Google Music: Buy A Song/Album And Your Friends Listen For Free


Google is pumping out some pretty cool announcements at their Google Music event in LA and I’m pretty excited about one feature they just announced. Not only is it ridiculously easy to buy music through the web/mobile and have it available anywhere, but if YOU buy a song or album- ALL your friends  can listen to it once for free (through Google Plus).

This reminds me a lot of Amazon’s book lending program with their Kindle. The difference is you don’t just “lend” a song to one person… it automatically gets posted on ALL of your friends’ G+ pages for easy listening.

So if you buy an album, decide to share it during the purchase process, and you and I are friends, I can listen to the album in it’s entirety. That’s pretty amazing.

Any Facebookers out there who haven’t made the jump to Google+ reconsidering? By the way, Google Music is now live to everyone, everywhere.

Rock on.

Rob Jackson
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Music Purchases Come to the Android Market, Google Music Now Open to All

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  1. they listen ONCE for free… which is still good, i like this

  2. Nope, it’s not live to us in Finland. No app, no shop.

  3. it remains a US service only.

    I don’t mind device fragmentation, but I hate Google’s geographical fragmentation. 

    1. what makes you think this is google’s fault? this is stupid record labels being at the root of the cause.

      1. Google Music I can understand,

        but Google apps like Blogger STILL remain geographically restricted even after a year of its launch. wtf is going on G

  4. Very cool!

  5. I checked the Android Market’s music tab and I found no dubstep genre. That’s what me and most of my friends listen to 90% of them time…

    1. holy crap, i checked iTunes and it doesn’t have one either! maybe iTunes is a fail too!!!! that or your music genre is too underground still (good but still underground)

  6. It doesn’t make me consider switching.  It annoys me that they are favoring their own less popular service and ignoring the larger market of Facebook users.

  7. Wow you mean I can listen to the whole song once…. that’s amazing…they might should come out with a site called youtube where you can listen to whole songs many times over!!!

  8. I live in the uk and this service works for me! 
    i just cant get any music from the market.

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