Android Activations at 200 Million, 550 Thousand New Activations per Day


As a precursor to the announcements related to Google Music, we were given a quick update on Android activation numbers. While just six months ago worldwide Android activations stood at 100 million, the number has increased exponentially to 200 million. Daily activations are up to 550 thousand.

That’s some pretty impressive growth right there, and there are no signs of things slowing down.

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, the mobile platform wars are over…ANDROID WINS!!

    1. Android and iOS have won. They’ve both long since reached the position whereby apps can be very profitable on both platforms, and that’s what matters. Anything beyond that is – like with the console wars – just for fanbois on forums and article comments. Android has “won” insomuch as it’s now a mature platform that’s attractive to developers, and this creates a great eco-system to encourage development on it – as consumers, *that’s* what we should be happy about, not whether or not it’s doing better than the alternatives. 

      That’s what WP7 has yet to achieve, but I hope they do, for the sake of those already invested in the platform. And competition is always great.

      1. In a way, we need IOS to keep us in line with the consumer base. We needed bush to realize what a president should NOT look like. We’re all still a little screwed, but some pretty cool things have happened under Obama. Don’t you dare debunk my analogy. It was beautiful.

  2. Would love to see that graph with limited to smartphones and include an iphone graph.

  3. Wow…and we still have December to go…amazing

  4. Still have December to go…amazing

  5. Nice graph… the center of the ‘100 million’ point is 23 pixels from the baseline, but the center of the ‘200 million’ point is 183 pixels from the baseline. That would indicate an increase to almost 800 million.  
    It seems that through sheer enthusiasm, someone added the appearance of 600 million Android users who only exist via the magic of a graph’s visual error.

    1. Doesnt necessarily show the increase of activations, or that would be purely linear. It could be displaying the exponential growth of the activations per day?

    2. There is nothing on the graph that labels the grey line as 0 activations…

      1. That doesn’t make it any less deceptive.  It could be argued that lack of labeling the axis is intentionally deceptive.

        1. Well, I think saying it is intentionally deceptive would be going a bit too far.

          I see graphs that start above zero when there is no relevant data there all the time, and although the vertical axis is not labeled, the two data points are.  This seems perfectly reasonable to me for a graph like this.
          I guess I can see how the graph could be a little confusing at first glance, but it is an extremely casual graph and all it is meant to show is that there were 100 Million devices in May and there are 200 Million today and that is what I got out of it when I first saw it.The exponential curve also makes sense (though I’m sure it’s not an exact fit) as doubling in six months when Android is over 3 years old is much greater than a linear increase.

  6. Source?

  7. Gotta love positive, exponential graphs when Android is involved!

  8. If they could make 550,000 phones update to ICE CREAM SANDWICH per DAY, I’ll be damn. 

    HEY GOOGLE, force, push, rape , kick ass all of your OEM to get their ass on updating their devices please

  9. These number includes only Google Market Android phones. China is the biggest tech market in the world and most Android phones there don’t even have Google Market. The number per day is actually a lot closer to 800k a day. 

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