out LTE in my area) and I want the GN.  IMO, rather than using this advantage to win new customers and keep them with great service and value, VZW sees it as an opportunity to abuse its current (and hopefully short lived) advantage to gouge its customers for short term gain.  Such short term thinking reeks of the same hubris that resulted in RIM’s implosion.  Even ATT, which I’ve been counting the days to leave, seems to care more about its customers.  The GN launch FUBAR, VZW’s pricing structure, and its plan pricing speak volumes.  I think VZW has built up so much bad will that, as the other carriers continue to improve their networks and roll out ICS, VZW shoud be concerned that it will lose customers in droves and repairing the damage will not be easy — maybe they can change their slogan from “can you hear me now,” to “you can trust me know.”  To say the delay on on VZW’s release of GN is not VZW’s fault is to ignore objective facts; from the release in Europe, VZW logo and bloatware appearing on phone to VZW silence and refusal to announce a release date or explain the reason for GN’s delay.  Indeed, when the senior Samsung executive appeared on Fox last week, he said since GN will be a VZW phone, it is up to VZW to make announcements about things such as release date and pricing: in response to questions about price, he said “I hope VZW tells us soon.”  It’s true that no one knows for sure who’s to blam (and maybe there’s enough to go around); from what we do know, however, there’s far more support for the supposition that this is VZW’s fault rather than google’s or samsung’s.  Of course, VZW could clarify this with a simple announcement regarding release date and price.

    1. everyone has true 4G networknow if you want to go to the old standards then no carrier not even verizons LTE is true 4G you’d have to have LTE advance to be “true 4G’ by old standards

      1. agreed, but LTE is still orders of magnitude faster than the other fake 4G networks.  VZW is (at least for now) the best and fastest in my area.  It should use this to win customers and then keep them with fair prices and great service; not gouge them just because they can.   

  87. Well, you just lost my purchase.

  88. Hey guys, check out the GSM/HSPA+ versions specs on Google’s own spec page.  IT ALSO ONLY SAYS 16 GBs.


    Which leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a typo or Google is messing with us for some reason, since there is most definitely a 32 GB GSM version.

  89. Oh and by the way other sites are reporting that its google pulling it not verizon.. But I still say F U Verizon!!

  90. Well I’m highly disappointed, yet totally unsurprised.  I thought it sounded suspicious from the beginning that Verizon was getting the better of the two versions.

  91. Wtf 198 comments well 199 now

    1. Same article is like 400 at Droid Life. Hotly debated for sure.

  92. What’s the point of getting the with 16g of men? Wack ass iPhone u can choice from nd the last blockbuster of android phones we can this is outta of site nd outta mind…

  93. ARRGH!!!  I’m about ready to turn into the hulk and throw something >_<  F U VERIZON!  You're always screwing over your customers without lube

    1. I guess Google doesn’t much care either about a good user experience.

  94. Wow, what a way to sour me on this phone.  I have need for offline storage of media when I visit my family a couple times a year.  32 GB would have been okay, but not 16 GB.  Now I may have to look into other phones.  What sucks is I don’t want to be in the Apple world, so the only other alternative is Windows Phones and they have the same problem, not enough storage and no SD card.

  95. Anyone check the Google/nexus page?
    Google has changed the specs to 16GB storage.  No 32GB model at all.
    It may be chip availability. It may be technical issues but it isn’t Verizon.
    The European model has been listed as 16GB. They’re just catching up on our specs.

    The question is whether you can manage with 16GB storage or not.  

    1. Uuuuuhhh yeah… that’s pretty much what the article says.

  96. If anyone knows a way to give them feedback they’ll hear, I’d appreciate it.  16 Gig, no additional storage, no thanks.  Despite what Verizon says, my connection sucks where I am.  Cloud storage is not a viable option.

    1. I wrote this on twitter…
      @verizonwireless Why the change to the GNexus? no more 32GB avail, just 16GB.  No date/price/communication?  Sad/loyal customer!

  97. Deal breaker for me…still owning a Nexus One with 32Gb SD! Didn’t upgrade to Nexus S because of its lack of SD support. I decided to wait for the Galaxy Nexus 32Gb, forgiving Samsung and Google for the SD absence. And here again the drama…no 32Gb at all, not in US, not in Europe (Google UK changed their Nexus page from 16Gb/32Gb to the simple 16Gb).Thank you Google but…no thanks…for a couple of reasons:
    1) This decision is a Google marketing mistake…iPhone 4S potential owners have 16/64Gb choice, we are left with 16Gb only choice!!
    2) This decision is a Samsung marketing mistake…Nexus potential owners are tech nerds, we know what we want and what we need, we like numbers, big numbers…5Mp camera instead of 8Mb and now 16Gb of internal memory….come on Samsung, are you joking???
    Google should have asked HTC for a decent Nexus experience..Samsung is too stingy for my taste.

  98. the only problem that needs remedying here is truly unlimited data. no throttle no caps no extra fees. with the amount of data use going up prices need to go down it doesn’t cost much to allow users data. Carriers need to stop the greed and we need to stop giving in to said greed. If you have unlimited capless data theres no reason you should be storing anything on your phone and hence defeating the purpose of hardware storage. Putting everything online is so much better than having to swap sd cards and everything only problem is that data isn’t truly unlimited.

  99. This phone has been #fail since day 1. It has worse hardware than the iPhone 4s and its a flagship device? GTFO.

  100. I travel for work, and I fly A LOT! I don’t have the luxury of always having a data connection. This sucks, I NEED 32gb, bite me Verizon!

    1. It’s pretty cool how Google looks out for it’s users ensuring a great user experience.

      1. Actually it’s Verizon screwing this up. Prove otherwise and I’ll buy you a phone.

  101. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO RELEASE A NEXUS PHONE ON VERIZON FIRST. they want to control everything and are turning into an apple carrier, its quite fucking annoying, just let google/ samsung build the phone and support it and when it’s ready just sell the damn thing! don’t worry about your fucking bloatware no one wants, don’t worry about making sure it has small internal storage… STOP FUCKING SHIT UP verizon

    1. Oh my did bigbad Verizon FORCE Google and Samsung into this?

      1. your such a troll lol, how many times have you commented on on peoples statements, shooting their ideas down, no matter what viewpoint they have… you can’t even pick a side and stay on it lol, hell half of your comments contradict what your other statements have said in the same article

        1. So many people placing the blame on Verizon yet we don’t know the whole story. How do you know Google othing to do with it? Did Verizon
          FORCE Google and Samsung into this? Why does the suggestion that Google may also be responsible scare you?

          1. Don’t be dumb, Verizon has been doing this crap for years. Of course it’s Verizon. They always cut corners on their smartphones, load them with crap, and charge more for their crappier versions then other carriers do for the full spec. 

        2. I will try and be more sensitive to your feelings in the future. I am glad you had a good cry.

  102. No Gorilla Glass, plasticy exterior, 5 (not the now standard 8) megapixel camera, no micro SD slot, and now 16 gig internal memory!  WTH?!
    Could Google and Samsung cut ANY more corners with this “groundbreaking” device???  If this phone turns out to be $300 on contract it will be TOTALLY overpriced!

    1. It’s kinda sad when Google’s flagship device isn’t so flagshipish

  103. No microSD, no flash and limited to 16gigs. Suddenly my LG Thrill with a custom 4.0 ROM sounds like a keeper.

  104. For craps sake people, what are you gonna use 32 gigs for?  16 gigs is more than enough.  And why do I need to remove an SD card?  What am I gonna do with it?

    1. I filled up my phone’s 32GB SD card with music alone and I don’t trust the cloud without unlimited data. I don’t want to pay a large phone bill again nor do I want to rely on signal to access my cloud data.

  105. Credit to swikk

    Check this out:


    Look at memory down below. Weight, thickness, and battery are still old stats. But this could mean that we will have an SD card slot.

    1. Dont get your hopes up… its on samsungs canadian page, the device hasnt been released there (obviously) and the page is probably a place holder. It IS interesting. cannot find anyplace else that lists it with a sdcard. Lets see what the official line on the memory is. right now we’re all bugging out over an updated web page, that’s also not corroborated elsewhere.

  106. This is just terrible and since this is a problem of “selling more Razrs/Rezounds” then VZW is just stupid. The only sale that VZW ever offers is BOGO’s and they rarely do. It takes verizon over half a year to drop a phone’s price down $50 while T-Mobile has a sale every few weeks. If VZW wanted to sell some phones, they should look at what other carriers are doing because investing a bunch of money in commercials isn’t going to cut it. 
    The economy is in bad shape still and people aren’t going to be buying phones because of some cool design or feature anymore. They are looking at price. That is the basis of Android’s success. Having affordable android smartphones. Verizon isn’t going to move any phones if all of their high end phones cost $200+. The only phone on Sprint that is more than 200 is the iPhone 4s because of the higher amount of memory.
    Verizon needs to go back to the 200 dollar max that they used to have or they are going to lose customers quick. Especially with how much they nickel and dime us for everything. 
    Just look at sprint’s best android phones. They have the Epic 4G Touch, the Photon 4G, and the Evo 3D. All of those phones have “4G” yet each one costs 200. So basically, what I’m saying is that the ONLY way that buying this GN at 300 would be justifiable is if its 32GB. Otherwise they are going to lose customers.

  107. ok here’s the irony in all of this. 

    It’s just a phone. 

    We’ve all been waiting with baited breath for this thing to drop, right? For months and months and months. I, too, listened to the late night overseas podcast debut of this phone. I, too, have been dying to get my hands on LTE and ICS and NFC and the screen, and the whole thing. Vanilla Android. 

    What I don’t understand is 1) the sense of anger toward google OR Verizon on this for an unconfirmed release date. Its not as if they’ve lied to you. At all. You can assume that its Verizon having issues with their “omg its has two non-google apps its teh suck!” bloatware, or maybe Google has some spitshine polish to put on ICS since its now going to the masses, but whatever the reason, its not been announced and pushed back, so there is no LYING to you. 

    When it was demo’d? They said the CDMA version would have some differences. Maybe 32GB was a big deal hardware wise (I know its not, but just listen before you troll me on this) and maybe ALL of these things are right! And you know what? MAYBE you’re ALL right, too…

    …it’s still just a phone. 

    You all act with such absurd levels of entitlement, as if what you specifically want/need/expect/demand from a phone is something VZW/Google/ANYONE has to answer for. If you don’t like it? DON’T buy it, but don’t bitch like you’re all owed something here. When it comes, be happy you have the first (near) vanilla ICS phone on the market, make calls with it, use the apps, the LTE, and stream the hell out of videos and audio. Fill up the memory, 16GB or 32GB, and enjoy it. 

    or don’t. 

    But don’t act like anyone owes you anything. They don’t. 

    I’ll be first in line locally, and giving my wife my Droid Razr, if its what I hope it is. If not? She’ll get the whatever phone she doesn’t want. To each his own, but c’mon people, chill the hell out! 

    If the memory is a deal breaker? BUY SOMETHING ELSE. 

    If the lack of a SD Slot is a deal breaker? BUY SOMETHING ELSE

    If the color, the plastic type, the processor, the gpu, the RAM manufacturer, the case options, the particular shade of the screen when its off…BUY SOMETHING ELSE. 

    You act as if this was custom built for you and not up to spec. Its a phone w/ X options. The beauty of this whole thing, and the irony, too, is that 90% of you will root the damn thing faster than you can say “CYANOGEN…” and NONE OF IT MATTERS  since you’ll all either buy it or you won’t, and next week. month, or year, there’ll be a new phone you prefer or loathe more than this one. So let’s all take a deep breath, and try and keep some perspective. It’ll get here, folks.

    1. As a Verizon smartphone customer since the winmo pre-android/iphone days, I feel I need to say that you’re really missing the point. It isn’t that anyone is owed anything. It’s that Verizon doesn’t understand their customers at all. For the last 8 years they’ve been dumbing down their smartphones vs. other carriers versions, putting out cheaper versions for higher prices, and basically being dicks all around. Everyone was thinking that a Nexus phone meant Verizon was finally giving their customers the best option for once, but no, they’re even screwing this up, which should have been a no-brainer. 

      I wish their product planning or marketing staff 3 times the screwing they foist on their customers.
      I wish their product planning or marketing staff 3 times the screwing they foist on their customers.
      I wish their product planning or marketing staff 3 times the screwing they foist on their customers.

      1. And how are they screwing you or screwing this up? Because it’s not out on YOUR timeframe? You got proof this is Verizon’s fault? If you don’t your opinion is worth no more or less than anyone else’s $.02. In fact since they apparently don’t even have the majority in stock yet, heck even shipped to the US and through customs, it would seem there’s more at play here. You don’t like it, go somewhere else. It’s very simple. No one’s forcing you to do or use anything. It’s a damn phone. There are at least 100 Android phones out there by now. You stuck with them for 8 years and continually renewed so it couldn’t have been that bad.

        Sounds like the only thing you’re being screwed by is your sense of entitlement.

      2. I have to wholeheartedly agree w/ Zepfloyd here. Verizon has yet to lie about this phone. You think a “non-hurried” – – because what else can we call it at this point? – – GN launch means they don’t understand their customers? I say its almost the opposite. Let’s let the geek community – – because honestly? at the end of the day, this is a boutique phone for a very small tech-savvy and geek community –  – but let’s let the geek community implode with hype over this thing, as the end all be -all deliver us from apple device of the century  – – The regular masses, the 80% majority of Verizon customers are people like my wife and her girlfriends, and their non-technical husbands – – who see a phone like the Razr or the Droid X or whatever they see in a store or at a party and they go “wow, thats cool” and they buy that. They’re not scanning blogs for notes about the “next best thing” – – and even the ones who ask their tech savvy friends what phone is the best or what phone they should get have zero use for thingsl ike NFC and ICS. They just want a phone. Hell, my one friend just ordered a thunderbolt. SERIOUSLY?! A THUNDERBOLT ZZZZZZZZOMG WORSE PHONE EVAR- – But THATS your customer base. My brother in law, who buys a new phone every two and gets one for him and his wife? In spite of my celebrations of the GN or the Razr just traded in their Incredibles for Droid X’s. So I think whats happening here more than anything is the geek community thinking they are much bigger and more important than they really are, because sadly? at the end of the day? most of us who are pissed about one thing or another with this phone, the launch, VZW, Google, etc? will still buy the damn thing. 

        To me? It sounds like they get their customers VERY well.

    2. Absolutely. Spot. On.

      I submit a few more points:
      1 – …and yet people still wonder why Verizon DOESN’T give release dates that early?!
      2 – The hysteria around this phone has peaked Apple fanbois and their iJesus phones. (very sad)
      3 – Verizon has over 100 million customers. These articles don’t even get 1000 comments. If 1% of all customers buy the GN it’ll be a rampant success. Remember its a very very small yet very vocal minority making the most noise.
      4 – 95% of what this phone does…you can do or get already. NFC, 720p screen and even ICS is all out in the public now. It’s still Android.

      The irony is by the time CES rolls around in a few weeks it’ll be Galaxy Nexus….what? And the cycle will continue.

  108. Hope HTC hurry up and releases ICS, and the GN want matter

  109. I agree with the statements regarding the price. Ay 16GB it really should be $200 on contract. WHat I cannot phathom is what on earth people have stored on their phones. Tons of pictures, videos, and games? Music? Google music all but eliminates the need to store your music directly on your phone (unless you are often in places sans wifi and/or a decent unlimited mobile data connection). Without music I can’t imagine filling up 16 gigs with necessities.

    1. I’ve filled up by 16gb card with downloaded podcasts and video.  I usually put 4-6 videos on my OG droid for long card trips with the kids.  Now, taking HD video will take up even more space.  A 16gb GNEX is a deal-breaker for me.

  110. This may be a deal breaker….damn it.

  111. Would you all stop bitching you don’t like it don’t buy maybe this is why they didn’t get a nexus one or nexus s Verizon customers are a bunch of whiner bitches

  112. I think the only reason for them to carry the 16gig version is to force people to use cloud storage witch in turn uses data so more people will go over there low data caps so they can’t charge penalties

  113. At this rate the droid razr 3. droid 5, and htc lightning bolt with beats will be out

  114. I think droidlife says this will be 16gb for the US version nothing to do with Verizon. I want any phone I get to have 16gb internal and 16gb sd. This phone is over hyped. I did want it but not now.

  115. If 16 GB is true, I will be holding off for when this phone drops to 199 on contract.  No way I am paying 299 for a phone with these diminishing specs.

  116. Seriously!!!!

  117. This deal is getting worse all the time!

  118. Nice phone, but, I’d rather get the Galaxy Note.

  119. over at sumsung.ca it is listed as user 16gb expandable up to 32 gb with a micro sd

  120. here is the creen shot I took

  121. Things like this just really make it to where I am enjoying my new Rezound that much more, at least for the time being.  I picked it up a couple of days ago so I’m good on returns for a while in case the Nexus does come out, but I am glad I didn’t wait.  Honestly I’ve really enjoyed using this thing, maybe I’ll just keep it since it looks like XDA will get ICS out to us before the GNex officially comes to the USA.

  122. You are so naive 

  123. The people here complain because its NOT “just a phone.” Its a google phone of which was promised to be the purest android device known to man, Verizon is effing that up not only with adding apps that most likely won’t be able to be removed without rooting, they only have one option for the LTE and its the 16gb that may be priced at 300 on a contract….now that is too much. Being that many people here are android enthusiasts they want the purest device that runs android and they may have verizon, Verizon customers have been waiting for a nexus to release on their network and they finally got it but guess what its not the purest because bloatware was added. It does matter since people will spend hundreds and nearly thousands on cell phones a year people want the best from the best and it frustrates people and their money. The solution to buy something else isn’t always available not everything can match what you want out of a phone so people play the waiting game for years and years.

  124. how is this really a question Verizon is postponing the release of the nexus to let the razr and rezound milk money…. This in turn frustrates many because 1) USA should have been first. 2) It shouldn’t have Verizon added apps. 3) It should have been released by this month. 4) not even a solid release date. 5) no pre-orders. 6) no indication that its going to even release this year at this point now.

  125. Blind trust is what it is. Its like a trust fall with the devil.

  126. -2500

  127. Yes because you really are going to listen to 20gbs of music in one day… thats not even remotely logical

  128. Thats why you store the music you do want to listen to on the actual device you don’t need the whole library at your disposable you would only be flying at around no more than 2 or 3 days consistently and thats if you are traveling outside america and are not hopping flights.

  129. That

  130. thats clearly wrong because nexus doesn’t do expandable storage anymore.

  131. If only it came to america singing a song of praise.

  132. Think of the things you can do with computers and how much gb’s you use. Movies, Music, Pictures, Downloaded apps. I wish there was an option for 160gb’s but in the small form microSD’s are in thats just not possible or logical. 

  133. Except this glass is supposed to be better than gorilla so we will see. megapixels don’t matter if the performance sucks, my motzine zn5 from back in 09 with 5mp’s took better pictures than even what i now see through my HTC sensation. No microSD isn’t that bad if you have 32gb’s of phone storage.

  134. Why are all my comments to replies out of alignment as if they aren’t replies??

  135. no SD card slot, no 32GB option … seems like they’re trying to sabotage it or something

  136. Of course Verizon doesn’t want it to have 32GB storage.  I bet they don’t even want it to have 16 but they probably just couldn’t pull that off in contract negotiations. Why?  Data.  With no SD card available, the less you can store means more you have to stream and that’s when data plan consumption kicks in and all Big Red can hear is: “cha-ching”.

    I’m eligible for upgrade now, but my contract expires in February.  
    Cons:  Limited data plans?  Less subsidized phones?  Bloatware?  Intangible handset launch dates?  Delayed OS updates?  
    All while the only thing I can add as a Pro is service…
    Might have to add +1 to your churn numbers come February Verizon.  
    I’m not liking that the G’Nex moniker might stand for Gimped Nexus.

  137. No SD Card is bad, say you have everything stored on your internal memory and your phone gets dropped in water, your shit out of luck, I once dropped my old htc hero in a puddle of water while the phone was finished I was still able to use the SD card in my replacement phone, losing nothing.

  138. Hahahahaha. Lolz to your fucking Nexus

  139. Is, cloud endless storage? would, someone be so kind to answer this question?

  140. Better be $199 if this is true.

  141. Can Best Buy just sell the damned GSM version unlocked already?  This is ridiculous.  I’m really tired of the waiting.  If there was a hardware issue that had to be fixed, fine… but any last-minute testing should have been done ages ago, and they just needed to be frank about what the freaking delay has been because of.

    Also, The CDMA version had BETTER get updated as quickly as the GSM one.  No delays, Google!  It looks more than bad.

  142. this whole thing has made me not want the phone anymore. ill wait till feb. and get a duel core phone with ics. thanks verizon for making something exciting and turning it into a mess. time to find a new carrier. come on atat need 4g in indiana

  143. If this is true… FAIL!! 16Gb of available storage on the device with no external card doesn’t make sense. We’ll have to see what actually gets released.

  144. See? Things aren’t adding up. If you use Google Music, that means you’re using data for all your music, and you don’t have unlimited data on verizon. Also, it’s pointless to download the music to your phone. If you’re going to do that, you might as well just leave it on your phone. Having all your data in the cloud is pointless if you’re not on some type of unlimited network.

    It’s all a giant scam. eL oh eL!! 

  145. I good with this. I like having everything go to cloud anyways. Less time to back up and start new phones, etc. However, I am more than pissed at this long as launch bullshit. After all of this it better be perfect phone.

  146. Non expandable memory is a reason many chose android over iPhone. The cloud can never work to It’s full potential with all the carriers ditching unlimited! It’s nice to just swap sd cards, Wish they could put the sd slot on outside of phones instead of prying out the battery

  147. Ya know, all this cloud stuff is fine, until your grandfathered unlimited data plan goes away.  

  148. Anybody see this video of the nexus being dropped down stairs….not cool

  149. And VZW drops another turd in the punchbowl!

  150. If we had OFFICIAL word from Verizon we wouldn’t have all this scuttlebutt!Their phone launches SUCK!

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