Droid XYBoard: New Name For Verizon’s XOOM 2?


Say it ain’t so. Please tell me that Motorola/Verizon aren’t going to rename and rebrand the second edition of their XOOM Android Table to the “Droid XYBoard”. Based on compelling evidence from PocketNow, and considering the company recently applied for the “Xyboard” trademark, one has to think it’s a possibility. Hopefully they read Phandroid and decide to name it something much cooler. Or better yet, let Phandroid readers pick a name.

We’re hoping the following billboard provides proof it will be called the “Droid XOOM” as an upgrade to simply “Motorola XOOM”- any of this XYboring name would be unforgiveable. But more likely this is an old billboard for the original Motorola Droid XOOM before they hacked off the Droid branding.

The XOOM 2 has been confirmed for the UK and Ireland and sports a 1.2GHz dual-core processor rocking Android 3.2 honeycomb. It will be even more rocking when it’s gets an ICS upgrade, one would assume, but details on that haven’t been provided.

So if YOU could name the next Motorola/Verizon tablet… what would you name it?

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  1. Droid RAZR XL….?

    1. It looks RAZRish. Might not be a bad idea but when people think RAZR they definitely think phone so I don’t know. Plus RAZR is really Motorola’s brand so that’s on them.

  2. anything but this

  3. That is quite possibly the worst name ever, beating out the SGS2,SE4GT.

    1. Motorola XYboard Family edition 8.9 inch super touch tablet board…

      xyboard does beat the SE4GT.

    2. It is bad, it ranks up there with “Galaxy Nexus” which completely sucks compared to “Nexus Prime” – or even just “Nexus 3” for that matter – it (for me) seems to take away from the Nexus name. /end irrelevant rant. 

  4. My vote goes to XOOM Do-Over.

  5. Droid Tab

  6. Anything but the Xoom or the XYBoard.  Both are stupid names.

  7. abandoning the xoom name mskes sense as xoom 2 is not running stock nor is it a ged (not even in the us).  that alone is enough to brand it as something else.

  8. The Ron Paul tablet 2012 edishun

  9. I kept thinking it was ex why board. Only when I got to the trademark part did I realize that it’s probably Zyboard. Not that Zyboard is a super cool name or anything, but it’s a hell of a lot better than ex why board.

    Maybe they were trying to get creative with the idea of a cyborg?

    1. i thought the same. lol.  X Y board. 
      im guessing theyre thinking…a droid is a bit like a cyborg…    xoom + cyborg  =  xyborg…   but its a tabet which is kind of a board… so xyboard.. lol.

  10. that is one of the worst names ive seen, how’d that past marketing? hahahaha. almost as bad as the Epic Touch

  11. MotoTab

    That’s what I’d name it

    1. I second MotoTab

  12. Either that or they have some innovative new keyboard they’re going to introduce with it.  Xyboard sounds kinda like keyboard.

  13. With a dual core processor it should be called the Droid AfterThought

  14. I guess Motorla still hasn’t learned…

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