Google TV 2.0 Update Coming To Logitech Revue “In The Next Few Weeks”


Just because Logitech has given up on the “failed” Revue doesn’t mean Google is ready to throw in the towel. According to the Google TV Team’s Twitter account, Logitech Revue owners can expect the Google TV 2.0 update hitting their set tops “in the next few weeks.” This isn’t the first time we’ve heard empty promises from Google and friends but with Sony Google TV equipped televisions already receiving their update, we know this isn’t just Google toying with our emotions again.

With the addition of new features and the Android Market, does this change anyone’s mind about picking one up for a cool $100? As a current Logitech Revue owner, I’m going to be checking for my update every day starting right now.

[Twitter via GTVSource]

Chris Chavez
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  1. “The next few weeks” might be my least favorite phrase in relation to android updates

  2. I have been using the leaked version for about a month and it runs great so looking forward to mass release for more apps

    1. Does it have a browser? what kinda apps can you download off the market?

      1. It has full Chrome browser and you can search Android Market for “Google tv” for the list of apps. Around 150 right now.

  3. How many times are they going to tell is it is coming in the next few weeks?

  4. can you restore a revue from a leaked version to factory reset?

  5. Damnut they need to just release it already, you know it’s done

  6. Update should have already happened a while ago. Absurd that it’s still a “few weeks” away.

  7. How is the browser on the leaked build? Is it smoother? My main issue with the Revue is how slow and laggy the browser is.

    1. Blame the Atom CPU inside. It would work a lot better with something like Tegra 3 that’s also much better at multi-tasking.

      1. Of course  you would never blame the people who write the software.

  8. Chris,  ive never heard or read any comment from Logitech that theyve “given up” on, or have ever called the Revue “failed” …..sure theyve dropped the price, but why would they even consider making a new box with improved hardware if it “failed”….just sayin :-)

    1. Logitech actually announced that they “won’t” be making any new hardware as they think it has failed and blame Google. So we are stuck with this Logitech for now. It’s really sad as GTV really has high potential. But Google has always been bad at introducing new products.

    2. well you didn’t read the article posted here a few days back where logitech called the revue “failed” and they were pulling out of the GTV market haha

      1. yep think i missed that one, lol 

  9. Best Buy is mostly sold out of Revues, both online and in stores. I ordered one from Logitech’s website though.

    Also, you guys have to do something about the pop-up ads on the non-mobile version of this site. They’re almost impossible to close on my Thunderbolt.

    1. I agree with the ads man.  I love Phandroid but not enough to read it on my phone because those things are such a pain in the ass.

  10. I got an email on Oct 30th saying the same thing this twitter statement said today.  My email said I would be getting the update in the next few weeks.

    Here is the email….

    Hello,Thank you for having purchased a Google TV product with the initial version of our software.We’re excited to send you this advance notice about a number of software improvements that will soon be coming to your device through an automatic update. The update is rolling out over the next few weeks.When you see a dialogue box on your TV saying “update available,” feel free to click “update now,” otherwise you can postpone the update by a few hours by clicking “not now” (handy if you’re in the middle of watching a movie). Once the update has downloaded, just follow the on-screen instructions.The on-screen instructions include a quick guide to what’s new, but here’s an overview of the exciting new features we’re bringing you:Keep it simpleThe interface is now much simpler. The new customizable home screen gets you to your favorite content quickly. And within “all apps” you can see all of your shortcuts, similar to your Android phone or tablet.Make it easy to find something worth watchingWe’ve improved search across the board for content from live TV, Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, and more. But what if you don’t know what to search for? There’s now an app called “TV & Movies” that let’s you easily browse through 80,000 movies and TV episodes across cable or satellite, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and many other sites. If you’ve opted in to recommendations, we can better predict what you want to watch next.Make YouTube better on TVWe’re launching a new YouTube experience specifically built for Google TV. It is now fast and easy to get to your favorite HD-quality YouTube entertainment. And we’ve integrated YouTube more closely with Google TV search, so that you can turn virtually any topic – mountain biking, cooking, etc. – into a channel.Bring more apps to TVWe are opening up the TV to the creativity of content creators large and small through Android Market. Android developers can now bring existing mobile apps or entirely new ones to TV. Initially, the number of apps won’t be large – for example, apps requiring a touch screen, GPS, or telephony won’t show up – but 50 developers have seeded the Market with some cool and useful apps for the TV. We’re excited to see the number of apps grow.For even more information on these changes, check out these links:Help Center
    WebsiteYou can also see our revised Additional Terms of Service and Privacy Note that apply to our updated software hereHappy TV watching!The Google TV Team

  11. It was originally slated for summer. I think its pretty clear we’re a long ways past summer. Just get it out already.

  12. from Logitech blog yesterday clarifying CEO comments

    “We are very excited about the new release of Google TV, which includes
    access to the Android Market, faster and more comprehensive search
    capabilities, a simplified user interface and improvements to the
    Logitech Media Player. And we are optimistic about the long-term
    opportunity for the Google TV platform and the potential for Logitech to
    offer associated products as the ecosystem evolves.”

    Logitech about accessories & communication (LifeSize & Logitech B2B new division)

  13. Just give me the update already!

  14. I bought my Revue with the understanding that it would be getting an official Honeycomb release ‘soon’ and that Logitech would be releasing video game accessories (like gamepads). Basically, I wanted something with the Chrome browser and some classic video game emulation. Logitech dropped the ball big time.

  15. My Revue is the best thing that has happened to TV since DVRs.  It’s unfortunate that GTV team has struggled with the releases. But then, who in the IT industry has not struggled with these same issues?

  16. Let’s see. The Google Market was promised for January. Logitech just forgot to say which January. Not holding my breath this time around either. Lousiest product I’ve ever bought… and the last Logitech product!

  17. I think everyone should read this article:

  18. We all know that Google has offered great services to its users and I am one of it who has availed. But despite of the humours on the Google, they will still have the solution in fixing these problems. Though many websites were affected and ruin it is indeed sufficient if you will just find a way in this issue.

    1. ??????

  19. I’m as anxious as the next guy to get the upgrade. But….I still love my revue as is. Today alone I watched my alma mater football game – that I couldn’t get on my cable service. I watched Game of Thrones last night…I’m watching the Pacuiou vs Marquez fight free of charge! It streams HD movies from my home PC’s flawlessly. Anxious to get the Market and Honeycomb but perfectly happy with it the way it is now. Best $99 I’ve ever spent.

    1. how do you stream movies from your pc? i just bought a revue.

    2. I agree.  We love our Google T.V.   Best $99 we ever spent.   Easy to use.  

  20. IF and that is a big if Logitech comes out with an update it will not be for out till next year. GTV may come out with one but I for one will not believe it till it is on my Revue and even than I may not believe it.

  21. I bought a revue a couple of weeks ago anticipating that this update would have come along. Since I heard yesterday that Logitech was dropping all manufacturing and I thought as well that they would drop support, I just returned it for a full refund. Once the update comes out if there are any left I’ll go and buy one, but I rather not sit at home with a piece of equipment that not even the manufacturer wants.

  22. Does this thing have DVR?  I don’t know much about Google TV.

    1. No, it doesn’t. You can read more about Google TV in this review:

  23. I watch streaming movies on my google tv.  Any movie or tv show anytime..  Well worth 99 dollars.

  24. We have a revue (got it for $99, and dropped Directv for Dish network (the revue it links up with dish Network box via the hard wire ethernet connection) without this, the box is kinda lame, but added to Dish Network and it seems to unlock the potential of the box..  It is amazing, literally amazing what this device does. I have been in the computer industry (3d Sims for the past 10 years or so) as well as interface design. The revue right now is formidable as a platform, It could mean the end of network TV. ANYONE can be a network now. With Android this should be a game breaker for this venue. Not sure how much of this is gogle Tv and how much Revue, the Boxee is pretty cool as well, but the ease of use of the revue is something else. so is the roku for that matter.

    the keyboard / controller is very nicely done, and the menus are not to bad either.  We can control all of our electronics (including an offbrand surround sound (insignia) that is incompatible with nearly everything else we have tried.  We also bought a Roku and frankly between the two they have changed the way we watch TV.  I hope logitech or someone continues to develop this type of tech (no extra computer required) and the easy interface, as this is the wave of the future.

  25. ok where is this update?

  26. Is the media player any good? I mean if not VLC quality (able to play just about anything) then at least close? I mean we are taking about one of the wealthiest companies in the world whose whole concept is based around open-ness and compatibility.

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