Verizon’s 8.2-inch Droid Xyboard with 4G LTE Pictured, Name Seems to Stick for New XOOM Models


When we first caught wind of the rumors, we questioned whether or not Motorola and Verizon would choose to brand the new XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition under a different name. With the first XOOM launching as a Verizon exclusive, it seemed logical the name would stay around. Instead, not only will the new line of tablets likely get a Droid prefix, but also the new Xyboard moniker. We’re not the biggest fans, but perhaps Verizon wants to distance itself from a tablet that didn’t sell all that well (despite no one involved wanting to admit the fact). Seen pictured here is the 8.2-inch edition of the Droid Xyboard, and yes it will ship with Verizon 4G LTE connectivity built in. Does the new name work for you?

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  1. XyBoard is worse than least they are adding the Droid to it but where did they come up with XyBoard?

    1. They wanted it to sound like Cyborg.  I agree that it’s corny…but it’s not like it came out of left field.

      1. So you are supposed to pronounce it in the same manner?  I was unsure of how to say that
        Ex Wye Board

      2. I always thought it was supposed to be sounded as sexy board.

  2. Maybe it is some ill conceived play on Cyborg and Androids?

  3. lame name whoever thought of that doesnt have a brain

  4. Keep the Droid part, but get rid of the Xyboard and make something better

  5. Good god.  What is it with the marketing retards?!

  6. Just checked my calendar… nope, it’s not April 1st.  WTF?!

  7. How is that even pronounced? Zye-board? Zee-board? Chye-board? Uh… Ecksie-board?


  8. back of the device looks really nice.. that is a horrible name though…

  9. I admit that, until I read it in an above post, I was literally saying “Ex Why Board.” 

  10. To piss of apple, they should have just named it the xPad

  11. Xyboard sounds like something that would come with a microcontroller kit. Pretty geeky, not sure it’s going to strike the ear of the average consumer.

  12. i dont understand the orientation of how all these tablets work. the ipad i figure is best in landscape cause its so huge, but the button is on the bottom of a vertical position. and the XOOM was supposed to be horizontal landscape, and now Xoom2 is vertical?!  i figure everyone like that shit in landscape

  13. and probably will cost $800 bucks like the original xoom. Moto should take a page from asus about making a great tablet, not overpricing it, and updating it quickly.

  14. Ugly back, stupid name. The Xoom is a lot better then this. It’s only a .2 ghz difference.

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