T-Mobile to Offer 5GB Data Promo for Family Plans, Two-for-One Accessories


T-Mobile sure knows how to put a deal together. Yesterday they announced their upcoming Magenta Saturday sale with steep discounts on their hottest smartphones and tablets, but that is only the beginning. We have received documents from a TMo insider detailing a new 5GB data promotion that will cut $30 off the cost of a monthly family plan with two or more lines. The discounted data won’t last the the length of the contract (only the first three months) and several restrictions apply, but if folks that meet the criteria are on their way to some pretty nice savings.

Putting even less strain on the wallet, T-Mobile will also offer two-for-one accessories from November 19th through 27th. Buy two accessories and the cheaper of the two will be stricken from the bill. T-Mobile is really pulling out all the stops this year.

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  1. The deal says “Customers who purchase two eligible accessories receive a third accessory” you get a third item free, u dont get “the cheaper of the two” stricken from the bill.
    anyways this is nice, ill look into some accessories for the nexus that they are goign to announce tonight…yep

  2. It’s always much cheaper to purchase your accessories online from 3rd party vendors…. I get everything I need for my phones on ebay for a third of the price T-Mobile charges.

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