Samsung Working on Quad-core Exynos 4412 Chip?


Samsung is cooking up a quad-core processor of their own, and it very well could be the chip we see in the manufacturer’s next-gen Galaxy S smartphone. The Exynos 4412 has been spotted among the entries at the Git page. The chip has entered the testing phase with support added to Samsung’s development boards. At first glance the chip is similar to the Exynos 4212, a dual-core CPU capable of clock speeds up to 1.5GHz. The 4412 would be based around the same ARM Cortex A9 architecture, matching the speed of the 4212. Samsung’s plans are unknown at this time, but the quad-core 4412 may function as a stop-gap until development finishes on Samsung’s ARM Cortex A15 platform. That system-on-a-chip would deploy big.LITTLE processing for increased efficiency.

[ via SammbyHub]

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  1. Ownage.

  2. This is in line with the ARM roadmap that was published earlier this month. It showed quad-core A9 in 2012 and big.LITTLE A7/A15 in 2013.

  3. Tegra 3?  pssshh

  4. At this rate i might as well skip the nexus and get the s3

  5. never been a big nvidia fan. i love amd. so if there is a quad core phone to launch in 2012, mine will definitely have a Samsung quad core in it! plus quad core rolls off the tongue nice when your talking to the apple fucks.

  6. Will this be compatible with LTE though?

  7. Lol whilst all nVidia are doing is big mouthing about Tegra 3. This little beast will come round again and pwn again just like how tegra2 got owned this summer.

    Samsung sure knows how to make chips….

    1. Just in clueless fanboys.

      Samsung chip is nothing special.

      Tegra 2 put in Samsung’s own phone beats its Exynos cpu cloked 0.2 ghz lower.

      1. Oh really? Tell me which phone out there (available for the general public) that’s faster than the Galaxy S II right now.

  8. this will be for sgs3 <3 or sgs4 XD <3 sammy !

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