Toshiba Thrive Receives Android 3.2 Upgrade



We’ve just received word that the Toshiba Thrive has received the upgrade to Android 3.2 that was promised back in October. It’s build and it brings with it the following major changes:

  • Enables an improved compatibility mode enhancing the way applications originally designed for smaller screen devices appear and function on the larger tablet display.
  • Improves screen rotation acceleration.
  • Adds extended screen support API, giving developers more precise control over the user interface across a range of Android-powered devices.

Unfortunately, we’re also hearing that this may break and block the root method that was found earlier on. We’d say hold off for now and wait until the development community gets its hands on it. Head to the source link for instructions on how to upgrade if rooting is no concern of yours. [Toshiba, Thanks Randall!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can someone that owns this tablet recommend it?  I am looking for a reasonably priced tablet for general use – reading, web surfing, email, streaming videos, occasional gaming, studying, etc. etc.  I have never had a tablet before and have only messed with an iPad2.

    1. ASUS Transformer IMO… Thrive DOES have USB ports on the tab (requires the keyboard dock on the transformer), but the Transformer got 3.2 in September, and will have ICS before year’s end. I love mine.

      1. Can you give me a couple of examples of how you are using it?  Did you buy it in store or online?  Thanks for taking the time.

        1. you had a look at the archos 8gb ? it’s already got 3.2 is only £200 and despite not having the build quality it’s got all the power.

        2. I bought it online during the time when they were VERY hard to come by… I use it for all sorts of general purpose stuff (games, web, email, office documents), and it serves as a handy “coffee table” device. I’m able to achieve all general computing needs like online shopping, banking, etc. without needing to “fire up” my notebook. It’s also great for watching movies or playing games on a flight without the same battery life problems of just about every notebook I’ve used.

          I’m a software engineer, so I also use it to VPN to my work, and Remote into my Windows 7 work pc when needed. My work provides me with an iPad2 for development purposes, but for overall utility, and being able to perform more “geeky” tasks like using a bittorrent client, I prefer my Transformer.

          Bear in mind, if you are swayed toward the Thrive, they both run Honeycomb, and both are comparably spec’d, so therefore both equally capable of performing all these things. I do have to admit having the USB ports on the tablet is a nice feature, as 3.2 now supports USB Host mode, which means you can theoretically connect an external hard drive or digital camera.

          1. I appreciate it!  I will take a look.

    2. I concur with the Transformer. Best Android tablet available. Also saw the price was going to be reduced to $250 probably after Transformer Prime comes out.

      1. Probably not – the prime will occupy a higher price point until everything’s quad core..

        1. I was thinking about getting the Prime, but the original Transformer is really enticing…what should I do?

  2. @ScottTompkins:disqus  ASUS Transformer IMO..  my buddy’s sister-in-law makes $71/hr on the laptop. She has been without work for 5 months but last month her paycheck was $7486 just working on the laptop for a few hours. Read this web site

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