Samsung Galaxy Nexus Accessories Page Up on Verizon Site, Hardly Anything to See


We know, we know – you all (Verizon users) want the Galaxy Nexus and you want it now. Well, we don’t quite have a solid timeline for that yet. Something else may pique your interest for a quick second, though.

One of our members at has been checking Verizon’s site day in and day out for new information on the device. Today they came up with the device’s accessories page where you’d be able to find goods like headsets, docks, chargers, batteries and the like.

Well, there’s not much there right now except the universal portable power pack. Sweet! But the fact that the page exists hopefully means Verizon is getting close to finalizing their marketing and launch plans for the device. Still, it’s impossible to tell just how far down the line we are from this phone being in our hands. [via]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I cant take this anymore and about to explode.  

    On another note, the google event is this eve at 5pm EST, 2 PST.  I believe they will announce the google music store, along with the nexus for tmobile.  By tomorrow, I believe Verizon will announce the nexus which would drop on the 21st.  I believe this is the case for a number of reasons:

    1 – The Galaxy Nexus contest ends at 11:59pm on 11/20.  Typically, the day the contest ends, the phone is released the next day.  

    2- What better way to announce the galaxy nexus for verizon with the google music store.  Regardless of whether or not it is integrated into the android market.

    3 – The announcement today allows T-mo to have their shine, but also allows VZW tomorrow to say to t-mo “F*#$ YOU!” we have the galaxy nexus…LTE style.    

    Once again, this is just a theory but makes logical sense.  I guess we’ll have to wait an see.

    1. Seems logical, thanks Adrian.

    2. I’m hoping for a release Fri, but the 21st will certainly suffice!  As long as I can play with it on Turkey day, I’ll be quite happy!  I’m curious as to where everyone will purchase theirs?  Store, amazon, costco (acc bundle?)??

      1. ill be getting it directly from verizon and they’ll be paying me to use it.  can NOT wait.

    3. I don’t think Tmobile will have the Nexus so soon. If they do announce it, it will just be to announce its existence with a release date later in December.

      But I do agree that the Google Music store is a nice feather in the GN’s cap.

      I truly think Verizon is going to do a last minute relase with very little warning. Stay tuned or you’ll miss out.

      The 21st (or anytime that week) would be perfect. I’m starting vacation this weekend and I will be there first thing in the morning Monday if that’s the case. :-)

  2. Have they ever done this with any other phone before? 

    1. Ya.. is there a recorded launch that took place without any prior notice… if in fact that is what happens (not that I believe anything at this point)… is the phone even real…?  I bet it only exists in the Matrix.

  3. Maximum of 2 weeks left. Direct from “GALAXY Nexus will be available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia beginning in November and gradually rolled out to other global markets. ”

  4. If you go to the compatable devices tab, Theres a link for the Galaxy Nexus, it goes no where and shows a pic of the Charge, but it’s there. Getting close…….

  5. i’m ready

  6. Matias Duarte came right out and said it will be released in November.  November will be over in a couple of weeks so something’s gonna have to happen soon.

  7. If you remember during that newscast when the Samsung rep showed off the Nexus on air, the anchor woman said that it will be released “later this month.” 

    Not that I trust a random news anchor, but perhaps that’s what she was told and she just casually mentioned it.

    1. Ugh. She was terrible. So fake. I don’t take too much stock in it, but it certainly is one more piece of the puzzle.

      1. AGREED… I actually laughed.  She reminded me of how comedies portray news anchors.  But yeah you’re right – it’s just another tiny piece of the puzzle worth mentioning.

        1. Dude… she even said something like, “will it have a PIN number like the iPhone?” Wow.

          1. Actually that’s the moment that made my gut bust.  And then the Samsung rep tried SO hard to appear as if he didn’t think she was a bother.  Loved it.

  8. Every day seems to be one step closer… Good looking out guys!

  9. I wished it had come out this week. About to take a trip with the wife (NO KIDS) out to a bed and breakfast for 4 days. Would be nice to play with a new phone along the way :)

    1. Shouldn’t you be more worried about playing with your wife?

      1. LOL! The windows aren’t tinted! Plenty of time for that though cause 4 days without kids feels like a year! Oh and it helps that she is getting the phone too :)

  10. Do you guys think the phone will a preorder online first or it will be in the store on the 21st? 

  11. im not even thinking about this phone really i mean im excited about 4.0 but not the phone  because its on vzw which sucks because im a big nexus fan but i want it for tmo like what they always done before why vzw

  12. i took the red pill and just picked it up at my local Dollar General Store !

  13. btw, the universal purtable power pack is a motorola product so it isnt exciting me that its listed as compatible with the nexus. in today’s environment and with this much excitement and speculation surrounding a phone release i find it irresponsible of verizon to be this quiet about it.

  14. Well if you take the information from the php get url you can see the Galaxy Nexus phone id is 5801 in VZW online system. A possible url to watch for it.

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