Nov 15th, 2011

[Update]: Contrary to what Best Buy said, the device was not available at the store upon opening today. We’re not sure what’s going on there but we’ll be digging for more information to see if this is a nationwide thing. For the time being, most should begin receiving their devices tomorrow if you ordered release date delivery.


One day ahead of its scheduled launch tomorrow, the Amazon Fire will be shipping today for online preorderers (most can expect delivery tomorrow) while those who want to go the brick and mortar route can hop on over to their local Best Buy stores today and grab one (most open at 10am local time). It’s Amazon’s first tablet and it runs the very Android that we write about every day.

Much like their competitor’s offering, the Amazon Kindle doesn’t provide a pure Android experience but there’s a lot to like about what they’re bringing to the table.

If you’re the type who is on Amazon every day or you find yourself using their services often, you’ll likely want to pick one of these up. Whether you’re in it for Amazon Video, Amazon Kindle e-books, Amazon Cloud or whatever, you’ll be getting the perfect tablet for your needs.

While this one likely won’t have official access to the Android market, Amazon’s Appstore has been building up a lot of steam as they have pledged to offer thousands of free and paid apps for download, including free paid apps of the day. If the tablet gains steam we can only imagine the Appstore getting even larger.

If you are picking one up or even thinking about picking one up, you might be interested in the community we have going over at The Kindle Fire section is already off to a nice start with many threads already buzzing with excitement. Check out a few of these:

There’s a lot more to be had there so make no delay in diving right in. If you still haven’t ordered yours from Amazon it’s never too late to do so. Click here to be taken right to the $200 device on Amazon that has the tech world buzzing and that will likely have Amazon Kindle (e-ink) owners at attention to see what all the fuss is about. Be sure to let us know if you’re getting one or not in the comments section below!


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