Nov 16th, 2011

The moment we have been waiting for since Google’s 2010 I/O keynote is finally here. At an event in LA, the addition of music purchases to the Android Market has been announced. Music purchases integrate directly with Google Music’s cloud services, bringing tracks to any internet-enabled device, with a special focus on discovery and sharing. Oh, and Google Music is no longer in closed beta. Starting now, all are welcome to sign up. Downloads comes in the form of 320kbps MP3 files, and each track gives you a 90-second preview. Over 13 millions songs will be available from EMI, Sony, Universal, and thousands of independent labels, hundreds free of charge, including a “free song of the day” promotion.

Google will also spotlight featured and up-and-coming artists, emphasizing the discovery of music new and old. Google has a team of “music geeks” dedicated to making the Google Music store a unique and useful digital resource. Music purchases are available now in the web version of the Android Market, and will make their way to Android phones and tablets shortly.