Nook Tablet Gets Root Despite Locked Bootloader


Just like the Nook Color before it, the Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble has been successfully rooted. The process itself is simple enough and accomplished via one of two available methods. For those seeking the easiest method possible, a one-click root tool is available for Windows PCs. For everyone else there is the option to go through ADB and enter afew lines of code.

While gaining root access is a huge accomplishment, it is only the first step in cracking the Nook Tablet’s software completely open. A locked bootloader is still making things tricky, and root access is quickly lost when the tablet is rebooted.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I’ll boot your locked loader.

  2. Why report on just another blog and not the source (XDA)?

    Anyway, this is exactly what I’m waiting on before I pull the trigger on this purchase.  Once full permanent root is here with all the expected advantages, this will be an amazing tool at a great price (thanks devs!).

  3. Everyone else has copied this root process from those posting the process on XDA Developer forums. If you want the most up to date root process with the most options, do the root straight from XDA, not from a 3rd party site with recopied files. Check my root process and links in my videos to the XDA forums for the most current information.

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