Though Verizon Hasn’t Announced a Release Date, still Sells Galaxy Nexus Accessories


Yep. Despite Verizon’s seeming inability to announce a release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as reported previously accessories are easily accessible at their retail locations. Heck, they will even sell you them. You just can’t have the actual phone. Seen here is a silicone case ($18.74) and a pack of screen protectors ($9.74) purchased at a Moline, IL location.

At this point Verizon is either withholding the date for marketing reasons or equally as likely hasn’t settled on one just yet (if rumors of last minute bugs and glitches are indeed true). The most recent strong candidate is this Monday, November 21st, though with the end of the business week rapidly approaching without any sort of announcement this possibility is looking less and less likely.

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  1. Why do I even bother reading any articles about GN release dates? Why am I such a sucker?


  3. Dance puppets dance…..

  4. Verizon is trolling us :(

    1. No doubt.

    2. When isn’t Verizon trolling us?

  5. Maybe they’ll release it on Black Friday.

    1. They better effing not.  I don’t wanna wait that long.  This is already a debacle.

      1. Black Friday isn’t that long (I’ve suffered this long).. i just don’t want to have to go near any stores that day… blah…

        1. yea in a mall (where my Verizon store is) is the absolute last place i want to be on black friday. the crowds are going to be insane. i just want to walk in, buy it, and walk out. if they do it on black friday, i’m going to find a VZW premium retailer or Radio Shack instead. so fucking fed up with this.

          1. kmart they have verizon stores in them now and i think on blak friday they will still be a ghost town

          2. good tip. There is a Kmart right down the street. I’ll have to check them out then, that place is always a ghost town.

  6. After hearing all the great reviews fro those in England, Verizon is still trying to figure out how to fuck it up with locks and bloatware.

  7. I’m like a crack whore for release information.  Pity me.

  8. Im telling they do have the exclusive but they dont want to sell if instead they are trying to sell the razr then when it dies down they will sell this phone

  9. There is no Nexus Galaxy !!!
    VZW ordered a massive amount of accessories bt mistake and needs to get rid of them.

    1. “Oh! Did we say an exclusive on the Galaxy Nexus? Sheesh! Silly us! No, we meant we have an exclusive on these Galaxy Nexus accessories! Don’t be silly. Us? With an actual Nexus phone? Oh, that’s a good one.”

  10. I was on the phone with a Verizon chick the other day and she said for a fact that the Nexus release date would be when Verizon damn well felt like it and further, every time someone bitches on Phandroid they will push it back by another day just because they can.

    1. I WANT MY NEXUS NAO!!! Oh, sorry guys. I just cost us another day…. 

  11. just bring it to at&t already!!

  12. My Rep told me that release date is Black Friday for Marketing reasons.

  13. I wish I could go up to the ceo of Verizon and just bitchslap him or whoever is in charge of the release date

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