Music Purchases Come to the Android Market, Google Music Now Open to All


The moment we have been waiting for since Google’s 2010 I/O keynote is finally here. At an event in LA, the addition of music purchases to the Android Market has been announced. Music purchases integrate directly with Google Music’s cloud services, bringing tracks to any internet-enabled device, with a special focus on discovery and sharing. Oh, and Google Music is no longer in closed beta. Starting now, all are welcome to sign up. Downloads comes in the form of 320kbps MP3 files, and each track gives you a 90-second preview. Over 13 millions songs will be available from EMI, Sony, Universal, and thousands of independent labels, hundreds free of charge, including a “free song of the day” promotion.

Google will also spotlight featured and up-and-coming artists, emphasizing the discovery of music new and old. Google has a team of “music geeks” dedicated to making the Google Music store a unique and useful digital resource. Music purchases are available now in the web version of the Android Market, and will make their way to Android phones and tablets shortly.

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  1. Not available to all:  “We’re sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States”.

    1. Goddammit, this post got my hopes up.

  2. FLAC support?

    1. Yea because everyone enjoys haveing ONE song take up 20MB. No point.

      1. 20k songs, size is not an issue, just total count.  I upload all my music to Google in FLAC format.

        1. google converted them to 320, sorry bro

        2. Ok? Like the guy below me said…that doesn’t mean they stayed in said FLAC format when you uploaded them.

  3. available to all….. IF you live in USA! :(

  4. Misleading headline again, Americans thinking they are ALL, you mean Available to All users in America,

  5. Change the title. I’m sick of this crap from Google. USA ONLY AGAIN! Also no FLAC :(

  6. Only United States for now. Not avaliable here in Brazil

  7. Well, I get it. The US is lagging in cell phone saturation, especially compared to Europe, so they need all kinds of stuff to get people switch to cell phones.

    Europe’s got just like 300 million people too, though. Interesting to see that Google doesn’t seem to need them.

    1. Wouldn’t mind betting Google will have to negotiate deals with all the recording companies in the different regions, hence why it’s US only to start with. Wouldn’t like to know how many deals Europe requires vs the US. :-

      Saying that, you can sign up and activate an account via a US proxy, then use it anywhere…which is how I’m using it in the UK. ;-)

      1. Now with EMI being spliced apart, there are really only a handful of global players left: Sony, Universal, Bertelsmann, Warner…There might be a fifth, I don’t know.

        I don’t think Google, or anybody else, would bother negotiating with smaller, independent labels. For those, they dictate the terms.

  8. Seriously USA only, WTF!!

  9. Google doesn’t even have pay support in all the countries world wide, but it’s getting better.  Give it some time, it’ll be hitting other countries soon.

    For those of us who do have it, Google has finally hit full speed.  From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a good spread and easy to move around in.  The Android ecosystem is finally getting the polish it needed so badly.

  10. if(USA == ALL == TRUE)
    printf(Title is correct);
    printf(Title is misleading);

    1. might only compute in Java :P

  11. Some times read is not a bad idea, from google blog:

    “Starting today, Google Music is open in the U.S. at market.android.com, and over the next few days, we will roll out the music store to Android Market on devices running Android 2.2 and above.”

  12. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, maybe Google and T-Mobile think I’m in Canada since Windsor, Ontario is just across the river from me (in Detroit, Michigan), but I have the updated Market and Music app, but I don’t get a Music section in Market on my Nexus One. However, I’ve had a strange issue with the updated Music app since day 1 of the beta: although it’s installed, and I’m able to play music from the cloud, Market seems to think that it’s not installed. Everytime I go to “My Apps” it’s not listed there, and when I do a search for Google apps, it’s listed as “Free” rather than “Installed” or “Update”.

  13. it is available to all, well im using it in the UK, its just the app is US only at the moment but the web app is more than fine

  14. its available to all through music.google.com its just the app that is usa only

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